I was diagnosed in April 2007 and I’ve been living with MS for 11 years now so I’ve been in Calgary for 8 months that’s a long I’ve been working with intrinsic and Rumble and I can honestly say I feel the strongest here I feel like my balance has been the best my run Titans have been the best and I’ve just been mentally happier with my team here so when I was in my third year of university I ended up having to actually get a cane so I used a cane for about five months Rumble and Trinity has really helped I’ve used my cane once this year I used to fall down a lot I don’t fall down as much anymore and I can actually balance and I can balance with my eyes closed a little bit more just took it upon herself to collaborate and bring us all together and we found that we’ve been able to talk and work with her on a very personal level so she’s getting the best level of care I think this form of rehabilitation is ideal in that it’s it’s multimodal we’re using different people’s experience and expertise we take the ego out of our practice and we focus on the patient what do they need and in our team who does it best get them involved and the patient benefits the most from them I definitely believe this has improved my mobility my run form has improved drastically since I started it’s helped my balance I don’t fall down as much I was on medication for fatigue I have not been on medication for fatigue since I changed my diet since I started taking care of myself better it has drastically reduced those symptoms for me and I can do it in a more natural way than taking a medication [Music]

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