Taijutsu Japanese Martial Arts Yagyu Shingan Ryu Heihojutsu Explained

I will now explain this waza.As for basics. Opponent grabs the chest.Here,I swing the arms hitting the pressure point of the arm. Then hit the chin.
Finally hitting down.
Other than chest grab,For example, thrusting. Sweep up into an upper position (jodan)Also middle area (chuden) sweep down.Nextafter the sweeping.When you want to release the hand, dont use just the arm.
You can not release. Use a deep stance and instead break the chin.
Like that.Like hitting the chin.Next is aiming for the eyes.
Do not go around but go directly for the eyes.Now I aim for the groin.During the warring states period however, due to armor,
one can not hit that area.
Just lift like this.
Aiming to the knee or the shin.
For sparring you want to aim to the hand to avoid injuring the partner.After the kick,thrust.The vital point depends on the opponents condition or height.vital points are along the center.Using the blade of the hand you can aim at the clavicle.After the hand drops. use the motion and push.hitting with flat surface of forearm.In reality,The olecranon process of the elbow is used to hit the stomach’s vital point.Last is strikingOf course we hit our own hand.we use our hand as an aiming point.In reality we hit the vital point directly.I will now demonstrate the two person form.

15 thoughts on “Taijutsu Japanese Martial Arts Yagyu Shingan Ryu Heihojutsu Explained

  1. Hit the CC button to turn on the subtitles if you dont see them. It seems a lot of people are having problems enjoying the video because of the wireless microphone in the video. I had nothing to do with that. It was the venues equipment. I was simply in the audience filming. If it bothers you that much you should re-calibrate your gratitude meter. Thank you.

  2. la importancia de estar siempre relajado para que los musculos puedan pasar la energia del suelo que pasa por el hara y llega hasta las manos !!!! es impresionante. thank you for this video Steven 🙂

  3. These moves are executed so beautifully and to imagine what it would like if someone was to try and take a person captive. These moves mimic how someone would defend themselves and or escape. The body movements are the bodies natural response to friction, but with Taijutsu "Mastering the art of the body" it becomes a beautiful dance.

  4. The art looks very interesting, especially the striking components. Also glad to see that they mention sparring in their training.

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