Taijiquan Self Defense: seven stars

Hi everyone, thanks for joining. Christoph’s going to give me a hand, and we’re going to demonstrate an application for seven stars. Intro [music] This was a possible application for seven stars.

48 thoughts on “Taijiquan Self Defense: seven stars

  1. Hello😁😁😁my friend
    we came to play😁😁😁
    lt is really cool👌👌👌
    Like18 GOOD👍👍👍
    please do its best on going forward.
    l support you😊😊😊

  2. That was really good folks! Also a good change to see you indoors. Sorry but I haven’t been able to answer your last comment to my video, because every time I click on it to answer, YouTube doesn’t let me go to that comment… anyway, have an awesome day 🙏

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