Tai Chi Martial Art Applications : Using Tai Chi in Martial Arts

Hello. In this series we’ll be discussing
and showing, demonstrating some of the martial art applications of some of the postures in
the Tai Chi form. Although, this is not just free form real life application, what this
will show you is some of the possible ways to use the Tai Chi form. The main idea with
Tai Chi is that we never use force against force. We go with the flow of the other person,
looking for where the energy is coming from and redirect, neutralizing, redirecting, and
then expelling our own energy into the situation. So, is never using strength against strength,
never using brute force. Although, we have all these situations staged, I know what my
opponent is going to be doing, he knows what I’m going to be doing. We still don’t know
exactly the way each one will turn out, because we will be going with the energy of the situation,
and these are just some possible applications of these movements. It’s been said that every
posture has at least fifteen different applications.

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