Tai Chi Martial Art Applications : Tai Chi: Front Attack Defense

In this segment we’re going to work with another
application of brush knee but this time it’s from somebody attacking up from the front.
There’s a lot of tough guys, people with real attitude; kind of grab your shirt, want to
give you a hard time. But we don’t want to have to just punch them in the nose all the
time. So the idea is in brush knee is the arm comes over, we circle down, step forward
and strike. So, if some tough guy comes up, he’s giving you a hard time so I come over
and knock him down. So, the idea with this is he grabs here, as I bring my arm up, I’m
not trying to pull him in. If I do this I actually don’t have any control. But if
I just drop my arm down, see what happened to his body, if I try to pull in, nothing.
If I just drop, watch what happened already. I step thru, look at his body already and
I haven’t done anything yet. Drop this hand, look at his body already, I still have not
even done anything yet. But I can just stand here and say, “Do you really want to continue
with this”. But he wants to continue, continue no problem; and he gets knocked down. So,
the idea is not to use force, and at any given moment we are in control and have an option
to change. This is the key concept in martial applications in Tai Chi.

14 thoughts on “Tai Chi Martial Art Applications : Tai Chi: Front Attack Defense

  1. All the time the instructor's face ( and throat, yuk ) is opened.

    Well, only dumb person will grab your shirt and wait for all this moves to complete.

  2. Theres a reason why he getting good rating, he brings up the concepts in the movements so you are not just doing something without a reason.

  3. im only 16 and im a qualified practicioner in tai chi chuan and brush knee twist hip has helped me lots of times when some bully tries to swing at my face….gotta love it! 🙂

  4. ok, mr. tai chi, look at this video and tell me what happens to you if the attacker at 0:46 decides to stop just standing there as a dummy and instead he strikes with his left elbow right into your face….
    the problem with these sophisticated techniques is that they just take a lot of time. you actually want to complete the full swing-around – the brush – with your left arm and a push with your right hand while the attacker DOES NOTHING. impractical to say the least!

  5. @NOFseXy LOL you crack me up… so "you immediately and without warning" wow. you are just a superman on a speed overdose. in real life, the attacked person is the one has been surprised, NOT the other way round as you would like to have it. this particular technique may work if all heavens luck is on your side. the technique blatantly considers the attacked person to be ultimately way faster than the attacker. might as well assume the attacker cant hit you strong enough to cause any damage. LOL

  6. @TheAlnoth obviously these things should happen faster than you think, or else you WILL get screwed, and I can't see the attacker striking with his left elbow at that position

  7. @NOFseXy LOL… its about reacting without thought… you are a joke! LOL
    wake up neo! you ALWAYS consider BY DEFAULT the attacker to not know what the hell he is doing while you are bruce lees older brother!
    the sooner you realize that the attacker is JUST AS FAST and JUST AS READY as you are, the better for you. everything else is fairytales….

  8. @TheAlnoth I would venture to say that most people who want to start fights for stupid reasons, or attack someone else out of anger are probably not martial artists. So, if you train in martial arts techniques like these for self defense and you are serious about it, then you probably have a good chance of defending the attack and getting out of the situation alive or at least not seriously injured. Sometimes attackers will try to surprise you, sometimes they will approach you slowly and try

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