Tai Chi Martial Art Applications : Tai Chi: Choke Defense

In this segment I’m going to be talking about
a defense against a very dangerous situation of somebody choking you with both hands. Of
course somebody is choking you with both hands is very dangerous, you need to get out of
it. One of the possible ways is using needle at sea bottom. So when we’re here and brush
knee, in the Tai Chi form, take our half step, arm comes over, one arm comes down, one arm
goes up, and then we pull down in the Tai Chi form. So it’s very dangerous somebody
choking you double choke. We’re in trouble now. So the idea is come up and then down.
So the mechanics of this movement is he’s double coking me, is if I bring one arm up
one arm down, bring this arm down at the same time I bring this arm up. Look at the direction
of his body, and if we remember, center line is everything. As soon as I have him off his
center, he’s in trouble. So now I actually have many options depending on where he goes.
But look at where my hand is as well. So if I do needle at sea bottom I can pull him down
right into my knee, or if I’m really feeling like it’s real trouble I can bring this hand
up and strike as his hand comes up. Also come up here, so it’s also many option that we
have to do, but the idea is to bring this arm all the way up , so in a way I already
have my arm between my body and his, and his choke hold. So if I bring it from this side
you see already he’s lost his choke hold on me. Alright so I come up and down, same time.
Same time, and then pull down.

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  1. What happened to the axiom 2 taels moves 1000 caddies? Who taught you taiji? Rageah0lic has got it right you have no respect for your student.

  2. who has actualy seen someone choke another person with a direct two handed choke? its common sense to know that it doesnt work

  3. You don't see it because most people would be a fool to not defend against it, and it's easy to defend against because it occupies both hands and takes time to take affect.

    Two hands firmly clamping the neck for any length of time will cause hypotension in the brain, unconciousness and if you depress the larynx, asphixiation. In order for that to happen, you pretty much have to withdraw and allow it to be done though.

  4. ''Kick in the balls'' is not so efective if the guy that is choken you knows ad least a little how to fight, he realize that your first chance is to kick him in the balls, so hi stands sideways so you kick him in his thigt, it hurts but not as much as the balls…So remeber whene your choked stay sideways and do the move in the video 😀

  5. It is nice to see how he tries to have people to focus on arm movement…and people here too commented on how they know this technique with different hand movement.
    This movement exists in many arts. The main part of it is the hip movement. From this you disrupt the stability of the attacker who will have the choice of let go (and be punched) or accept the technique. But always start with hip movement…

  6. clavicle as in the bone? how do you jam a finger into a bone? if you mean a nerve strike near the clavical, beware that they dont always work, some people arent affected by them. i have a mate i train with who barely feels nerve strikes which usually cause pain… lucky bloke

  7. I feel so honored to read all of the master sensai's comments out there!! (LMAO! NOT!) Should learn how to spell before you post though… (I really need a good laugh!) You must be all…"Black belts?" from sears and roebuck? LMAO…學習語言企業之前,學習藝術,爬先學走。在你受傷笑氣!

  8. @swinabc yes i am actually. Also real guys dont attack wiyh a strangle they would get punched out very quickly. And whats Jackie Chan got to do with Tai Chi Chuan.

  9. you gata remember the weak points of the body. The liver is one that is easyly open to strike in that situation as well as the ears. but what you can do is place your right arm under both arms towards the the left, then grasp his arm and use your other arm to apply pressure on your wrist and turn him off of you and you'll be ontop 🙂 missionary style!!

  10. wow you are dumb.. you obviously never fought a real fighter before. u can call it whatever you want man but youll be like the rest of them unconscious. come to my hood and ill show you ten reasons why knowing how to fight standing and on the ground is better then all thee above..fagg

  11. @geitekop507 maybe for faster learned basic self defense and for someone who dont wants to go too deep in a martial arts

  12. @GuitarDestroyer77777 Hold it. I didn't say that Aikido is the best. I said Aikido is better. First, that means it is a opinion. Second, It means that I never said that Aikido is the best sport or defence in the world.

  13. @GuitarDestroyer77777 Again, that doesn't explain that you said that I am not familiar with martial arts……… 🙁

  14. very good but do0 not forget that the step is to root his foot so that you create a compound spiral fracture of their leg .. ending the fight …

  15. If someone really chokes you, then this does not work, especially if the attacker presses in your larynx. An uppercut or a push with the knee in the groin, would be more effective. The attacker is not a rigid creature, he moves and will do everything to hurt you. There is no time for any arm techniques.

  16. @SkemeKOS I agree an 80% with what you say here, but don't forget is not the same a street fight than a ufc fight or a pub fight. Would you use ground techniques in a place full of people when you don't know who else can join your enemy? I'd say

  17. @SkemeKOS Well, here's my 20%. I think you can't go to the ground at all in a street. At least every time i saw someone trying to do some wrestle things in a street fight went bad. Taking down or sweeping went pretty good, but when they go grappling they get always kicked seriously but some motherf that shows up when there's someone on the floor.
    I think cross training is great when you have mastered something first.
    But that's just my point of view, that are my observations.

  18. @SkemeKOS If you got to the ground by the other guy, ground techniques would be very useful. Bu if you wrestle, train jujitsu or shuai jiao, i think you may use better that training for not get taked down in a wrestle jj or sj way. There is no such thing as too much knowledge. But i still think that stand up is better for a street fight.
    I think it's better for self defence have mastered one style and learn some other stuff.
    To take advantage of a MA is better to make it yours.
    What do you do?

  19. Proven many years ago in UFC is not good enough – they follow rules. Proven through thousands of years of war? Now you're talking. If you use bjj to bring down a traditional martial artist to the ground, you must make sure every inch is covered, every finger is checked, and no space available for movement. One mistake for a split second and they can literally rip your ears off from the side of your head then collapse your throat.

  20. @TheiGODProject ?? "this stuff works if…" you've never practised tai chi have you? Different styles, different teachers and different intensities mate..One thing for sure is that for your average 'have a go' pub hard man to get close to a good teacher to cause injury is no easy thing. The speed and focus some guys have is very real. I know our master used to take his top student out in Glasgow, Scotland at closing time looking for bother to test their form. Took some hits but always returned.

  21. @mrkiky I guess these moves would work pretty good on most people out there then, because most people ARE untrained idiots. lol

  22. @mrkiky I think only untrained people choke to start with. I get there are decent choke holds from behind, but there are faster ways of incapacitating someone. I don't think this guy is teaching you self defense techniques so you can get into a cage match, I think he's teaching you to defend yourself from a potential dangerous situation.

  23. I like this move. As a Wing Chun practitioner, my first response would be to attack his eyes, throat, and not worry about the hands. His choke ties up both of his hands. I'm free to tear his eyes out of his skull.

  24. @heartdyedpurple You're right. A standing two hand "choke" from the front as seen here is only good if you'd be tigerclawing his neck/adams apple or otherwise doing immediate damage, or at least breaking his structure/balance. If you're just choking the guy, it's wrong. Choking from behind is a good way to end a fight, with limited risk of killing the person (if you know how to do it). However, if you're up against someone skilled, you have to pull back sharply, to break his balance.

  25. hmm or u could knee the dude in the groin and poke hes eyes … if he still dnt let go then grab the his wrists from the inside of the choke and pull them away from each other he loose hes grip , follow up with a head but as he is coming towards u while loosing balance , see i diditn need a thousand years old techinque i jst thought of it now 😛 …. still this one propably is more techincal and looks more pretty

  26. @SilenTwolF23100 for smaller guys facing guys over 6 feet tall with their faces and bodies out of reach for eye jabs or groin kicks, body mechanics is very important in getting out of a sticky situation.

  27. @lucidmist damn….. touche …. U_U i have been defeated … one thing i noticed is that if you get angry in a fight it all goes out the window anyway :/ propably have to go through some special training for that ?

  28. hey man, don't worry about winning or losing. it is important to spar with people of all heights and sizes, as much as possible, to get the different ranges under your scope. sometimes, just because two guys are the same height, but just because one is fatter or bulkier than the other, you may have to adopt a different fight strategy. the best teacher is always sparring. but spar with people with healthy minds, not competitive jerks who only want to turn every training session into a fight.

  29. @SilenTwolF23100 you're right about being angry in a fight. while it can lend an incredible strength and will to win, it can also mislead you into making mistakes.

  30. shui she pao chie tan li pai tan li fei wo bu she chi binn zai seu wu zhi tien ci tien chien kyang zuo di ta tai she zai xiang nah duo ken penng fei cheng ming zhi fei she hai

  31. You can rip ear off and kick him in nut poke him in the eye punch him in the kidneys and break his fingers and that's kid how to win a fight

  32. Can you do one where the choke is being done against a victim pinned against the wall? Much tougher with a restricted movement I can imagine, so I would want to know how to get out of a scenario like that. Thanks!

  33. Very interesting. Thank you.
    It is almost identical to the response offered by a member of the USMC to how he would respond to a lapel grab, using the Marine Corps Martial Arts Programme which is a long way from Tai Chi but then that would have been influenced by Japanese Ju Jitsu thanks to the input of men like Dermot 'Pat' O'Neill and his work with the 'China Marines' (and later the US Army and USAF). Philosophies differ but physics does not change.
    Certainly the high pull down/chop with your left hand will both ease the grip on your throat and stop you passing out. It should also unbalance the attacker, and with balance gone he is halfway out of the fight anyway. Speed and forceful application are key though, particularly when someone is choking you, a fact often passed over in comments.
    Generally these moves are shown at half or three-quarters speed in a real fight to allow students to pick up on hand placement, stance, etc and stop the partner being sent to the ER!

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