Tai Chi Martial Art Applications : Tai Chi: Arm Lock Defense

In this segment I’m going to show you how
to use the six harmonies where the six joints and the body, how to defense against some
if somebody happens to get you into a arm lock. So, if Ray is here he has me locked
up, if you notice that he has me very tightly, here my body is off my center, if I try and
fight against him, I can’t do anything. But if I bring my hips underneath me, and turn,
I have no problem in defending him. And he was using some pretty good strength there.
So the idea is he’s pushing down, I don’t want to go against his forge. What I need
to do is not worry about this, but bring my hips underneath me. As soon as I did that,
already I’m in a better position. Because at least then I can walk away if I need to,
and then turn, and now I can come right back at him. But the main idea is number one thing,
get your, find your center. Find your center, and you do that by bringing your hips underneath
you. Not by trying to bring, that hurts when I do that. If I try and bring my shoulder
back it’s hurting my arm quite a bit. But if I bring my hips underneath me, I feel no
pressure on my arm. And then all I have to do is rotate, and I can get out of the situation.

22 thoughts on “Tai Chi Martial Art Applications : Tai Chi: Arm Lock Defense

  1. I have never seen this application, I have never seen this as a way to escape this kind of lock, and for those of you on here wondering about it's effectiveness, I wouldn't reccomend it.

    The best defense against locks is flexibility. Stretch. A lot. After that, in this situation, the last thing you would want to do is push up.

    That is not the Taiji way. You never go in the opposite direction of oncoming force.

  2. It will not works.
    Attacker isn't applied any force to elbow, he just had his hands relaxed.

    I agree with 80KungFu, kicking back is the most simply and effective technique.

    For real fight, you should use only simple and natural moves, 80% of dojo techniques doesn't work on the street.

  3. that armlock is a joke. the guy in the white shirt HAS TO step up close to you so as he is standing between your body and your locked arm. he should also be pushing your shoulder down, and if possible rotate you and land your face in the dirt – kind of like the aikido technique. this guy stands AWAY from you hoping the damage is done. this is a good defense against a pathetic armlock.

  4. @TheAlnoth You are talking about ikkyo. He should also have the wrist locked better(wrist bent towards the persons head fingers pointing upward) At the same time also applying pressure to the elbow joint hyper extending it somewhat and the arm should be straighter, not at a 45 degree angle, to control balance, If the dude is able to stand up something ain't right and you never really had control of him. …but I understand the point of the video isn't to demonstrate ikkyo or the equivalent.

  5. @mrkiky it works for me, lol. your not going to leave him standing like the video, you put him to the ground so. I personality think it a good lock. 🙂

  6. @SelfDefenceExpert He's using a new form movement each time (part horse''s mane, fair lady works scuttles, and a basic lu the last time), but really you need to focus not on the form movements, but on the movement principles. Just memorizing 1000 techniques will only confuse you, causing you to freeze up in a real fight. Master the principles, and your body will automatically perform whatever movement is required in the situation at hand!

  7. I like these videos but think that there are better defenses within taiji applications for this situation. If I had an opponent in this lock I would apply the taiji jin Leih on the opponents arm. if they went directly against my force I think they would just strengthen my position. Im not sure you could use the above technique without stepping forward and out. What does anyone else think?

  8. @TheAlnoth I responded be for I read your response. But your response is far more detailed and poetic. I like your last line the most 🙂

  9. I have been looking for a way to get out of an arm lock when the arm is forced up your back, like the police use; I thought stand on their front most foot and kick back and sideways at the knee with my other leg, any videos or techniques to suggest?

  10. If you're talking about the locks police use to pin a criminal down, you are probably screwed. This is probably to counter people in the process of locking you, before they throw you down.

  11. Please show whole body in any future videos you make. It's hard to make the footwork out here, and in some other clips.
    I don't think that this technique will work against a determined or trained opponent, but some of the other tai chi techniques you demonstrate are interesting.

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