Self-defense, Self-Protection, Safety Concepts – Distance, Levels and Ground

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Hi everyone Peter Liciaga here and I’m with friend and my coach and my professors teaching me jujitsu I decided to take some time to get together with professor Pete to share with you a long time ago I was told that you don’t know what you don’t know and I realize this when I […]

What is the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP)?

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Shusko: The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program has been around for about 10 years now. It’s a combination of many different martial arts disciplines with One Mind Any Weapon as our motto. There’s weapons all over the battlefield. It could be a helmet, it could be a knife, a rifle, or our hands — anything […]

The Karate Kid 2010: I want to go home

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Dre, what’s going on? Nothing Dre, what happend? What happened? Nothing. Something happened. What, you don’t like that karate class, baby? It’s not karate, mom. Okay, all right. Karate, kung fu, whatever. Dre, what happened? We moved to China! That’s what happened! Okay, stop. Don’t be like that, Dre. What do you want me to […]

Karate Bag | Martial Arts Gear Bag | What’s In My Martial Arts Bag?

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Welcome to Ultimate Male Academy! In this video I’m going to do a review on Karate Bag or Martial Arts Gear Bag. This bag is perfectly for anyone who is looking for a bag to carry your gear for your Taekwondo Muay Thai Krav Maga or whatever martial arts that you practice. Now you’re looking […]

Cognitive Kali | Paul McCarthy | TEDxUCLA

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Translator: Tanya Cushman Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs Let’s imagine a future together, a future where our healthcare industry focuses on the prevention of disease and not just trying to cure it. Right now, when we feel sick, we go to the doctors, take our prescription and get on with our lives. But what if we led […]

Karate Self-Defense Tips : Karate Lessons: Hook Up the Body

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We’re going to go ahead and hook up with the body. Sometimes multi fighters when they fight, or even boxers themselves when they get tired, they end up hooking up just like this. This might seem like nothing to you, but quite frankly, in this forward situation, this is a good way to get a […]

First Time Martial Arts & The Temple Of Heaven – China Adventure v5

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– [Rod] I’m a little bit scared that my 15 year old boy may actually learn how to beat up his father, but it’s about defense, remember? (energetic electronic music) – [Man] Have the number, (speaks in foreign language) – So, Mr. Han’s gonna be teaching you. – I don’t think it’s like this. (Rod […]

What It Takes To Earn A Black Belt 🥋

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– What does it mean to become a black belt? To some people, it’s the end of a long journey. To others, it’s only the beginning. In today’s video, I wanna share eight highlights from a recent black belt grading so that you can see what it takes to become a black belt right here. […]

Transforming a Rasp into a Deadly Blade

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>>This episode of the Modern Rogue brought to you by Hullow Pillow. Head on over to get up to $20 off in free shipping if you buy more than one– It’s so good, this is so wrong, but it’s so right.>>It’s very soothing. This is what you’re supposed to do with them, right? [shushing] […]

Kids and Filipino Martial Arts!

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Hi. Brian Johns of Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts Centre of Oshawa, Ontario. You know, some people say that Filipino Martial Arts is either too complicated for children or too dangerous for children. I’m telling you: WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Look at the clips of my kids doing sinawali, slap off/pull off. They can do it. They […]