Die gefestigte Hüfte (Shotokan Karate)

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THE STABILIZING HIP Welcome Today we want to talk again about the usage of the hips they can be divided into three main groups the open, the closed and the stable hip When the hip is opened, it is about techniques of defense, which will all be executed with the front arm for example Gedan […]

Übung Hüfteinsatz (Shotokan Karate)

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Today I would like to show you an exercise for the usage of the hip the exercise goes in four different directions and will be executed in three different positions in each case the appropriate techniques need to be added let’s start with Zenkutsu dachi in the second phase of Zenkutsu dachi the hip is […]

What It Takes To Earn A Black Belt 🥋

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– What does it mean to become a black belt? To some people, it’s the end of a long journey. To others, it’s only the beginning. In today’s video, I wanna share eight highlights from a recent black belt grading so that you can see what it takes to become a black belt right here. […]

SHIN GI TAI: The Perfect Karate Practitioner — Jesse Enkamp

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– Shin Gi Tai. You might have heard about this before. A lot of people online and in books write about Shin Gi Tai. But honestly, I think too few people actually apply the wisdom of Shin Gi Tai. Now, what is Shin Gi Tai? I’ll tell you. This is the Japanese sign for Shin […]


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Higher karate kata. Pretty confident executes the map of any complexity.

Shotokan karate Memories 2018

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2018 Counties Shotokan Karate tournament nz Training session at the dojo

Karate – Heian Sandan : ancrez vos positions !!! [Karate-Blog.net]

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Hello and welcome to karate-blog.net, clear and net karate. Today, we will learn a new Kata, it does not hurt to time that we had not done Kata on karate-blog.net. So today we will learn the third Heian Heian Sandan. You will see the third Heian: it does not seem very difficult externally when you […]

Amazing MMA Comeback By Karate Fighter Oliver Enkamp 🥋

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– Whassup Karate Nerds? I am in London, UK together with my brother, Oliver, for a very special reason, tell em why? – I’m fighting in Bellator MMA. And it’s going to be my debut after my UFC fights. – Right, after your UFC fight, which was last year, right here as well, and what […]

The Kata Critic (Ep. 1) — Jesse Enkamp

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– Welcome to the very first episode of The Kata Critic. A brand new show where I have a look at your kata, and then provide constructive criticism, aka feedback, to help you improve your karate skills. Let’s get started. Okay, before we start, disclaimer. (clapping) I’m not a kata expert! I’ve done way more […]

HOW TO CONTROL A FIGHT | Karate Footwork — Jesse Enkamp

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the person who controls the distance controls the fight in today’s video I’m gonna teach you three types of karate footwork that you can use to control the fight by controlling the distance in Japanese footwork is known as a she Tsubaki and these three versions that I’m gonna show you are some of the […]