#Karate : Arrête de m’attaquer en Oi Zuki !

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Today, I will explain you why he should stop attacking me with an Oi Zuki. Traditionally in Kihon Ippon Kumite, he goes down in Hidari Gedan Barai, he announced the strike : Oi Zuki Jodan Oi Zuki Shudan, Mae Geri, Mawashi Geri Yoko Geri … After we go on Ippon Kumite, we are in guard […]

Martial Arts Styles | Troy MI Denny Strecker’s Karate (248) 687-8641

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What style of martial arts do you teach? Our style is incredibly modern, most people are familiar with the traditional martial arts. You’ll hear words like taekwondo, Kung Fu, Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, and other forms and our system is actually based on child development. So we work on the four stages of development with children, […]

KRAV MAGA TRAINING • End a fight in 3 seconds!

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Mal sehen wie es in einer Situation mit dem Schubsen ist, welche sehr häufig auf der Straße vorkommt. Das Schubsen wird unter anderem dafür benötigt, um sich selbst aufzuputschen und Selbstvertrauen gegenüber dem Gegner aufzubauen. Ihr müsst wissen, wie ihr es vermeiden könnt, denn es ist eine der häufigsten Situationen überhaupt. Der Stoß ist eine […]

Amazing MMA Comeback By Karate Fighter Oliver Enkamp 🥋

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– Whassup Karate Nerds? I am in London, UK together with my brother, Oliver, for a very special reason, tell em why? – I’m fighting in Bellator MMA. And it’s going to be my debut after my UFC fights. – Right, after your UFC fight, which was last year, right here as well, and what […]

Karate : Le salut traditionnel ou Rei [karate-blog.net]

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Hello and welcome. I Bruno Bandelier, the karate teatcher of the net. Today I want to talk of salvation in karate, or more specifically, I want to talk about the label. I will speak of salvation, but I’ll also tell you about the Dojo. Here. I want to talk a little bit of everything that […]

Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Challenge Sal in Karate | truTV

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Excuse me you have one second yup I’m writing an email about the hit sons and I just want to run it by one of the first before I send a good detective two tones right here we go Diane I’m so frickin good at karate now and it’s not even funny but You still […]

Karate – Heian Yodan Part1 [Karate-Blog.net]

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Hello and welcome to this new video on Karate-blog.net, the clear and net Karate. I’m Bruno BANDELIER Today I will talk about the kata “Heian Yodan” or “Heian Yondan”. I see it written both ways and I never really knew if it was “Yodan” or “Yondan”. I say: “Heian Yodan”. So the number four of […]

KICKBOXING – ALL STYLE KARATE Interview with Legend Trainer Roland Brodkorb Germany

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Hello Karate Tube Friends Roland Brodkorb 6.Dan, is a Kickboxing Trainer Legend in Germany. I had the opportunity to interview him, after a training in his club in Erlangen in North-Bavaria. For 48 years he has been active without interruption, without a break He is running one of the most renowned martial arts schools in […]

This is Sensei Jordan: Karate & Kickboxing Instructor in Seattle, WA

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This is a place where it’s like an oasis, you come into this room and everything is designed to take you back to the primal version of yourself, to make everything feel good, to remind you of how amazing everything is — remind you of the potential and the happiness and the truth, the power […]


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Thanks for tuning in to Team KI Ken, Ilja today we show you exercises how to commit the whole body to make your gyaku tsuki stronger have fun 4 things are important first, there are 3 bodyparts 1.knee 2. hip 3. and the back shoulder they have to retract and move at the same time […]