Amazing MMA Comeback By Karate Fighter Oliver Enkamp 🥋

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– Whassup Karate Nerds? I am in London, UK together with my brother, Oliver, for a very special reason, tell em why? – I’m fighting in Bellator MMA. And it’s going to be my debut after my UFC fights. – Right, after your UFC fight, which was last year, right here as well, and what […]

The Kata Critic (Ep. 1) — Jesse Enkamp

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– Welcome to the very first episode of The Kata Critic. A brand new show where I have a look at your kata, and then provide constructive criticism, aka feedback, to help you improve your karate skills. Let’s get started. Okay, before we start, disclaimer. (clapping) I’m not a kata expert! I’ve done way more […]

HOW TO CONTROL A FIGHT | Karate Footwork — Jesse Enkamp

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the person who controls the distance controls the fight in today’s video I’m gonna teach you three types of karate footwork that you can use to control the fight by controlling the distance in Japanese footwork is known as a she Tsubaki and these three versions that I’m gonna show you are some of the […]

THE SEISHIN GI | By Karate People, For Karate People — Jesse Enkamp

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The ultimate aim of karate lies in the pursuit of perfection. Dedicated karate practitioners spend countless hours in the dojo, developing their technique, mind and body. So why wasn’t there a karate uniform that truly reflects this quest for personal perfection? “The problem with most karate uniforms on the market, is that they’re not made […]

A beautiful lady teaches you KARATE! 美女空手講座 / 日本WOW #020

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we will introduce Japanese popular and traditional culture etc in this program please do come and visit Japan topic a dariya days yonder yoyos temmuz ha take a toke Renata Syrah yogacara tea Nevada I could Scouts Emma’s karate is one of the martial arts born in Japan Rina will teach you the tricks of […]

7 of the World’s Worst Wrestling Injuries

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Despite being staged, the strangers wrestlers face are often very real. Today we’ll have a look at 7 of the world’s worst injuries in professional wrestling history. Number 7: Joey Mercury To ‘botch’ in professional wrestling means to attempt a scripted move or a scripted line that ultimately does not come out as planned because […]

The Rules of Sumo Wrestling – EXPLAINED!

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Ninh explains, the Rules of Sumo Wrestling Sumo Wrestling is Japan’s oldest sport, that is contested between two wrestlers known as Rikishi (no, not this kind of Rikishi) and takes place in a clay ring known as a Dohyo. The ring itself is roughly 4.5m in diameter. The object of the game is to either […]

Hirota´s Karate Gi – Varieties and Choices. Dôgi made in Japan

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thank you for joining me today the more choices the more difficult it is to decide maybe you see it the way I do I am Stephanie Akita and I would like to make the choice of the right he wrote a karate key a little bit easier for you if you find this video […]


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in today’s video I want to teach you how to use this thing right here, also know as a makiwara, a traditional conditioning and impact tool from Okinawa the birth-place of Karate the word itself, makiwara, actually consists of two different parts “maki” which means “around” in Japanese and “wara” which is the original name […]

BRUTAL Kata Bunkai For Self-Defense (UNSU)

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– What’s up? I’m Jesse from, a.k.a “The Karate Nerd”, and today I am joined by Sensei Iain Abernethy, the world’s number one Kata application expert. Thank-you so much Sensei Iain for joining us. So when it comes to the more brutal aspects of self-defense as found in Kata moves, what do you think […]