Taekwondo Martial Arts Basics : How to Tie a Martial Arts Belt

Hello! My name is Sid Nelson, master instructor
in Martial Arts. I’m representing expertvillage.com. Alright, the next part of the martial arts
that we’re going to show you today is how to tie your belt so when you get to class
it’ll stay on and you’ll look nice and neat. We’ll just simply take the belt and drop it
where both sides are even. We’ll find a center point. At that point, we’ll cut it right against
our belly. We’ll go around with both left and right and meet in the back, cross them
over in the back, and then come back to the front where you’ll have two even sides. We’ll
cross the right over to the left and come up underneath the belt that is placed close
to your stomach. Come up, pull, then take the right side, and go underneath, up and
over, down and we pull. Both sides should be even, and in martial arts that shows that
you are striving to be equal both mentally and physically with your skills.

23 thoughts on “Taekwondo Martial Arts Basics : How to Tie a Martial Arts Belt

  1. Nice! Clear explanation & v. good video making

    I like what you said in the end about the symbolism of the tied belt

  2. WRONG!!!!! Everybody knows allways left over the right, left is supposed to protect right. Seen all around martial arts! Thats also why the dobok jacket also folds left over right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kim Soo Young!

  3. Actually, you can find out easily on google that the knot can be tied facing either side. There are perhaps as many styles who have the knot facing right as there are styles who have the knot facing left.
    In the end, it is not about the belt or the knot, or even the rank. It is about the person you are.
    Anyone in the martial arts will soon find out that belt or rank is most important in your school but bears almost no importance outside your school or organization.

  4. get video very discriptive. thanks alot for the help. I learned alot from this video. I'm faving so I don't forget for my class. thankyou again.

  5. Just keep practicing, youll get it! It took me a while. I didnt learn how to tie my belt correctly until I was a green belt.

  6. Thats good! Its kinda like learning your patterns. I was so confused on Chon Ji but as I get up in ranks the patterns come easier.

  7. I'l tell you what: I think that the moves and kicks of TKD are easier than tie the belt, so thank you very much!

  8. stupid idiot go slower i try it looks like crap.Talk about neat.tell clear instructions.And I can't believe how many low-lives waste time to respond to these comments, so don't bother.I like expert village.Just be clear!!!!

  9. tieing a belt is the first thing that you learn if you carnt tie a belt in the begginning then ya ant much good

  10. Everything he did was correct except for how he crossed them in the back. We are taught to overlap them in the back so it looks like 1 belt instead of 2. Being a "Master" i would think he would have thought of that.

  11. I hate all you spin off fake versions of Taekwondo, you aren't traditional genuine TKD! It should be this simple, you are either ITF Taekwondo as founded by General Choi or WTF Taekwondo which is in the Olympics.

  12. @Eshton1992 martial arts are just that–they're 'arts'. more than anything they're to teach respect and self discipline. things like kickboxing, krav maga, etc are about self defence. i would not consider them an art as there is nothing artistic about brutality.

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