Hello! My name is Sid Nelson, master instructor
in Martial Arts. I’m representing expertvillage.com. The next block we’re about to show is the
low block. This block, unlike the middle block, will begin on the top. I’ll demonstrate in
a front stance. We’ll keep the arm, the blocking arm, on top with the wrist facing the ear
or neck. This block is going to be blocking from the waist down to the knees. Any techniques
trying to get to this area, this lower area. We’ll start with the blocking arm on top.
Reach and setup the arm so that the elbows meet. Again, just like the punches, we’re
going to pull the block down and then sweep it down in front of us as we pull back and
retreat the other punch to the belt. At the end of the technique, keep in mind like the
punch, twist the wrists. It’ll come up and go down. Stay relaxed during your block. Only
tighten up your muscles at the very last moment in the block. Keep the block close to your
body and slide the other arm back to the other belt.

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