Taekwondo Martial Arts Basics : Five Basic Taekwondo Poses

Hello! My name is Sid Nelson, master instructor
in Martial Arts. I’m representing expertvillage.com. I’m going to help you get ready for a Martial
Arts class. There are 5 positions that we use in martial arts class. This show your
readiness, your confidence, and will help you with further presentations in the martial
arts. Before you begin, we begin with a bow that shows respect to the instructor and also
it’s like saying hello and also shows your readiness. Hands and feet together, tilt at
a 45 degrees looking up at the instructions and back. Position one starts with legs out,
shoulders width wide, hands behind the back. You want to show good posture, your readiness,
and alertness. Keep your eyes focused on the instructions. Martial arts position two is
an attention stance. Hands and feet together. Snap the hands and feet together to show that
you are alert and ready. Eyes again, focused at the instructions. Position three is a ready
position before exercising. Hands come up to the belt, step out to your left, and hand
snap out in front of the belt in a circle. Shoulders nice and straight. Position four
is a listening position. This prevents students from lying on the ground and remember body
language shows confidence and readiness. Step out with the left leg and knife hands on the
knee. Back is nice and straight, eyes focused to the instructions. Position five; sitting
on the floor, legs crossed, knife hands on the knee, back straight. Once again, eyes
focused on the instructions.

6 thoughts on “Taekwondo Martial Arts Basics : Five Basic Taekwondo Poses

  1. What i want to know is, what are the instructions he is talking about? Is it Floating text that just appears infront of you?
    Normaly we just have InstrucTORS…

  2. This is Sid Nelson, head instructor of Taekwondo America. He is just showing how to keep students at attention and alert.

  3. ITF and yes it is in america. I am part of the this orginazation. Some people may understand it better as postion and not a stance since it is not really a fighting stance like backstance or frontstance.

  4. @RDraGon2179 …I am ITF and this is not ITF. A lot of "imitator" styles claim they are ITF or they train ITF, however, it is all just that, "imitators". Also just because someone claims they train General Choi's style (Chang-Hun) does not mean they are ITF either. Unless you wear the ITF dobok (the Taekwon-Do tree on back of the jacket and ITF initials on outside of the pant legs near the knee), you are not ITF! ITF also spells Taekwondo with hyphen between the N and D, "Taekwon-Do".

  5. @TKDMario08 I was meaning we do the ITF tuls but no we are not ITF. Imitators we are not. We don't do sine wave neither. Some organizations may do sine wave and they are not part of ITF either. Our doboks have that karate look to it ( jacket) but we wear the ranks and our strips correctly. And it doesn't matter if we write it Taekwondo, Taekwon-do, or Tae kwon do it is still the way of the hand and foot unlike WTF which is all feet.

  6. @StellaOctangula Most of my comments I did a year ago but now I am a instructor and I can tell you if you have 4 and 5 yr olds students then you know what he means about rolling around on the floor.

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