Now lets go over some combinations that I
put together so you can practice at home. The first one is the a jump, back leg round
kick, land, reverse hook kick, back punch. In fast motion. One more time slowing it down; you want to
step, feet together, jump, kick with your right foot bottom leg tucked, land, pre-pivoting
your foot, chambering, kicking all the way through to two o’clock, landing, and back
punch. Now let?s use those hand techniques that we went over. The first one that we’re
going to do is step front punch, back punch, step forth front kick, elbow smash, ridge
hand. In fast motion it should look like. One more time breaking it down; step forth
front punch hitting with your first two knuckles, back punch twisting through having a good
pivot, step through front kick using your hips, stepping through elbow, ridge hand keeping
your thumb tucked. Another hand combination we’re going to learn is step front punch,
step through lunge punch, reverse back fist, skip round kick, palm hill. One time in fast
motion it should look like. Breaking it down one more time; step lunge punch hitting with
your first two knuckles, stepping all the way through, punching with your back hand,
spinning, hitting with a back fist, skip, round kick, palm hill. Those are your basic
hand technique combinations.

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