Systema SERGEY LOBASIUK  Systema Kiev  la Rotation 2

In fact the wall psychologically he helps Sergei because he keeps him so he helps her understand the right moves. And hands they arrive a moment later, always a little offbeat it does not start with the hands because we studied the trick in every detail we know that the knife we ​​do not see a little bit of a belly and then it’s the body after that is the wrapping It’s not about precise catches, it’s of Sergei’s body behavior it’s to tell you, if we can call it a technique, a process rather it can be used in all kinds of plugs and he did not let go of the hand, the contact remained This is an example of the use of objects on the ground well that’s nuances, it’s high level but look at the knees, they are already folded now look, he’s on the spikes but the knees remain bent yes the legs are not stretched, the spring is armed it uses it at the last moment, it’s from the top but it’s still interesting to know, even if we do not master it today look, there is that, this articulation and there is this one So, there are no big movements here, it hides and then once he used that, and that the person feels it, if the knees are straight, he used that, he no longer has a maneuvering step and if he goes down the knees he will feel it so I keep my knees I go up and I still have a floor even in very nuanced situations, very advanced, very developed the rest remains invariable it’s just to roll up the body even in this situation even if he put Sergei against the wall, he can not push the wall. But like that he can, like that he can, so he can so he has to move like that Why is it hurting? Because the arm was there with the knife and Sergei with muscle there there is already a small modification of his … already it takes support But against the support is beautiful because in fact what we do not see is that when the arm is bent but you here in fact, we use the elbow and there we are completely blocked and you see, said Sergei, he found a solution that I did not show it gives multiple ideas it’s bodily behavior

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  1. Très intéressant, dommage que nous n'ayons pas eu des exemples avec le vêtement agrippé ou l'arrière de la tête maintenue, suite à une poussée contre le mur, pour stabiliser l'agression couteau. En général, le prédateur cherche à verrouiller pour mieux menacer, ce qui diminue d'autant la mobilité de l'agressé. En tout cas, il me plait ce Sergey par la variété des solutions proposées. Je fais ma recherche sur les vidéos le concernant. Au plaisir, les sympathisants du Krav.

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