Systema Martial art systema sibirskiy Viun déplacement

It’s with the feet. You go from right to left
– pubis – and go out, in fact, of the axis. So here we place. I’m coming back to my place. I am stable. I’m not coming
two feet grouped. If you push me, I fart mouth. Here, hop! We place. I come back every time.
It’s always in two stages. Normally, it’s with … Sorry.
– The second foot, he slips, he does not get up. That’s it ? – Yes. Here. We pull the foot, huh.
– Yes, yes, no, no, but …
– We pull the foot. In fact, here we place, we place. OKAY. So normally, for the theory
– but we will not do it immediately, normally -, we work in synergy with the hands. That’s what we will do.
It’s done in two stages: place, no. Place, no. Why ? To work, in fact, every time, everything that is
up and down the body at the same time. Here, place. You need to understand what’s going on so that
you have a correct balance, you have to rebalance the weights, in fact. So if I’m here and I’m slightly behind
on the heel, if you push me behind, I meat. So rebalance, in fact, tiptoe. Right here. And the same,
no unnecessary tension. We are not high. We are posed. So that means that there, I rebalance the chain,
in fact, on the front. OKAY. Square. – And there, are you balanced on both feet?
– Pretty much, yes. Anyway,
you always have a game on the back but here … Okay. Get out of the line. Right foot, left foot in front.
Orient your feet on the floor as well towards the target. Because, of course, after, if I’m here, if I’m going to hit there,
I’m going to be in shit. So here, place. Feet towards the target. 1, 2, 3. Attention! The most important for now is
not to have custody. It’s the leg movements. That’s why I’m not going to
put the arms first but … OKAY. This time, we will go on the front.
So same thing. If I go right, right foot leaving first. But this time,
it’s my back foot that will be lifted to redirect, finally, sorry … – To give the impetus?
– Not to give the impetus but for … How to say … Here, I just peaked but I’m not high.
I put my weight, suddenly, backwards. Paf. So slightly stretched in the heel.
– Ready to start after? – The. Not high. I do like punching in boxing.
Here, if I am high, after, I can be carried away. So when I hit, in fact, I restabilize
immediately on the back. Boom, boom, boom. Right here. If someone comes to shoot me – come on – for the first shot,
if he pulls me back, here, – hop! – it’s shit. The best, it’s restabilizing a little bit. Hop! It’s not
the same thing. It’s cool, the camera, actually. It’s in full line. Think about your space.
Do not be too close, yet. And good stability. Square. Square. Square. And every time,
we come back to the basic position here [*]. This time, we’ll just rework and mix everything,
that is to say, now you do what you want. You go forward, backward or sideways,
always with the hand. So here, there. I’m going there. I’m going there. Everytime. Hop! We change. We change. I come again. But
always go, initially, by the center. Let’s go ? We begin ? There, hop, hop.
– Yeah. Ice skating, what? – Ice skating, that’s it. Genre [*].
– (laughs) The salto. I want to see the salto, me. (To laugh)
– OKAY. The. We will advance by striking. So suddenly,
we are going to align, in fact, at the same time. So we’re always going to hit too, suddenly, back arm
and we will move forward this time in a straight line. Here. I move forward, boom. I move forward, boom.
I move forward, boom. Boum. Simply, we will actually seek to stretch the body every time
forward and backward, a bit like a bow, for each time to find stability. Slowly.
Try to orient your feet as well to where you are going to hit. We can talk about it here. It’s really … you’ll see.
There are things that come together with the cork. But hey, in terms of traveling,
after that, it’s not quite the same thing. – Yeah, because we see that your feet, precisely,
are slightly inward. – Towards the target. The force converges in the center, in fact. (Music)

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  1. Excelente balanceo del centro de gravedad del maestro Thomas, puesto que a pesar de la relajación, se encuentra estable y listo para el ataque. El desplazamiento en SV conlleva la estabilidad y relajación, que son la base para un buen combate y un punch efectivo. Saludos!

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