Systema 30 MIN With DK Yoo 유대경 (Dkyoo Dk Yoo) Unpublished  Vidéos

It does not matter the position of the feet. Obviously, feet are very important.
But for now, we will not care. Again, you have feet – so – all right or in 45 °. The back foot, the same. It can be straight or 45 °. You have legs more or less apart. There are really several foot positions. You look at someone who does taekwondo,
you look at his legs, you know what he is. He’s like that. It’s to go back. And here is a position to receive a shot. And for the moment, we will not take care of it. Just, we’ll take a comfortable position. And we get up, we take off a little foot. And we will transfer the arms forward. We will move forward. Afterwards, we can advance by hunting. In fencing, there is just … just going in a straight line. And there, for example, it’s not good.
You can not do a kick. There, there are several steps. And for now, we’ll leave that aside. It’s just when you move forward and hit, you put your foot
on the ground. Energy and power are transferred upwards. When you go up, you feel it goes up. With that, you will [pass]. Maybe like that, it does not look very powerful
but as soon as there is a target, it will become very powerful. The arm rises automatically. We will try to do that. Slowly. Just when you think about transferring them, [*]. But in fact, [*]. Is there a boxer who wants to come? He will give a blow as he showed earlier. Hit harder. It is very good. Now, in my turn. (Light laughs) So there, the weight comes only in the arm. In fact, it’s like he’s using his whole body. (Mixture of admiration, compassion and laughter) Did you feel the weight?
– Well yeah. (Laughter) (Applause) – [*] Even if the other is in lockup, you can sleep. There, you can not come back. You have the impression that he [slowly joined] [*]. There, it’s just a simple hit.
Looks like it’s just a simple hit. On the other hand, if you receive the shot, you hear the whole shot. [*] [spoon]. It’s because it’s for his pleasure [*]. There are times when when you type, it will explode. And it is up to him to find, precisely, the power. There, it’s just [fade]. On the other hand, if he raises his leg a little, if he turns a little,
it changes everything. He just stands up. He just hit. Is it closed entirely with space
a finger or [hardly returned] with the space of a finger? At first, there is space for a finger. You really need the tension
a step. It’s like a domino. The force is like a domino that makes one fall,
and that brings down the next, and the next. And the power of the 7th domino is
150 times stronger. It’s exponential. It’s the same. We have the tension rising from the ground. You really have to look at the point that … That’s it. It’s important, the direction, the vector. The vector is therefore the direction of the power. You have to push the meter before going to the furniture. And in the end, you [open in a stroller]. It’s like he’s hitting normally,
but in the end, it gives more power. That’s how you will give power. If you have your fingers up, it’s hard to give. If you do it on purpose, you will see it. There, normally, an impact …
The fist, it will close automatically. That’s why you just have to hold your fist with space. So there, he showed you the [plan] transfer. And the muscle, so it’s in the back of the arm. It is important to expand very quickly. You have to feel that power. After, there is the question also when the arm is [*]. And here it is the same too. You advance one foot. And the same,
in movement, his arm, he stands up alone. So it is the power that is transferred always the same, by the ground. There you go [*]. It was a question of changing the direction of the power. And he uses his arm like that, the same. Even if the shoulder is tense, he manages to pass
and transfer the weight and power into the arm. There are people who make [muay thai].
That’s it, they receive power. Those who have been doing this since small, they know
very well this rhythm. There is music. And with this rhythm, they receive and they use that power. And they take steps that you have learned. And that, [it’s like that]. [*] foot. Foot in front, back foot. He prepares himself. It’s rising. And after, he kicks. That’s why in Muay Thai, often,
they go up, they go up with little jumps. There is a martial art called taekwondo
who uses a lot of kicks. And there, he will set foot, actually, sitting … or not. That’s only [home]. That’s precisely [the content of the hotel]. We are in the middle
of that. Or downstairs, [when we’re not going down either]. Normally, we plant the foot. He makes the power rise. Once again, the fist is completely closed.
You leave the space of a finger. [*] Power rises in the shoulder. Yesterday, he asked you to relax, well [*]. He raises his arm. He advances. Must not separate in two movements.
It really needs to stay fluid. Really gently. He, too, was [wiped] while [circling a small platter]. And so as they hurt him, by force,
he was just using his fingers to protect himself. Now he will cover his hand and just use his fingers. [*] The same. Power, it is transferred. There are two] [*]. Look closely at the trajectory. The starting point is the same. [*]. [Now], the trajectory has changed. Seen like that, we would bring them together. [*] the feet.
Bruce Lee, for example, he did it in the end. It receives energy, sends it back and changes course. You really have to maintain that power in the back. Here. Another way to [extract for] [*] [further. And it’s his] face. And so you will catch with the hand.
But the important thing is to draw power from within. Look carefully. He does not really take it on the distance. [*] That’s the distance to check for a hit. [*] must visualize this distance. That’s how you have the distance. Always arms outstretched, blocked. There is the distance. There, it’s ok. There, we do not know if this distance [*]. And suddenly, [*]. And if you [*] this question, [*] who will [get back] [*]. And now, we’re going to train – so – like that. There, we increase the distance. And there, suddenly, [you take care of both]. And there, then, there is no protection. And there, if you are a boxer, you want. The waist, the feet, the navel. There you can do everything. It must be remembered, this distance. Since there is not much room here,
we will not really do that. So we are going to adapt the exercises we can to here. We will give strikes. The power of the toes will rise
and it’s transferred to the fingers. [The different blood …] There, it’ll be rolled on the floor.
It’s the same thing, actually. Listen to the sound well. Do you hear? It will be
with this sound you will be hit. At first, you will not avoid it. So here you see the power that is moving forward. So here is the arm that receives the power. And it will open. There, there is everything that is distinguished. And so, it’s time
where, in fact, there is the first one to move his arm. As the arm is relaxed, the first one moves. When the arm goes up, the first moves alone. You really do not have to strive to put power. It becomes natural. [*] This is very important and there are many who make this mistake. There, it is strong. It’s stronger than earlier. It is stronger. By cons, that’s really [*]. She goes home, she goes out. Why do you think that’s good? It’s for the future, actually. There, you really have [*] strong. And the other [must avoid]. And suddenly, if the other has avoided and gives a blow, [*]. He knocks and the sister arrives. Look at the legs. He will give a blow. He blocked. And the other, he gave a blow. Avoid. On the other hand, if it is too stiff, it will not be able to block it. Martial art, in fact, is an exchange. There, with the foot.
We become [troubling], too. There, it’s very strong, very powerful. When [you go to sleep] [*]. And suddenly, we were too focused, too powerful. And [*]. There you go back and you come back [*]. It’s nothing. It does not show in his body. So always think about the next move. That’s why you always have to come back after
a blow like that. Always very quickly. There, now, the person, she stands like that. She gives a blow. And the other gives a blow
right after. That’s it, really. He gives a blow and … And so as soon as you are hit, you have to give a shot. That’s why you have to train – in fact – reflexes, reactions. [*] and changes the body after a strike. To the left to the right. Punch. Which makes us hit for … There is a dog sleeping. We kick him. From the moment [*], [*] right away.
Here, it’s the same. There is a blow [*]. There is also the counterattack. There, now, we will try that. We’re going [*] and we’re going … To come back or leave, it’s very simple. More [*]. You lean back a bit. It’s just … You go a little back and you come back. Hop! Leaning back. There, we will [feel] this moment and we will try. We let go. When I was very young, I was really sick.
I had not been to school for a year. [*] in 1988 [*] He can not remember it anymore. My memories, they actually stay in the head. What happened [*] remembers it. And after that, he escaped. Suddenly, they returned by the nose.
They did a surgery. In fact, his brain was overused. As a result, he got the ability to [*] a lot of things, actually [*]. For example, [*] buttocks [*]. He sees the balance and stability of [*]. He moves but [*]. [Usually], it’s the same. You have very [*] movements. It’s the same thing [*]. And he comes down from his position. So, he started to see these molecules. He began to understand the martial arts
applied to hypnosis and brainwashing. Finally, apply … Understand them and implement them. The last thing is the [*]. Did you hear that? So the body, it has the same tension everywhere. When one is standing, the spine, it is falling. So we must move the pubis to make a column straight. You must [make it right]. And the shoulders do not go up. Now imagine that you are holding a balloon with one arm falling on the other [- that means
on your body -] and feel the weight of your body. There, the weight, it falls gently. Feel the weight [*]. And we will give [the concept] in 20 minutes. What is most important is that the basin turns. To meet this sensation, we will catch the hair. And we must imagine, in fact, that we are suspended – that’s it – like that. Forcibly, the weight, he will pass there. And if you feel that, you will feel
the force cuts itself in one centimeter. That’s the basis of [chigo]. (Music)

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