Switch Stance Jump Back Kick – Taekwondo Sparring – Sang H. Kim

Technique number 21 is switch stance
and jump back kick at open stance. The Korean term is Bal Bakwo Twio Dwi Chagi. Bal Bakwo means switch stance to lure in your opponent;s reaction. Twio is jump. Dwi Chagi is back kick. So Twio Dwi Chagi is jump back kick. The first step is to simply switch stance obviously to lure in your opponent’s counter-attack. The second step is to do short jump back kick as soon as he comes into your hitting distance. The primary target is a trunk. The secondary is the face. In competition if your opponent tries to do this technique, as soon as he turns his body to the back kickm make a precise side kick at the hip of the opponent and push him away.

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