39 thoughts on “sweet & funny moments 2 – bae suzy & lee seung gi

  1. Thank you Rozen for uploading this beautiful video, WOW!!!! I love it, Super awesome 👍👍👍👍👍👍 those two will make a lovely couple in real life🤞🤴👸🏼💞🌟🌟

  2. Love your edits xD
    Suzy smiling and laughing whenever she's with seung gi T_T uwu
    Wishing for them to be a real couple too but whatever they decide, will always support them.
    I'll just fantasize it to be real lol

  3. If they're dating, Suzy is the easygoing and jolly gf, while Seung Gi is the more matured one and the kind of bf that will spoil suzy 😂💕

  4. They match well.. Lee Minho First BF base on Online News.. 2nd Lee Dongwook Ofcl BF too and 3rd Lee Seunggi A Leading Man for this Beautiful Drama.. She Captured Adorable (Lee)s Actors.. On screen and in Real Life.. ❤

  5. I’m really glad that they work together again, and this time they are more comfortable with each other. Unlike in Gu family book, I can see that they are just working professionally, and Suzy was more close to the second lead guy. Now that they are familiar to each other I can feel more of their chemistry

  6. I really love how Suzy kept laughing and just enjoying his time with seunggi they really look cute together 💕

  7. …. مافي أحد احسن من أحد وحده مجتهده وحده غير مجتهده الأطباء المهندسين المحاسبين المعلمين الاقتصاديين الإعلاميين الي نشوفهم في التلفزيون والإذاعة كلهممممم درسو في تخصصاتهم وتخرجو وربي رزقهم وتوظفو وظائف حكومية براتب ممتاز أدري الدراسه ثقيله بس نصبر إذا تبين شي لازم تتعبين عشان توصلين له أغلب التخصصات 4 سنوات ماعدا التخصصات الي فيها تحضيري(الطب، إدارة الأعمال، الهندسة، الحاسب الآلي) يعني سنوات قليلة إن شاء الله وتتخرجين وتطفشين من قعده البيت ….ف نصيحة استمتعي بالكرف والأيام الي تمر عليك ثقيلة والمواد الصعبة.

  8. 넘 좋아요 정말 넘 감사해요 부탁드려요 넘 좋아요 반갑고 행복한 시간 보내세요 이승기 최고 최고.우리 모두 화이팅 열심히 하고 있습니다 넘 좋아요

  9. Y’all remember what Suzy said In vagabond “I like super tall, pale guys” I feel like that’s her preference in real life too. I know Lee Minho isn’t pale but he’s super tall. And Lee Dongwook fits that pretty well. 😪 I’ve been the captain of this ship since 2013, I’m tired 💀

  10. Their chemistry off camera is awesome. Sadly, i think they wont be dating yet. Both of them has so much to achieve before settling down. But i support them 💯 if they are together.

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