Surakshaa One Challenger Hero-Hindi Dubbed Movie (2015)-Chiranjeevi, Keerthi Chawla-Hit Dubbed Film

The police department
is working hard to solve.. ..the case of the mysterious
deaths of policemen in Mumbai. The police commissioner
has commenced an urgent meeting.. disclose the identity
of the mysterious murderer. Police is questioning the
petty goons who are involved.. small crimes at night. A separate police team has been
formed to get hold of this murderer. You won’t be safe after
killing a policeman. You don’t know that
I’m addicted to killing. You will soon be killed. Even Lord of death is afraid of me.
How can any man kill me? God must’ve created someone to kill you. Surya, wait! I know that you can break all
the bricks with your strong hands. Break only the seventh brick.
No other brick should break. You know now how to strike the target. Surya, don’t hide my teachings You should use it to help others.
It should benefit others. It’s not wrong to kill 4
people if it benefits 40 people. Guruji, with your blessings
I’ve learnt martial arts. I want to work as a villain in films. If you bless me I’ll be successful.
Bless me. I’ve faith in your strength.
You’ll definitely be successful. Think twice before joining films. People feel happy at false praise. This intoxicates people and
too much of it ends everything. You’ve learnt to be balance
yourself even in such a state. I’m sure Surya that nothing
of this nature will happen to you. You’ll definitely be successful. I’ll try to keep up your good name. Get up, son. My blessings are with you. Bless us, Lord Ganpati! You’ve added so many
almonds to the pudding. What is this? – Almond pudding. – I know. Why did you do this? – Who else will? Today is his birthday
and he loves pudding. That is why I’ve made it. Like father like son.
– Like father like son. Go and check if Surya is ready. Surya! – Surya! Come quickly. – What did you say? Father, what did you say? You know it’s your birthday today.
– I know it, father. Come, let’s offer prayers. Wait. Mother, come here.
– What happened? – Come here. I don’t know how real god is like.
You both are my gods. Your blessings mean everything to me. Bless you, son. Be successful.
– Bless you, son. God bless you. Help him get up. Always be happy. Surya.. – This looks special.
– ..your father has made.. ..almond pudding especially for you.
– Wait! Wait! It’s very tasty. I just love this. Why won’t you? Your father has
mixed his love instead of sugar in it. Yes! My father is the best! What about your mother? Father will kiss you. What are you doing? Leave me. What is this? You always keep practicing. Don’t you have anything else to do? You shouldn’t worry about anything
if you want to achieve something. Brother, what’s wrong?
Why are you running? Surya, don’t you know that
the police has caught one of.. ..the thieves who had stolen
the idol from the temple? Some goons want the stolen idol back. That’s not all.
They’ve kidnapped school kids and.. ..want the imprisoned goon
to be released as a ransom. They’ve threatened to kill the kids. They’ve demanded that
a doctor be sent there. The kids want to go to washroom.
Please open the door. Okay, I’ll open something. Thank you. You just asked me to open
up and now you are spitting on me? Take the kids outside. I had sent my grandson to
school and look what’s happened. What do I do? Today is my son’s birthday. If the doctor doesn’t arrive
then kill these two kids. Don’t do anything to the kids. Don’t beat her. If you try to escape I’ll shoot.
Come on. Come on. You not only saved the children but.. ..made this village and your father proud. “I’ve seen a brave man Surya
before him no one could stand.” “He has a golden heart,
he is his family’s pet..” “..who is not afraid of anything.” “No one can stand before him.” “He never looks back.” “He has a golden heart
and is his friends’ favorite.” “There is no doubt that he is number one.” “He has style, people are mad for him.” “Everyone is impressed by him.” “There is no one like you.” “Listen to me.” “There is no one like you.” “No one can stop him.” “He is one in a hundred.” “He fulfills whatever he decides.” “He can do anything which others can’t.” “Everyone is equal to him.” “He is everyone’s friend.” “Evil can’t escape his anger.” “He is hailed as an
incarnation of Lord Shiva.” “Everyone is talking about you.” “There is no one who doesn’t know you.” “You are everyone’s favourite.” “Apple of everyone’s eyes.” “You fulfill what you decide to do.” “There is no one like you.” “There is no one as good as you.” “Listen to me.” “There is no one like you.” “You are different.” “This is something unique about you.” “You never lose in life.” “The world is at your feet.” “You walk so energetically.” “You are everyone’s best friend.” “We dedicate everything to you.” “Look at his style,
his every move is deadly.” “He has a golden heart, a heart of gold.” “You are king of kings.” “There is no one like you.” “Listen to me.” “There is no one like you.” “I’ve seen a brave man Surya
before him no one could stand.” “He has a golden heart,
he is his family’s pet..” “..who is not afraid of anything.” “No one can stand before him.” “He never looks back.” “He has a golden heart
and is his friends’ favorite.” “There is no doubt that he is number one.” “He has style, people are mad for him.” “Everyone is impressed by him.” “There is no one like you.” “Listen to me.” “There is no one like you.” Sir, please come in and be seated. What will you have? Don’t bother about that. Where is Surya? Why do you suddenly want to meet Surya? Surya! Hello, sir! – Surya, come. Sir, your son is very brave. He has saved the lives of 500 children. Tamil Nadu government has
decided to give him an award. Sir, your son fights really well. His punches and kicks are just great. Surya, you’ve learnt
discipline with fight. Right? A brave and disciplined man
like you should be in police force. Sir, he has not completed his education. To join police force
you don’t need much education. It’s enough if you’ve assed 10th standard. Will my son get the job? Sir, I’m here to help. Surya, what do you feel?
What are you thinking of? Daughter, get tea or coffee for sir. Sir, this is for you. Are you fine, daughter? Sir, I’m spending my life picking
up dirty clothes and rice sacks. I listened to my mother
and accepted the grocery shop.. be my life. Please help my son get
into the police force so that.. ..he leads a better life. Sir, you are absolutely right. He is brave and he can join police. But, he has a very attractive face. It’s better you encourage him
to join films rather than police force. He’ll become very famous. What are you saying? You’ve changed your mind
after drinking coffee. – No. I thought that he’ll be
a police officer like you but.. are talking films just like him. It’s not true. Like our parents we shouldn’t
impose our wishes on our children. We should respect their
wishes and support them. Surya, I’ll make arrangements
for your trip to Mumbai. But on one condition. You need to prove yourself
successful in one year else..’ve to follow what your father says. Am I right, sir? Sir, he has listened
to you for so many years. Listen to him for just one year. What can he achieve in Mumbai? Sir, all the successful
people in Mumbai are outsiders. Sir, Mumbai is far off. Where will he stay and what will he eat? I won’t let my son go anywhere. Sir, one of my close friends
work in Mumbai film industry. Don’t worry.
I’ll give him his contact number. He’ll go and meet him.
He’ll make all the arrangements. He won’t go anywhere. If he goes away from here.. Sir, he won’t go anywhere. Mother, please convince him. Listen, just now you said that
you listened to your mother and.. think the grocery shop
to be everything in your life. The same shouldn’t happen to Surya. Sir is assuring that he knows someone. We’ll send him there. Fine, if you all insist let him
go but I don’t wish to send him to Mumbai. You’ve won!
– Yes. Surya, is it fine? – Yes, sir. Take care of yourself. Sir, I’ll leave now. – Okay. Surya will work in films. Surya is going to work in films. Great, Surya! Great, Surya! Surya, you are so smart.
Why do you want to be a villain? I too was wondering the same. One should also have the looks.
– Absolutely right. We are sure that you’ll become hero. Mother, help me wake up. Are you joking?
You are awake. How can I wake you up? I’m going to Mumbai tomorrow. You need to wake me up every morning. You wake me up every morning. I’ve a great idea. Let me record your voice on my phone. I’ll make a ring tone of it. No, I won’t record anything.
– Mother, please. Surya, you are troubling me. Mother, if I wake up after
hearing your voice it’ll be like.. ..listening to devotional
songs in the morning. The best mother.
Please say something shall I start? Okay. – Are you ready? – Yes. Start. Take. Action. Surya! Surya, get up. Surya, your mother is calling you, get up. Come on get up quickly, Surya. Surya, open your eyes, son. Son, your mother is standing here. One who wakes up early in
the morning gets success early. Come on, get up.
Surya, get up. Get up. Surya. – Yes, father. Be careful there. – Okay, father. There are lots of people in Mumbai
but there is dearth of god people. If you get an opportunity its
fine else come back to the village. Father, you are de-motivating
me instead of motivating me. Shut up! You speak anything. You’ll definitely be successful. If you need money call me.
Go. – Okay, mother. Goodbye. Bye. – Bye, brother. Have food on time. – Bye. Take care of yourself
and call me after you reach. Pankaj Singh, Ram Choudhury,
Abu Sulaiman, Raghuveer Pandey.. ..what’s going on? Why aren’t you al able to do anything? A criminal has killed
many police officials. Who is he? Where does he live? We couldn’t gather
any information till date. When we are not safe
how can we protect people? The press,
media is repeatedly questioning us. What we do and how we do is not important. We need to get hold of him.
Okay? – Yes, sir. What sort of man are you? At your age you are kissing
the ground instead of kissing a girl? What are you saying, uncle? It seems you’ve come from a village. This is the place which makes
a simple man from a village.. ..famous by making him a
politician or a film star. – What?! He wasn’t educated but
he helped others get education. Mr. Kamraj,
one who is known as King maker in India. This is the magic of this land. Mr. Anna served people for 70 years. He lived like a hero after becoming
a Chief Minister for the 5th time. This is the land which gave
birth to Tamil Nadu’s Dr. Karunanidhi. The leader who was the
messiah for poor people, Was always with them,
revolutionary MGR was.. ..born in this soil. One who is lovingly called
mother by everybody, Jayalalitha was.. ..also born here. Famous dancer,
famous fighter, king of romance, One who rules over everyone’s
heart hero Vijay is also from here. That’s not all. The person who rules
in the hearts of people and.. ..makes everyone laugh superstar
Rajnikanth is also from this place. You just worked wonders. You are very smart. You’ll become very successful one day.
– Thank you. Why are you rubbing so hard?
The place will be on fire. Madam, is he your husband? – No. Why are you misbehaving?
Go away! Nonsense! There is no security for women these days. You did the right thing. Good people like you
are saviors of this country. It’s all the blessings of god. Why are you displaying your
gold ornaments in broad daylight? What if anyone steals it? Hide it. Hide it. He has stolen my chain. Someone catch him.
Thief! Thief! Catch him. Stop! Go back. Go back. Go. They want to catch me. He is running away with my chain.
Catch him. He is running away with god chain.
My gold chain! Someone catch him. Ma’am what’s wrong?
– He ran away with my gold chain. Your gold chain? Wait! Wait! Stop! Where are you going? Stop! Oh no! – Give the chain. In the village men run after women. Here the woman is after the man. What’s this? You are a young
man yet you can’t work to earn. Don’t you feel ashamed? What if your wife gets
to know about your activities? Please don’t touch. You’ve got the chain back. Then why are you
unnecessarily touching me? I’m from a decent family. If you touch me again
the outcome is going to be bad. You are trying to teach me a lesson? What do you think? You are from a decent family?
What do you mean? She is taking out her shoes.
– This is for you. What are you doing? You are hitting a bad
man in the middle of the road? This is wrong.
Come on take off your hands. Listen to me. She doesn’t listen. Who are you? Are you his partner? – Well..
– Do your work. Brother thanks a lot. Tell Tendulkar
brother that I was thinking of him. I’ll come home in the evening.
Bye. See you. What’s this? He is calling me Tendulkar,
he is calling me brother.. ..have I wrongly supported the thief? You! – What’s this? You raise your hands
as soon as you see a man. It’s a bad habit.
– Leave my hand. Leave my hand. First you send your man to
steal and then come to save him. Is this what you do? What are you saying? I don’t know him. You steal in broad daylight.
You should be shot before everyone. You do such mean things.
Don’t you feel ashamed? I feel it’s your family business. You’ll understand when
the police catch you. What are you saying? You are beautifully
and you lie beautifully. First you steal,
then eve tease, come on I’ll lodge.. ..a complaint against you right now.
Come on. Come on. I’ll teach you a lesson. Listen. I haven’t done anything wrong.
– Come on. She is calling you. Where is my chain? Give it to me. Sister, here is your chain. Thanks a lot. Goodbye. Wait. – Yes.
– Let’s go to the police station. It’s important to teach him a lesson. He is not the thief, madam. He was someone else. I don’t want to get into this mess. I’ve lot of work. Goodbye. You are fortunate that
I’m sparing you today. If I catch you again I won’t spare you. Remember it. – Okay.
– Rascal. I had read somewhere that a
person with thick lower lips is shy. She is arrogant. I must thank the bald man for this. She looks so hot. I become young at heart when I see her. Move aside. I’ve been waiting for her for six months. I’ll definitely get her one day. I wish to dance after
seeing her hips sway. If she finds out she’ll break your hips. Take this. Listen. – Yes. – Where is Akash’s house? Go that way and find out. – Thanks. He looks like a hero. No, a villain. Got it? Move aside. Uncle. Uncle. Uncle. – Wait. Uncle, where is Akash’s house? Go your own way. What are you all watching? Kids shouldn’t see all this. Get going from here. Go. Go. Sir. Sir. Brother, come and pay cricket with us. You carry on, I’m busy right now. Oh no! – Stupid!
What do you think of yourself? What do you think of yourself? What are you doing here? You loafer!
Rascal! How dare you knock my door? How dare you touch my chest? You were stealing chain there and now..’ve come to rob my house.
– I was knocking the door. Everyone is watching. Leave me. Uncle. – What is it?
– Akash eaves in the floor upstairs. You should’ve said this earlier. Leave me, everyone is watching. Where are you trying to escape? Why did you come back here? I left my bag. – I’ll teach you a lesson. She is hitting me with utensils. What if I get hurt in the wrong place? Sir. Sir.
– Who is disturbing me after meals? Hey, it’s my face.
– Sorry, brother. Sorry. Who are you? – I’m from Jhumritallaiah. What can I do about it? Are you action king Akash? He is my student. So, you are his teacher. – Yes. Actually I want to meet him. You want to meet him?
– Yes. – Okay, come in. He is going to learn a lesson. Are the girls in the village fine?
– Yes, they are and their sandals too. He’ll get angry. Brother Akash.
– Yes. – Someone has come to meet you. My brother-in-law had
informed me yesterday. I’ll finish and come after some time. Don’t disturb me now. Please be seated. What shall I arrange for him?
– Get breakfast for him. – Okay, brother. Yes. Did you call me? Why are you acting over smart?
– Just like this. Just like this. Take this and keep it over there. This is your status. – Okay. Surya, come and sit close to me. Brother-in-law told me yesterday
that you want to work as a villain.. ..and not as a hero. Why? Brother, I feel I’m perfect
for a villain’s role. Nowadays the heroes start
off as villains and then.. ..graduate to paying hero’s roles. You want to do the same. Right? Sir, it’s not like that. Prithviraj,
have you found out who the murderer is? We’ll catch him in one week’s time. How can you be so sure? The case details are in this file. Leave the details. I’ve appointed encounter
specialist to deal with this case. You all must co-operate
with him in this case. Okay? Sir. – What’s wrong? Why do you beat my men? I haven’t killed any
policeman for a long time. Why haven’t you worn a shirt? If I wear a policeman’s
uniform then I’ll be beheaded. I know it very we. There is important news. I know it.
A special officer is coming to catch me. How do you know? He is my next target. Take this. His photo. Stop! Stop! Stop or I’ll shoot. Stop or I’ll shoot. Stop or I’ll shoot. Stop! Jack Imports and Exports. We must run away before
the owner asks for rent. What’s this? Why do you do something
that doesn’t suit your body? Why are you laughing? Nothing. I used to play
with big stones in my village.. if they were balls. I used
to throw with left and catch with right. How? – I used to throw
with left and catch with right. I don’t understand. What’s this? – Dumbbells. One who is not strong
enough needs dumbbells. Oh no! Don’t hit me. What’s this?
Am I going around or is the earth moving? It’s been long that I’ve been standing. Oh no! I feel I’m drunk. Insignificant things keep happening.
Say something. Tell me something. Can you
pick up the dumbbells? – What? This? Yes. – I can pick it up with
my little finger. – Let’s see. You don’t know how strong I am.
– I will know now. What’s this? This is very easy for me.
Pick it up. Pick it up. It’s fallen down. Oh no! My dumbbells! They watch me while I’m taking bath. I’ll teach them a lesson now. I’ll teach them a lesson now. Scoundrel, I’ll thrash you.
I won’t spare you today. You were trying to watch
me while I was bathing by.. ..making a hole. Right? I haven’t seen anything. – Don’t lie. You’ve seen everything. It’s not true. I just saw your back.. Just the back? You are sad
that you couldn’t see me properly. I’m not saying so. City people always misunderstand.
– You are trying to.. Sandya, what are you doing in towel?
Come down. I’ll deal with you later. It’s all a matter of fate. I’m so handsome but
I couldn’t attract any girl. You are a macho man.
– Leave me, let me go. Since when are you staying here? Sandhya, what are you doing?
Come downstairs. Come quickly. Mother is just too much. I won’t leave you alone,
I warn you. Got me? I want to know a truth?
– What do you want to know? What happened over there? – Nothing. She was heated up when she
came but when she went she was calm. What happened? – Nothing. I should know what happened.
– Why? – Come on tell me. Show me your cheeks.
This is what happened. So much happened. “You are great!” “There is no one like you.” Brother. Brother. Brother. You are a musical genius. I’ve shaven myself and
drawn a false moustache. The role of the prince made you famous. Why are you standing there?
Come here. – Coming. Give me. Give me.
– Take, brother. – Let me worship him. Who is he? He is worshipping the poster. It seems he has just arrived from village. He is very rich. Let’s fool
him and we’ll get money enough.. sustain us for 5 months.
– Come, let’s do something. – Yes. I want to become a
renowned music director. Excuse me. Who is it? Come here. Did you call me? – Come here. – Coming. Why did you call me? Why are you worshipping my film’s poster? What?! What are you saying? – The truth. You made the film?
– I’m the director. He is the cameraman. Hello! Hello!
This is miracle that I met you here. Give me a small role, I will do wonders. You need to put in money for that. Money? You can see all the
ornaments on me. Right? – Yes. Give me. There is lots
of money in this. – Okay. Who is he? – Don’t you know him? Appearances are deceptive. He is the leader of my fan club. Glory to Musikant! You did the right thing. Listen.
– He is a very good guy, sir. Do something. You arrange one bottle.
He’ll arrange two bottles. Is that all? – Yes. – Come. – Let’s go. Jack Exports. The murder details are in this. I’ve got everything. Hello. – Hello.
I’ve something important to speak to you. Yes, who are you? It’s not important that you know who I am. Carefully listen to what I am saying.
I need your help. Okay. I’ll give you police protection. Sir, I know the murderer very well. I can’t meet you, you’ve to meet me.
– Okay. Okay. Tell me where I meet you.
Okay, I’m coming right now. I need to give this to Sachin first. Why did he call me to this isolated place? Where is he? Don’t kill me, I had called you. Speak up. Don’t be afraid, I’m with you. No sir, I’m scared. Sir, they’ve come. They are right behind you, sir. Look. You are my food. You all go. Go away. I’ll eat him alone. Come on. Come on. Anyone who has tried to
expose me doesn’t remain alive. Only we know that we
handed the case to someone. How did he get to know? Who is the traitor? Sir, the encounter specialist got killed. How will we catch him? – Silence! Listen to me carefully. Our uniform is like our mother. We’ll definitely punish
the traitor. Mind it. You idiot!
You threw stone on my prayer plate? Don’t you feel ashamed? Why are you scolding me? Come down. I’ll tell you. Don’t you feel ashamed? I feel she is mad. He is standing there and giving poses. I’ll break your bones with the bucket.
Come down. She may shout as much she
likes but I shouldn’t get angry. Come down. You killed your brother for money. For money you made my CD
and you want to betray me with it. Brother!
– What happened? What happened? Forgive me, brother. I’ve been punished for my sins. Nothing will happen to you. Don’t worry. This CD has the evidence of
the death of the encounter specialist. Give it to the police. What noise is this? He knows kung fu. His pants will tear. Do you also exercise? Why are you the only one who can do so? You’ve a good figure
so I asked you. – Is it? Do you like it? Well it is..36, 28, 36. Don’t I’ve the perfect figure size? Shut up! You are talking
such things with a guy? You are misunderstanding me.
I’m talking about my face. My face. Your face? It’s very beautiful. Mother! – Why are you calling your mother? I need to reduce my tummy. Will you teach me how exercise or not? It’s not what you can do. You need to stretch back,
do dips and you won’t be able to do it. I can do everything. – No, you can’t. If you don’t teach me
I’ll tell the police that.. watch me stealthily
when I take bath. Police?! Seven years’ of imprisonment. Why don’t you listen to me?
I’ll teach you. Now you know what is to be done. Mummy! – What happened?
Why are you shouting? What happened? It’s hurting a lot. – Where? Here? – No, it’s hurting here.
– Okay, so it’s hurting here. No, here. – Okay. Let me check. I won’t do all this stuff. Ready for the take? Sir, please listen to me. I’ll go away after
showing my photos. Please. You can’t meet him now.
– Please, listen to me. Please let me meet him once. Please. What’s going on there? Sir, he wants to meet you. I told him that you are
busy yet he isn’t listening. Send him here.
– Okay. Go. Sir is calling you. – Okay. Bless you.
– Sir, this is my album. Can I get a chance? Sir. Very good! Super! I always made comedy films
but after seeing your album.. ..I want to make actions films. Have you used graphics in the photos? No sir, its original.
– Very good. Very good. I trust you. Give me your address and phone number. We’ll soon call you. Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. – Go. Go. The guy is very cultures. One day he’ll become very famous. You make spurious liquor and sell it?
– Forgive me, sir. Take him away. Hello. – Hello.
Can I speak to the inspector? Speaking. Sir, I’m Rajesh. – Yes, tell me. Sir, I’ve proof against the person
who killed the policemen. – What?! I’ve a CD which has the evidence. CD?! From where are you speaking? I’m speaking from the
booth next to the temple. What have you worn?
– Yellow shirt and black pants. Wait there. I’m coming in 5 minutes. Don’t disclose anything to anyone.
– Okay, sir. Hello. – Speak up. Buy vegetables. Fresh vegetables. Buy vegetables. Yellow shirt and black pants.
Beat him. Beat him. Where is the CD? Where is the CD? Give the CD quickly.
Give it quickly. Where is the CD? Give it. Where is the CD? Give it quickly. He has also worn yellow shirt
and black pants. Catch him. Catch him. Stop! Kill me. Do what you wish to. Give the CD else I’ll stab you. – I won’t. Give me the knife. Will you give the CD?
– I won’t. – You won’t? Sir, sir, what happened to you? Tell me. Sir, who stabbed you?
Tell me. What’s wrong? Keep this CD carefully.
If you watch it you’ll know. What’s the matter? There are organizations
to save animals but.. ..there is none to save human beings. Brother, leave him.
We don’t have the right to kill anyone. Please brother, spare him. He looks like a school
kid and he wants to face us? Get going from here. Go away. Go away. Thrash him. Where did he go? What is he doing here? How did he land here?
We didn’t even get to know. When did he beat him? – I don’t know. How did you come here? – Tell us. Tell us. How did he beat you? Beat him. I sent you to get the CD and
you come back after getting thrashed. Don’t you feel ashamed? Who was he? – I don’t know who he was. He looked very young like a school kid. Don’t you feel ashamed? I want him in 24 hours. I want him. He has my CD. I want him. Go. Go. Let’s go. Yes mother, I’m fine.
– Surya, where are you my son? Have you seen him? I can’t recall. Look at the photo
properly and then answer. I haven’t seen him. Brother, it’s ready. – Coming, sister. Jyothi, I want to celebrate
this day next year with your husband. Brother! – Why? Won’t you marry? I’m not saying so. You are feeling shy before your brother. Are you in love? – No. nothing as such. Feed this to the crows on the terrace. There is a monkey instead of crows here. Keeping him here is a mistake. Jyothi! – What is it, brother?
I’ll come after feeding the crows. I’ll teach him a lesson. What are you doing? What have you done? You ate the food meant for the crows. If you badly wanted food
I could’ve given you alms. Do you always want to fight? I also want to ask the same question. You always interfere with what I do. What is it that you’ve against me? Don’t you have brains? Act sensibly at some time at least. Answer me.
I’ve been talking to you for so long. You are only nodding your head.
Why don’t you answer? Are you dumb? Today is new moon night. No moon night when prayers
are offered for forefathers. My parents were supposed
to eat this but you ate the food. You didn’t realize that my
parents will remain hungry for a year. You’ll never be happy. Scoundrel! Sister, the plate meant
for the crows has fallen down. I won’t spare you. I, I’ll teach you a lesson. You must’ve thrown the food down. Jyothi! – Coming, brother. – I’m hungry. don’t know
what type of guy he is. Listen. – Yes, sir. A man will come out
with money from the bank. The man coming out right now? – Yes. Snatch his bag and
run away with it. – Okay. He is our man.
You just need to snatch his bag and run. He’ll run after you. Okay? When you stand after finishing
your running the camera will.. ..shoot your close up. Okay? The actor who listens to
the director is true actor. – Yes. I am going.
– Start camera. Go. Hi! How are you? – Good. Let me run. – Leave this. Leave it. Follow with the camera.
– Catch him. Catch him. Sir, how is my acting?
– Great! Give me the bag. Listen! Listen!
What have I done? – Beat him. I was just acting. Mr. director! This was just acting and they
are actually beating me. Oh god! I listened to the director
but look at my condition. What is this?
The blue frame is on for so long. He told me that this is an important CD. Now there is power cut. You always keep acting. Leave this. Are you jealous? – Take this. It’s been long that
I’ve tasted village chicken. Make chicken biriyani
(rice and meat) out of this. Brother, why do you want
to kill the innocent creature? Why? You’ve changed after
getting a beautiful girl. Brother, just see how
beautiful her small feet are. It’s like the wet feet of a girl. When did he see my feet? Brother, how will a woman
with a red rose in her hair look? Won’t it look very beautiful? Why are you boring me? He can speak if there is rose in my hair. Let me see what he says now. Look at her neck,
slender and long. – Idiot! You’ve turned a poet. You can see rose and
her long sender neck. Next? Brother, there is a black
mole on her beautiful stomach. I got it. Say the rest.
I won’t keep repeating ‘next’, ‘next’. He is such a bad guy. Look at her.
This must be at least 2-2.5 kg. I’ve brought her. The weight is 2 kg 200 gm. Look at her back. She looks so beautiful. I’ll teach him a lesson now. You are very experienced. Fine. Is anything left or
have you said everything? I won’t spare him today. Jyothi, you’ve cleaned
the hen by giving it a bath. It’ll be great if you cook the biriyani. Shut up, you bald man! The situation is that
you’ve come from village. – Me? Someone has taken your
money and deceived you. – Me? I want your feelings after losing money. Just watch, sir. He has run away with my money. No, no, not like this.
Cry as if you’ve actually lost your money. I want such feelings.
– Watch me now, sir. I was born in a village and
came to the city to make films. I’ve lost all my money. Surya! Why didn’t you meet Kanti Shah? I’m going there. Don’t walk and go.
He won’t meet you. Take an auto. Okay, bye. – Best of luck. Where were we? – Best of luck. I’m not speaking about myself.
I’m speaking about the shot. I had lost money. – Yes! Continue. Shall I continue from there? – Yes. I’m the son of a millionaire. I had thought of making
a film in the city. – Stop it! I have sent him to Kanti Shah. He is a good actor. I want to send you to Vikash Jha.
– Guruji! Send me to Vikash Jha.
– No, no. take it out first. Shall I take out my clothes?
– No. no. Don’t take off your clothes. Take out money. Money. That’s all? – Yes. – give me the money.
Guruji, here is the money. You’ll become a renowned hero. Everyone who invests in
a film does not appear on screen. Very good dialogue. You’ll
be the dialogue writer of my next film. Really?! Hello! This is a live telecast on Sun TV. A girl returning from school
has fallen down in a manhole.. around 3 pm yesterday
in Mumbai’s Kandivali region. The hole is about 70 feet deep. The fire brigade and the
police department is trying.. ..their best to save the girl. Doctors are ready with ambulances
to give medical aid to the girl. The girl’s mother and the other
kids studying with her haven’t eaten. They’ve been stationed here this long. People of different religions
are offering prayers in.. ..temples, churches and mosques
for the safety of the girl. My daughter! You are just
talking and not taking any action. What is the condition
of the girl? Tell us. She is still fine.
Let us do our work. Please. Oxygen is being supplied
so that the girl can breathe easily. Oh god! Oh god! Someone please help my daughter. Everyone is praying
for the daughter’s safety. I’m coming. Manjula for Sun TV from Kandivali, Mumbai. Someone please help my daughter. Aunty, what’s wrong? A girl has fallen down
in the hole yesterday at 3 pm. She hasn’t been taken out? – No. We don’t know even what
the condition of the girl is. Oh god! Everyone is just talking. My daughter is inside
the hole since yesterday. Everyone just talks. Someone please save my daughter. She is my only child. Someone please save my child.
I beg of you. Someone please save my daughter. Someone please save my daughter. I beg of you.
– Sir, I can save this girl. You will save her? Just now a man from
fire service had gone in. His condition is not good.
He is hospitalized. Back off. Sir, please listen to me. – Back off. Sir, I can save her. – Back off. Sir, please let me go. Sir! Sir! Will you please hold the rope? This is police case, I won’t interfere. Aunty, will you hold this?
– No, no, we won’t. Sir, please hold this. – We won’t,
the police told us to stay away. A mother’s affection has
more strength than 100 people. Hold this. Hold it tightly. Tightly. When I’ll get hold of the girl
I’ll shake the rope. Pull me up then. I’ll surely save the girl. Oh god! Be careful, son! Be careful. Be careful, son. Be careful. Be careful. Someone please hold on to me. Keep informing about the girl’s condition. What’s going on? What are you all doing? A boy is trying to save my
daughter and you are stopping him. Pull the rope. Pull it.
– He has reached the girl. Help him get down. Get him down. Hurry up. Help him get down. Get him down. – Down. Down. Hurry up. Yes! She is safe. Get the stretcher quickly. Come on hurry up.
– Come on move aside. Son, you came here and
saved my daughter’s life. I’m indebted to you.
How do I thank you? – Mother! Mother, you are like my mother. I haven’t done you any favor. God bless you. Come on move aside.
Move aside. – Hurry up! Hurry up! Move aside. Move aside. Hurry up.
– Come on leave quickly. How did you save the girl who
had fallen inside 70 feet deep hole? I’m from a family which
gets pearl from sea. How did you do such a daring act? When I saw mother crying
I felt as if my mother is crying. That’s why I saved the girl. You don’t study attentively
in the class but here you are studying.. ..with rapt attention. Which book is this? – Sexology. This isn’t a topic to be studied. Do you know what’s written in it? – What? If the upper lip is
broad it’s a good sign. If the upper lip is narrow
then the kiss is pleasurable. You are studying such nonsense. I’m not saying it.
It’s written in the book. Close the book first. You’ll keep talking about the book. Let’s go from here. Let’s go. – Okay. Dhananjay. Muthuswamy. Alex. Pravin sir. R P Singh. Hey! Who are you? Tell me. Who are you? Who are you? What are you saying? It seems he was a policeman. – Okay. He ran away from his clutches. It is dangerous for that man to live.
Kill him. Jyothi, I’ll be back soon. What happened, sister? Why are you crying? He has taken my snaps
when I was taking bath. He is a very vulgar guy.
Look at this. Brother! Surya! Why are you beating me? What’s my mistake? Don’t beat him. Don’t beat him. You want to click snaps? Sir, sir, leave him. Don’t hit him. You want to click snaps? You want to click snaps? Right? You want to click snaps? Sir, leave him. Sir. Sir.
Sir, listen to me. Sir! Sir, don’t beat him. Sir, leave him. Sir!
Sir, listen to us. Sir, what have I done?
Why are you beating me? You’ve clicked vulgar snaps of my sister. I give you an hour’s time,
I want all the negatives. You shouldn’t be seen
in this area after that. If I see you I’ll shoot you. Go. Go. Sir, I’ve a request. You can fight in reality. Please become the fight master in my film. Go away from here. We had to leave the house
because of Surya’s mistake. You had come to try your luck in acting. Why did you click her snaps? Why are talking like a crazy man? Why will I click her snaps? You’ve clicked her photos.
– No, I haven’t. You’ve. – No, I haven’t. You haven’t? – No, I haven’t, you have.
– I too haven’t clicked it. I too haven’t clicked the photos. If we haven’t clicked the
photos then is it he who has done it. I too haven’t clicked it. I won’t spare the person who trapped us. Jyothi, what happened?
Why do you look sad? You aren’t ready yet? – No. Look what Surya has done.
– What has he done? Hey, Surya hasn’t done this.
I clicked them. What?! You?! I clicked it when
both of us were in the house alone. Why did you do this? I told brother about him
and brother thrashed him badly. He threw him out of this place. You are the reason behind all this. What are you saying? Hey! What have you done? You are educated.
Don’t you have common sense? There is a limit to joking.
– Sorry, brother. I’ve thrashed him very badly. He didn’t answer me back. This proves he is a very nice guy. Listen, I’ll get him home,
say sorry to him. Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Don’t beat him.
Don’t beat my brother. Don’t beat him. Give me the knife. Who are you? – Brother! How dare you enter our area? Hey! We were looking for you. We’ll cut you into pieces. I’m sorry. You are elder to me,
this doesn’t suit you. Brother! Brother! Are you fine? Let’s go from here. These goons have hit a girl.
Break their bones. Beat them, Surya. Sir, why are you beating me?
– What have I done? Leave me, sir. Why are you arresting him? He hasn’t done anything wrong.
Leave him. Please leave him. What have I done, sir? Why are you beating me?
– Isn’t it wrong to thrash 10 people? Goons do such things. Do you think you are a hero? We’ve complaint against you
that you were about to commit murder. No, sit this isn’t true. So, you are lying. You’ll speak the truth
when I break your bones. Rascal! I’ll be back right now. Hello. – It’s me who is speaking.
– Yes sir. Is Surya in your lock up?
– Yes, sir. He is with me. I’m sending men to get him. – Okay. Manage the rest. – Yes, I will. Disconnect the call now.
– Okay, sir. Thank you, sir. Jyothi! Jyothi! Where is Surya? The police have arrested him. – Police? Yes, brother. – Give me the phone. Hello. – Do you know my men
have procured the CD from Surya’s house? That’s great, sir. Satya. – Sir. Take a scrap bike.
Keep two petrol bombs in it. Fine sir. – Also keep two swords. Yes. – Once you’ve kept everything,
injure your SI a little. Fine, sir. – The thing is. I’ve been asking for
a promotion for a long time. So prepare Surya for the encounter.
– Okay, sir. Come on. You want to be a goon? Come on. Come on, get into the van. Come on. Hey, come out. Where’s Surya? You may go. Surya? Did they beat you a lot? Sir. Not much. Sorry, Surya. I didn’t understand you. Sir, I too would have done
the same thing if I were in your place. Sit, sit.
– Everyone is saluting you, sir. Are you a police officer?
– No, a CBI officer. CBI officer? – Yes, Surya. A friend of mine has been murdered. I’ve come from Delhi to investigate that. Surya, tell me. They had come to kill me. But why were they trying to kill you? You know who they were?
– Yes, I know them, sir. One day when I was returning
from the market, they were.. ..trying to kill Rajesh on the road. When I ran to help Rajesh,
he gave me a CD and a key. CD? – Yes, sir. But there was nothing in that CD, sir. Brother. – She shouldn’t
come to know of this. All right? Sit. Brother, here. I’ll get food for you. Jyoti? – Yes, brother. Take Surya along. Sir, I’ll leave. – Surya. Surya. They wouldn’t
go after you for no reason. Am sure there’s something.
You should stay alert. Okay. – Okay, sir. Kartik.
– Sir. – You’ll follow him. He should not be harmed. – Yes, sir. Has this girl gone mad? What is she doing? Oh God! What is this for? – Wait. For this. It’s too hot. Keep it on the head. Okay. Hey! Why did you stop the scooter? – Get down. Why? – First you get down. Now what?
– You’ll touch me here and there. Will I take you around pillion? Listen. If you apply brakes all the time,
my body will brush against yours. This is my scooty.
I’ll apply brakes whenever I feel like. I’ll ride it the way I want to.
You should sit properly. Listen, your brother
has told you to drop me home. My brother’s order comes after wards. First you get down.
– I made a mistake by trusting you. Do you know the punishment
for touching me? Walk for 5 kilometers.
– Walk for 5 kilometers? Listen, I don’t even have money. How will I come? – Then come running. Hey? Listen. Listen, listen. Hey, don’t leave me. Listen. Hey, I. We’ll keep a trolley in this shot. – Yes. This is a close shot
and this is a long shot. Mr. director? What you thinking
about with looking upwards? Nothing. I am bored of
taking shots of this character. I never put the tape
in the camera for the shot. That’s the reason I am
trying to think out of the box. Why? Will you shoot
a film without the camera? Keep quiet.
What’s the name of that character? Kalia. – Kalia. Hey, Kalia. Come here. Sir. Greetings, sir. Greetings. – Greetings. It’s okay. Sir, what do you think of him? After seeing him I am thinking
of making a film named.. ..Chala Murari Hero Banne.
How do you find the title? Nice title. – You do one thing. The get up that I’ll give you has
never been done by anyone else. – Okay. Shave your moustache and become a woman. I’ve done this in the past, sir.
– I forgot my script. Hey, I haven’t seen. Go. The director is saying, isn’t he? Go. This is too much. No matter what. You should not trouble new people. What is he saying?
– Hey! What did you say? Nothing, nothing. – Go. Oh God! Now that I’ve come in
a girl’s attire, no one will recognize me. Greetings to all the women
attending the seminar for women. Such beautiful ladies are sitting here. What do I do?
I’ll fool these people by being a woman.. ..before meeting the director.
It’ll be fun. Miss Namrata will say a few words. Greetings to all the sisters. I
want to say something to all the sisters. It’s important to keep
our husbands in control. You should always dominate them. If your husbands try to force
themselves on you, show them this. Hey, all the women look so pretty. Let me set one of them. Hi, aunt. Hey, take your hand off. – Are you fine? You look young in spite of being old. Let me go further and see.
Hey, why are you quiet? My dear. You look pretty. Even you look pretty.
All of you are old but you look awesome. Look at her. She looks like a 16 year old. What does she eat? He’s a transgender
but still he’s beautiful. He looks like a delicate bud. She’s the best among you all.
Greetings, sister. Greetings.
– What’s the secret behind this beauty? The thing is.
I’ve been married for the last 20 years. And I haven’t let my husband touch me. That’s the reason I am beautiful. Nice rule.
You gave a good speech on the stage. And therefore I want to garland you. Thanks a lot. Hey! It’ raining! Leave. What is this? Who are you? Hey! Catch him! Thrash him!
Thrash him! You misbehave with women. How come the gym party hasn’t come yet? I’ll go check. Hi, Sandhya. Give the key. Hey, what’s all this? You had a fight? No. I went to practice on the beach. Nothing else. I am a little hurt. That will be fine. You give me the key. Oh! One second. Didn’t she have any
other place to keep the key? Here’s the key. You go upstairs. I’ll bring oil. Where is it? Darn! Nothing is found in its place. Mummy, where’s the oil? Jyoti! Jyoti! What is it? – Do you have massage oil? Yes. – Give me some. What for? – For the guy
who stays upstairs, Surya. I don’t have.
– You just said that you have it? I did say. But I don’t have it now. Fine. I’ll buy it from the shop. Why does Surya need the oil? Alright, I’ll go and give him a massage. Good Sandhya left. I fought with him. How will I face him? Oh God! Jyoti? Come, come. You played a prank with me.
Today you’re trapped. You just watch what I do. Oh God! It’s paining badly.
Who’ll give me a massage? My mother is not here either. Oh God! I don’t have a single friend here. Who’ll give me a massage. Oh God! This feels as cool as ice. It’s so cool. I am ready
to take beatings everyday if I get.. ..such massage daily. These massaging hands
should have a diamond ring. I should thank these fingers.
Let me kiss them. Why? Didn’t like it? Oh! Like it. You like a Shimla apple. But that
Jyoti resembles a rotten bitter guard. A girl should be like a flower.
But she’s a cauliflower. She keeps fighting all
the time with her cracked lips. Like a goon. Sandhya, say something. Hi, darling. Jyoti,
I saw you in the mirror when you came in. I already knew that you have come inside. You’ve troubled me for so many days. I fooled you in a minute. – You? You? – Hey, come on, come on. You were teasing me?
– Hey, what are you doing? I’ll get hurt. – I won’t spare you. Hey, I am hurt. I am already wounded. Why did you do this? Tell me.
– I was kidding. Hey, hey! Jyoti!
– I will not spare you. Naughty. I massaged you
so nicely and you fooled me. I won’t spare you if
you do such a thing again. If you ever call Sandhya inside
and ask her to come close to you.. ..I won’t spare you.
And if you don’t listen to me, just watch. I, I. “Come, my love. Come my love.” “Let me kiss your lips. Come.” “Come, my love. Come my love.” “Let me dance in your arms.” “I want to spend every moment with you.” “I don’t know about tomorrow”. “You reside in my heart. You’re my life.” “You are. – You are.” “Come, my love. Come my love.” “Hide me within you.” “Don’t meet me secretly.” “I am with you, my love.” “You’re spread like dew on my sleep.” “I don’t have to worry.
You’re my companion.” “You don’t have to worry.
I am your companion.” “Walk with me at every step.” “Come, my love. Come my love.” “Let me kiss your lips. Come.” “Come, my love. Come my love.” “Let me dance in your arms.” “You are my aspiration and my dream.” “Be with me at every moment.” “Where do I have to go
from your refuge, my dear.” “I don’t have any sorrow,
now that you’re there.” “You made my heart bloom, my love.” “You’re my world, my love.” “Make me this promise, my love.” “Come, my love. Come my love.” “Let me kiss your lips. Come.” “Come, my love. Come my love.” “Let me dance in your arms.” “I want to spend every moment with you.” “I don’t know about tomorrow”. “You reside in my heart. You’re my life.” “You are. – You are.” So what if have the CD?
He must have definitely watched this CD. Follow him. – Should I kill him? Kill him. Uncle Surya. Just see if this is yours? Rajesh gave me this. Okay, thanks kids. You go. Hello. – Sir, Surya this side. Sir, those goons broke into
my house and took away the CD. But I found the locker
key that Rajesh gave me. I’ll go to the bank and
see what’s in that locker. Then I’ll call you, sir. Do one thing.
Come to the commissioner’s office. I’ll meet you there. – Okay, sir. Sir. – What happened? Come here, son. What’s in this CD? Sir, this CD belongs to
the murderer of the policeman. Are you telling the truth? Does this CD belong to
the murderer of the policeman? Sir, he’s Jack. And he’s his father. He is a police officer. Hey? I told you to study
and you’re passing time like loafer. Why are you staring at me?
Will you hit me? Go, study. Go. Come on, get up.
You wander outside the entire night and.. ..sleep the whole day? You’ll improve only after
I send you to a hostel. He grew up and became a goon. And he started killing all
the policemen who took up his inquiry. Not just this, sir.
Whenever he kills, he makes his video. And he watches that repeatedly. This shows how dangerous he is, sir. He killed our officers?
No need to catch him alive. Shoot at sight. Sir, sir, sir. One minute, sir. One person gave you
a CD about that murderer. Is this true, sir? Yes, it’s true. His name is Surya. When will you catch the murderer, sir? We’ll catch him soon. We have
confiscated his passport and property. We’ve deployed policemen at the airport,
railway station and bus stop. Special force had gone to catch Jack,
the murderer or policemen. But there was no news about Jack. Jack’s property has been sealed. There also news that Jack
has not only killed policemen.. ..but he also has relations
with naxalites and terrorist groups. The military has also
reached there to catch Jack. Boss, there’s a shoot at
sight order against you, boss. Because Jack’s properties were sealed,
in revenge.. ..attack Jack has bombed the police
officer’s quarters and the godown where.. ..the police department keeps its weapons. On the chief minister’s orders, the government has called for
a special meeting of the police officers. Sir. Sir. What is it? – Sir, who’s Surya? It’s me. Tell me. Sir, my name is Sanjay. – Tell me. I am from a film company. – Yes. Here’s my visiting card, sir. – Okay. The producer has called you to the office.
– Okay, sir. Your life is going shine, sir.
– Thanks a lot, sir. Okay, sir. – I’ll definitely go. Bye, sir. – I’ll go, sir. Yes, sir. – Thank you, sir. Where’s the mobile. I can only hear it. Hey, look down.
You keep searching for it everywhere. Found it. Put it on your ear. Stupid. Should a phone
be taken near the mouth? Take it near my ear. I am Busy Kaam. Who are you? – I am your director. Greetings, sir. Greetings, sir. Tell me, sir.
– What kind of a person are you? You’ve not been answering
calls since the past 4 days. Sir, the thing is. I was not able to. What are you not able to?
– The whole body is punctured. What puncture? – Sir, the thing is. 10 people always get
beaten up in your films. Hey! People who get beaten
up go on to become something. Oh! Is it? Lauren and Hardy slept
in a hotel in Hollywood.. ..and Dharam from Bollywood
slept on a station. Do you want to become as famous as them?
– Yes, sir. I surely want to, sir. – Fine. You’ll
change the get up in the next scene. You’ll enact a policeman tomorrow. Policeman! Busy Kaam, pay attention. That’s our police.
You have to go and threaten him. Dummy police. Yes. I’ll tell you. – We heard, that
thief is moving around in police uniform. Hey, get aside. You have to
zoom in as soon as he threatens him. Alright, sir. – Look at your face. You think you’re a real policeman? Look at your stomach. – Who are you? Have you seen Chulbul Pandey? You must’ve seen Bajirao Singham? But you must not have
seen both of them together. Today you’re gone. Tell me since when have you
been stealing in this neighborhood. Your bad time starts now. Rahu always rules my chart. And that’s why I’ve got the
police uniform to nab the thief. Meaning? – I’ll not tell you. The film will be wasted.
– You fool, what will you waste? You’ll waste? What will you waste, you fool? You. You are the one who steals in disguise.
– Hey! Hey! Don’t beat me. We’re the real policemen. – Hey, listen! And you’re threatening us? – Hey! Hey! Beat him. – Mr. director. We won’t spare him today. I had thought of acting
well and becoming famous. I had thought that I’ll
make a film and show it to people. But I am being sent to jail instead. Take him away. Sir. – Yes. I want to meet the producer. I am Surya. Wait a minute. Sir, someone by the name
of Surya wants to meet you. Should I send him in? – Send him. Alright, sir. Okay. You may go inside. – Thank you. Greetings, sir. – Come, Surya. Sit. – It’s okay, sir. Why are you standing? Sit. Sit. So you are Surya? – Yes, sir. I am making a film like Shivaji.
You’ll play the role of Rajni in it. That had less fights.
But this has a lot of fight. I am giving you the advance.
Come for the shoot on time tomorrow. Thanks a lot, sir. – Be happy. I am here for the last 5 years.
– I am here for the last 8 years. I haven’t yet seen a camera.
– I didn’t direct any film yet. What if the days pass like this? You’ll have to wait. – I will. Hey! – Hey! Who hit this? Not me. – Hey, Akash. Did my ball come inside? – No. Hey! Hey Chotu!
Come in. – Let’s go guys. Come in. – I’ll manage the kids.
– Beat them! Beat them! Let’s go. Let’s go now. The kids beat us up and stripped us. I told to not to mess with them. When the neighboring aunt told me that.. ..these kids are black belt
I thought she’s kidding. But they’re actually black belt,
my brother. They thrashed us badly. Hey, don’t mess with us again. Understood? Surya! Your brother. Mother, give me. – Surya, how are you? I am fine, mother. How are you? Tell me how’s Chutki. – Everyone is fine. We all miss you.
– The shooting begins tomorrow, mother. Hey! Your brother is working in a film. Son, my prayer was successful. It’s a fight scene that I like,
mother. – Fight? Son, be careful.
The people in films are of a well built. It’s a stuntman’s job to save other’s
life without caring about his life. Is it? – My learning
will be of use now, mother. I know, son. The priest told us at the time of your
birth that you’ll make a name for yourself. And now that time has come, son. You’ll be famous. – Everything
is possible with your blessings, mother. I know my son very well. Talk to
your mother when your shooting gets over. I won’t sleep unless you don’t call me.
Understood? Alright, mother. Surya. – Yes. Your shooting begins tomorrow.
All the best. You’re coming with me, aren’t you? Why are you saying this? Tomorrow we have some work
in Delhi so we’re going there. Okay, thanks guys. – Thanks.
– All the best. They said they were going to Delhi early
in the morning and they’re still asleep. Brother. Brother. Wake up. – What happened?
– I have to go for the shooting. Hey, it’s only 11.
The shooting is at 10 tomorrow morning. Come on, sleep quietly. Hey, sleep. – Sorry. You sleep. Brother. Brother. What is this? You’re still sleeping? What should I do? Don’t do anything.
It’s time for the shooting. Come on, I got to go.
– You’re troubling us. Hey, it’s just 1.
The shooting is at 10 tomorrow morning. Come on, sleep quietly. Sleep! What are you saying?
– You spoiled the effect of alcohol. Brother. – Yes. Brother. – Start camera. Catch it properly. Cut, cut. What noise is this?
Looks like it’s a ghost. My God! My God! Hey! What’s wrong with him? Why is he jumping like this? God! Help! Help! It seems he’s jumping
because he is possessed. If I get possessed with that ghost? I’ll get trapped if I go in front of him. Come on, run! Rajni sir,
I am going to act for the first time. Bless me.
– Surya took a bath and is ready. Now the ghost must have left his body. Surya! I’ll get ready
and be there in five minutes. Surya, what is this? Will you
go for the shooting in these clothes? What’s wrong with these clothes? Oh God! You look like a villager. I’ve brought nice
clothes for you. Come on. Come on. – I wish I too had
someone who would give me importance. Surya! They always cut the
comedy scene in between. So, how do I look? – Superb! But, something is missing.
You didn’t do it. Meaning? – I’ll just tell you. Hey! What are you doing? Don’t move your hand
unless I tell you to do so. Hey! Hey! What are you doing? What? – Hey! Keep quiet. – Hey, no. Please don’t go there. – Keep quiet. Hey! Hey! What are you doing?
– How will I do it? Hey! Take off your hand. Wait. – I am getting some feeling. Hey! Don’t. Don’t do this. What are you doing? Are you done? Why are they taking so long?
– Now see how you look. I look smart. My God! My God! What are you doing over here?
– Why are you sitting here? It hurt. – Now tell me. How does he look? – Good. Very good. – Listen, I can smell envy. Yes. But where is it from? Here. It’s coming from here. Now are you happy? Let’s go. Let’s go. – Surya,
work properly in the shooting. I’ll meet you after I return from Delhi. Sure. – Surya, act how I taught you to. Fine, friend.
– The fighting scene should rock. The Chinese people should say. Who’s Surya? Who’s Surya? Bring fame to me. Don’t spoil my name. He’s not listening. Brother. He’ll destroy me if he
gets even a little freedom. Surya! – What happened? First fight. Then romance. Hey, hey! – Come on, let’s go. If they’re left alone,
they will give birth to kids. Bye.
– Come on, get inside. He’s maintain two at a time. He’s a great player. – All the best.
– Bye. Greetings. – Greetings, sir. Are you Surya? – Yes, sir. Have breakfast and then do your make up. Then we’ll start the shooting.
Listen, give breakfast to sir. Okay, sir. Yes. Go, Surya. – Greetings. Come, Surya. The shot is ready. Greetings. Are you ready, Surya?
– Am ready, sir. – Start camera. Running. Action! The hands were tied up
in the continuity last scene. What kind of an assistant are you? Tie his hands with a rope. Start camera. Running. Action! Surya, are you hurt? – No, sir. Am fine, sir. – Hit him again. Surya, what is this?
You said you know everything. You’re only getting beaten up. Act as if you’re being beaten up, Surya. The film fight is
different from real fight. I’ll do it, sir.
– You’re not doing it properly. Action! What happened, Surya? You’re bleeding.
You’re not giving the shot properly. I’ll do it, sir. You do a take. Camera! Action! Hey, surround him and beat him. Move the camera all around. Very good, Surya. What are you doing? Fight. Beat him. It’s important to learn the
film fight if you want to work in films. Start camera! Action! Hey! You dared to thrash
and hospitalize our men. Now you watch how we thrash
you on the pretext of shooting. You are Surya, aren’t you? I thought you are the
Surya who spills fire. Hey! Your milk teeth haven’t gone yet. And you thrash my men? I’ll bury you alive right there. I lost my property. I lost my happiness. You are the cause of this. Hey, come here. Bury the box in a pit. Hey, you’ll die a horrible death inside. This is what happens
to people who mess with me. He will have to die this horrible death. Give me. 15 minutes have passed.
He must be dead by now. He is not Jesus. Let’s go! Surya! What happened? What happened? Will you tell me? – Surya!
Surya! – What happened? Say something. – Surya! What happened? – He’s in trouble. I want to meet him.
– Nothing is wrong with him. Listen to me. – No! Have patience. – I want to meet him! No! – Calm down. Surya is in trouble. I want to meet him! Hey! – Do something I want to meet him!
– Hey, it’s 12 O’clock. I said, I want to meet him.
– Where will we go at this hour? We’ll meet him. – Surya, my son.
– Listen to me Hey, listen to me.
– Something has happened to him. Nothing will happen to him. – I am going. Where are you going?
– Mother, where are you going? Oh God! Protect my son, God. Your son’s horoscope is very good. But there’s a problem. There’s danger if he goes
farther than 300 kilometers. He’ll definitely rule if
he is sails through the danger. His life is in danger
if you send him somewhere. Mother! Don’t cry mother! Surya, I don’t want anything. I just want my son.
– Mother, call up his mobile. Talk to brother. Surya? Surya? Surya, where are you, son? Surya? It’s me. Talk to me, son. Answer the phone, son.
Talk to your mother, Surya. Answer the phone, Surya. Son, he who gets up early in the morning,
has a good day. Wake up. Wake up, Surya. Wake up, Surya. Surya! Surya, wake up. Surya. Surya. He’s not answering. I am sure something has happened to him. Oh God! What do I do now? Mother, it’s midnight.
Call him up tomorrow morning at 6. Brother will definitely answer the call. Mother, brother must be sleeping now. Surya? Surya? Wake up, son. Hello. Surya! Surya! Mother. Mother, Sachin here. Where’s Surya, son? Where is Surya? Give the phone to Surya. Mother, you don’t worry.
He’s on a shooting outdoor. Shooting?
– Yes. He’ll be back after 3 days. Phone is not allowed over there. So he gave it to me. – Is he alright? Is he shooting? He’ll come, will he? I want to talk to him.
I want to talk to him. Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid. I’ll tell him as soon as he comes back. I want to talk to him only once. Fine, fine. You don’t worry. I’ll make him talk to you once
he returns from outdoor shooting. Alright? – I want to talk to my son. Surya! Doctor, how is Surya? Doctor? We’re trying our best.
Everything is in God’s hands. Save my Surya. Please, doctor. We’re trying our best. You don’t worry. Sheela, come out. Surya? It’s okay. It’s okay.
– Doctor? Yes, very good. He’s improving. He’s improving rapidly
because you’re taking good care of him. Now we don’t need this mask. You’ve spent sleepless
nights looking after him so well. Now you go home and take rest. No, doctor. I won’t leave him till
the time he doesn’t recover completely. Because he is everything for me. Brother! – There’s nothing wrong in it. I took time to understand this. Hello. Your sister
has done a very good job. Don’t worry. He’ll be fine soon. Okay? – Thank you, doctor.
– I’ll take your leave. Surya? Surya? Mother. Mother. How are you feeling now? – Am fine, sir. Did you call up my mother, sir? Your mother called. I told
her that you are on an outdoor shoot. Sir. Say the same thing
to my friends as well, sir. You don’t worry. I’ll manage that. Take rest. I don’t know whether your
brother answers the call or not. Mother. – Surya! Mother! – Mother this side, son. Are you alright, son?
– Yes, am fine mother. Why didn’t you call me for so many days? I was busy shooting, mother. Wait, I’ll give you. Look, don’t work late in the nights. And drink lots of coconut water.
That will give you the strength. Alright? – Is everyone papa,
Chutki fine at home? Yes, everybody is fine.
Talk to your sister. Talk to him. – Brother, how are you? I am fine. How’re you? Am fine, brother. – Is papa home? Papa has gone to the shop.
– Give it to me. I want to talk to my son. Son, listen. Take care of your health. Alright, mother.
– And exercise regularly, son. I am doing it, mother.
I’ll call you in two days. Alright. I’ll hang up. If you eat well, you’ll be alright soon. Lord Ganesh, help my Surya recover soon. Please do me a favor.
Make him the way he was. Have mercy. Lift your leg slowly. I can’t lift my leg, doctor. Try. – Am just not
able to lift it, doctor. The thing is the knife
that stabbed you went till here. And it damaged this nerve. If you had not reached on time
we would’ve had to amputee your leg. Try. You’ll take at least
a year to stand on the ground. Okay, okay. Take care.
– Surya! – Sir. Sir, I am not able to lift my leg, sir. I can’t lift my leg. It’s my dream to be an actor, sir. How will I act if I
am not able to walk, sir? Be brave. Be brave. How will I do it, sir? – Hey! You’re not the lamp who’ll
get extinguished with a breeze of air. You’re the sun who burns the enemies. Be brave. You’ll do it. You’ll do it, Surya. You know Amitabh Bachchan, don’t you? He too was wounded during the shoot. The doctors said he won’t survive. Be he did, didn’t he? You’ll have to try. And act. And, just like him
even you have to become a superstar. Did you hear me?
You’ll become just like him. And you’ll have to do it, Surya. You can do it, Surya. Get up! Come on, Surya! You can do it. Try. Try, Surya. You can do it. Come on, get up. “You’ve got sun in you, you’re Surya.” “You’ve got fire in you, you’re Surya.” “You’re full of life and
there’s passion in your eyes.” “No pain will stop you.
You’ll have to bear the pain.” “You should not leave the
guy who gave you this wound.” “Go ahead, fight the mountain.
Cast yourself in iron.” “Don’t look back at
what you were in the past.” “Just see what you are now.” “Your power is like a lion
and you’re as agile like a Cheetah.” “You can’t stop, you can’t get tired.” “Fly. Remember at every
moment what you are.” “You’re the amber which simmers.” “Take an oath that
you don’t lose your aim.” “Become an iron and break the rock.” “Who’ll survive against you?” “That’s how powerful you are.” “You’ve got sun in you, you’re Surya.” “You’ve got fire in you, you’re Surya.” “You become Omkara and march ahead.” “You’re a brave heart.” “You’re one in 100. Who’ll stop you? “You’re the name of courage.
Stay true to your name.” “Your victory is in your fist.” “Your victory is in your fire.” “Ignite the fire within you.” “You’ve got sun in you, you’re Surya.” “You’ve got fire in you, you’re Surya.” “No pain will stop you.
You’ll have to bear the pain.” “You should not leave the
guy who gave you this wound.” “Go ahead, fight the mountain.
Cast yourself in iron.” Oh God! Listen. Listen. Hey, where were you? – Don’t
you know that Surya is hospitalized? What? Surya was also in the hospital? Yes. – Even we were in the hospital. What are you talking? – They called
us to Delhi on the pretext of shooting.. ..and removed a kidney
each from both of us, sir. Will you laugh if someone
takes out your kidney? You used to fool people. They didn’t
do anything wrong by taking your kidneys. As it is,
everybody has two kidneys. – Yes. They should’ve removed your
eye also along with the kidney. I called him. Boss, Surya is not dead. He’s alive. Darn! Surya! I will kill you. Hello. Mother, I am Surya’s friend. Tell me son, are you alright? Is Surya fine? – I want to talk about him. What’s the matter?
– Mother, if you want to see Surya alive.. him back to your village. What are you saying?
– Mother our Surya has messed.. ..with a big goon in Mumbai. He has thrashed Surya badly. – Surya! How’s my Surya?
– Surya was saved this time, mother. But if he comes to know
that Surya is alive, then he can.. ..attempt to kill Surya once again. Even God won’t be
able to him then, mother. No! We’re coming. Till then you look after my Surya. Listen! What happened? – Listen! Our Surya’s life is in danger. – But? I want to go to him right now.
– Tell me what happened. Our Surya’s life is in danger. The astrologer from our
village had told me that Surya’s.. will be in danger if
he goes farther than 300 kilometers. What? – I had refused but
you were the one who insisted. You knew it? Did you know
that Surya’s life is in danger? Did you know that there’s
danger if he goes away from us? Why didn’t you tell me
in spite of knowing everything? Why didn’t you tell me? Tell me.
– That’s a thing of the past. Is he alright now? Is he safe now?
– I don’t want to listen to anything. I want to meet my son. – Is he fine now? I don’t want to listen to anything. I want to meet my Surya, right now. Listen, listen. – Let’s go. He’ll be victorious if he’s saved.
Don’t worry. No! I want my son. Fine. Fine. Let’s go. Let’s go. Dear militants and soldiers.
Today is the day to remember.. ..the soldiers who
gave lives to our country. So today we’re going to
another families is empowered. Governor. Not just this mic,
but the whole area is under my control. Commissioner, stay back! It’s wrong to even think that
this Jack will be scared because.. ..of the military and police presence. Who I am and where I am talking from?
You don’t need to know this. You’ll know it when the time is right. Bombs have been placed
everywhere inside the auditorium. Silence! Governor! Sit down. If anyone tries to
escape from the auditorium. Hey! Sit. Sit! Every one of you sit wherever you are. Everybody, sit. Governor! I don’t have any enmity with you.
Still, for my safety.. ..I’ve placed a bomb
under your seat as well. I want only one person. That is, Surya. Surya. That Surya. I want that Surya alive. Why? You don’t believe that
I’ve planted bombs here? I’ll assure you. There’s a
car parked at some distance from you. I am going to explode
the bomb in that car. I used to mislead the police
and a small guy misled me? I give you an hour’s time. Send that Surya alive
to me within an hour. Or else, no one will stay alive here. I want that Surya alive.
I want that worm alive. You want to save Surya’s
life or the people sitting here? Everyone will be saved
if you send Surya to me. Hello. – Pay attention. Commissioner here. – Yes, sir. Where’s Surya? Okay, sir.
I am coming with Surya. Why are you silent, son? Tell me. Are you coming with us?
– He fought death once, didn’t he? This time we will win. Why are you scared? You saw your son?
Come on, let’s return home. You keep quiet. You like working in films, but
you’re precious than my own life to me. We don’t want all this.
You just come with us. Mother. Nothing will happen to me, mother. Don’t be scared. Papa, you make mother understand. If you think from your brain, it’s right. If you think from your heart, it’s wrong. Son, I can’t change
your mother’s decision. Surya, you won’t come with us? – Mother? Please, mother.
– I am asking you one last time. Will you come with us? Mother, try to understand.
– Fine, am going. Mother? What is this? Poison. – Why are you doing this, mother? Why should I live if you won’t live? I don’t want to live. – Mother. Then you can do whatever you feel like. Mother, whom will I become
a hero for if you leave me? You are important for me, mother. Don’t consume this poison.
– I won’t leave this. I’ll leave it only if you come with me. Alright, mother. I’ll come. It’s alright. Let’s go. What happened, son? Surya? Surya? Where are you going? Surya, listen. I need to talk to you. You have to come to
the commissioner right now. What for? Why has he called him? I won’t let him go. Come on.
– Mother. – Surya. There’s an important work.
I’ll bring him back with me. Alright? – Mother, I’ll be back. Papa, I’ll be back. – Let’s go, Surya. Let’s go. – Surya? At least you stop him.
– Nothing will happen to him. He’ll come back. – I am scared. There’s nothing to fear. – Oh God!
– Let’s go. Jack has demanded that
Surya be handed over to him. Our police will hand
over Surya or take action? We tried to ask people. We’ll take public opinion
on whether Surya should be.. ..handed over to Jack or not. You tell me.
– They should hand over Surya. You say. – Yes, they should hand him over. Surya will win. Let’s ask the arts college boys. Surya had risked his life
in the past and exposed that killer. If he shows the courage once again,
people’s lives will be saved. If he goes, then even we
are willing to fight with him. Today he is demanding Surya,
tomorrow he’ll demand a superstar. And the chief minister
the day after tomorrow. What is the government for? What is the military for? Shoot him. What is your opinion about Surya? Surya didn’t care for his
life and saved my daughter who had.. ..fallen into a pit. He brought out my daughter safely. Today when his life is in danger,
my entire family will pray for him. Let’s ask the people from
Surya’s school in the village.. ..whether he should be
handed over to Jack or not. The courage to fight, mind control,
the power to fight the enemy with Karate.. ..every Indian karate player’s power
and mind power together.. ..with our strength and courage.. ..the champion of
our Karate family, Surya. May he be victorious. Surya will win. Surya will win. Brother Surya will win!
Brother Surya will win! Child? Won’t you ask me? Speak up, grandma. Why didn’t I give birth to Surya? We should build a temple for
the mother who gave birth to him.. ..and worship her. Had I given birth to him, I would’ve said. Go, son. Come back victorious. Where’s sir?
– We need a new hero for our 2nd film. The director has asked. – Watch TV. Sir, this boy had come asking.. ..for chance to play a villain
in our company a lot of times. He came to ask for a chance
to play a villain? – Yes. Here. 10 lakh rupees? For me? – You won’t get even
5 paise for this face of yours. It’s for Surya.
He’s the hero in our next film. Hero? – Why is your mouth
opened so wide after I said hero? Do you know who he is?
– He’s a tiger. He’s a tiger. Tomorrow he’ll be famous
in the whole world. If we take him in our film,
it will rain money. We’ll earn crores. Do you understand? Surya’s good time starts, sir. Did he explain you everything, Surya? Surya, you. – I am ready, sir. My papa had a wish that I
should work in the police department. I could not become a policeman. I can at least help. Not just me,
even my father will be happy with this. Surya, Jack is a terrorist.
Me and my department are scared.. send you alone to him. He who gets scared is not an Indian, sir. I don’t know what fear is. I will go, sir. No, Surya. Think twice before going. Surya never thinks before talking, sir. He just acts.
Rain, heat, storm, lightening. Without caring for any of these,
the soldiers of our country.. ..protect all of us. To save
their families and other innocent lives.. ..I’ve got this chance, sir.
Surya is fortunate. Not just in this birth, Surya can sacrifice
his life for the nation in any birth. Sir, don’t worry about Surya. Trust him. I trust you. I salute your courage. Give him the coat.
A micro camera is fixed to this coat.. know your position. All the best. Surya. – Yes. Meet your mother. Surya. My life has been blessed
after giving birth to a son like you, son. No one can defeat my son. – Bless me. Bless you, son.
Surya, come back victorious. Sir, sir, sir. Sir, listen. Are you handing over Surya to Jack
in order to save the Governor’s life, sir? I don’t want to comment on this.
– One more question, sir. No comments. Surya’s here. Come on.
– Surya! Surya, listen to me. Surya! Surya! Please. Please answer, Surya. – Sir, sir. Sir, a cheque of 10 lakhs.
– 10 lakh rupees? For what? – Sir, the thing is. You’ve
become a hero in TV, paper and media. You’re the hero in our new film, sir. That too, not any hero. Action hero. Here’s the cheque as an advance. I used to chase you asking for a chance. But today you’ve giving me an
advance when I am going to do some work? The time has to be
good for everything, sir. This is your good time. Take this, sir. No, I’ll take it after I come back. No, sir. Take it. Come back victorious, sir. Sit, sir. Best of luck, sir. Bye, sir. Surya has left. – Surya is coming. Surya is coming! Come! Come! I will take your life. Your life is going to end now.
Think of your God for one last time. My life has just begun. I’ve killed Surya.
Now I’ll send you all to him. The art that I’ve taught you.
Keep it hidden inside you. This art should benefit people. It should help them. It should benefit
40 people and not destroy even 4 people. As per the latest news, the
savior of the governor and the people.. ..Surya, one man army
did his work really well. The Government will honor Surya with
a bravery award for his act of bravery. The film in which Surya is
playing a hero is being launched.. great aplomb. The golden script writer and
director for this film, K Bhagyaraj.. ..has launched this
film by lighting a lamp. Thousands of people
participated in this ceremony. Youth celebrity,
hero Vijay also came to congratulate. And Tamil Nadu’s hero Satyaraj
has also given his wishes. Student number one,
Sippy Raj also gave his wishes. People’s actor, Ramraj, comedy
king Vivek also came to congratulate him. Who’s the director?
– Look, the director is here. He’s our commercial king director. Greetings. – Greetings. How’re you? – Ready, sir. So, how are you all? Hey, it’s okay. Bless me, sir. Mother’s blessings are far
greater than our and God’s blessings. You’ll be a great actor. – Thank you, sir. Remember what I said.
Come on, ready. Ready. Start camera! Action! Okay. Okay. Was it okay, sir? – Everything was okay. You’ll do wonders in action.

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