Bread Productions 3D Prepare for the most epic adventure ever seen in movie theater! An unforgettable journey full of high adventure! Super Martial Arts Fighter 7 – 3D He fought for his country. He fought against evil robots from the future. Now he’s back IN SPACE! John Slaughter is the ultimate warrior for the good. In his latest an most epic adventure he has to fight against the evil minions of the intergalactic Karate Empire. When the sinister Emperor kidnapped princess Lilly PRINCESS: Help me! Help me! EMPEROR: Muhahahahahahahahahaha! John swears vengeance and begins a ruthless campaign of revenge. GENERIC MINION: Oh noooooo! Will John be able to rescue princess Lilly and to save the universe or will the sinister Emperor triumph? Super Martial Arts Fighters 7 – 3D Enjoy John Slaughters latest adventure in stunning with over 60 seconds per frame. Also don’t miss the fabulous 3d audio Super epic mustache bang! See John Slaughter as John Slaughter. Martin Emperor as the sinister Emperor. And Doerte Becker as Princess Lilly John Slaughter is action! and more action and even more action and mustache! Coming to cinemas near you and also available for Atari, Commodore 64 and Sega Mega Drive Super Martial Arts Fighters 7 – 3D It will surely bust your balls! Pause for insane applause!

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