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So did you see that Teen Titans thing? Yes I did. So what’d you think? I think Robin better watch his rated R mouth… before he gets punched in it. No not that Titans thing! Ugh. no I’m talking about the cartoon movie Oh that. That movie about super heroes wanting to be in the movies Instead of actually being heroes? Yeah I saw it. Wasn’t it great?! I don’t know. What? No way! I thought it was super fun. I laughed so many times! It just felt like a bunch of poop and fart jokes to me It wasn’t serious at all. Where’s the darkness? Where’s the intense villain? I think we’ve had plenty of dark and intense What’s wrong with bright and colorful? Nothing! But it seems like everything is going the bright and comical route. Shazam… Aquaman. You think Aquaman looks like a comedy? Looking comical and being a comedy are to totally different things. What’s wrong with Aquaman?! Nothing. I’m sure fighting Fish-Eminem is gonna be the greatest story ever told. *gasp* Shame on you! You are in a mood today. I’m just tired of the inconsistency. One day we’re dark… The next, we’re epic… Then, Aquaman’s trying to be the Lord of the Water Rings! Suddenly Robbin’s dropping F bombs! And Shazam is flossing! I’m just like… What are we doing?! They’re keeping it fun! And you should be happy. The Teen Titans made you look like the king super hero! Well…. That’s because I am the king super hero. Do you know why? I know what you’re gonna do right now Yes I do know why! Because I’m…
Because You have Alfred. Yes I know. I don’t need your catch phrase every other sentence. Well at least it’s not Robin’s catch phrase. Stop it! You didn’t like that? What kind of person that fights crime yells… Crack an egg on it! Kaa Kaaaaaw! I thought that was hysterical! I’ll tell you who says something like that! A crazy person that’s who. You are being WAY too judgmental. And you’re being way too easy on that story. Oh I’m sorry I really enjoyed the comedic cartoon movie. I think maybe you forgot what movie you bought tickets for. It was supposed to be light and silly! Yeah it was really light and silly when they ran of that Michael Bolton cat And left him to die on the road. I’m… I’m sure he’s fine. That’s why I’m feeling… Upbeat! Upbeat! Can’t feel my legs. They also left those Unknown guys to die in that dark dimension. That was a joke! And! They used time travel to totally save my parents… but then used it again to make sure they died for real the second time! oh… I see now why you didn’t like that story. How do you have time travel and not use it for good and call yourself a hero? Let me try to explain this to you… They are teenagers! They’re reckless. I think we just agree to disagree on this one. Yeah whatever. What’s up fellas! Did you see our movie yet!? Heck yes I did! Nice one guys! I loved every second of it! Titans! Victory Dance! Awwe Yeaah!
We are the famous! Not Superman though! He thought it sucked. What!

100 thoughts on “Super Cafe: Teens and Titans

  1. Thank you Batman for saying that Teen Titans Go is nothing but poop and fart jokes.
    The OG titans is where it's at

  2. They also saved Krypton so Super Man won’t come to Earth and then went back and made sure it would be destroyed

  3. Probably one of the people who didn’t love the teen titans go movie but I didn’t think it was that bad

  4. I saw Teen Titans go to the movies when the Teen Titans first saw Slade they should know who he is Slade was in the Teen Titans series before I was born it lasted from 2003 to 2006 the Teen Titans thought he was Deadpool everyone thinks Slade is Deadpool cyborg said I'm pretty sure you're Deadpool look into the camera and say something inappropriate

  5. Batman is lying Batman didn't like it Superman like this it was so mean of the Teen Titans to run over that cat and leave those unknown guys in the dark dimension I think there was nothing in that dark dimension so they could have died I think they would have died if the money control superheroes kept hurting the unknown guys with their powers

  6. Heh-heh-heh. x'D I think I'm more interested in checking out the original 'Teen Titans' than 'Go!'. I was wondering before I saw this if this vid was about the new live-action version of the Titans. Batman's behaviour about his adopted son in the movie with the punch-threat is pretty worrying! x) LOVED Batman throwing Superman under the bus! 🙂 :') Y'know, I'm just spitballing, but maybe the original-cartoon Titans should be talking about how their 'Go!' counterparts ruined them instead of loving the 'Go!' movie. 🙂 🙂

  7. Super man: so what did you think?
    Batman: I think robin should watch his rated R mouth before he gets punched in it

  8. You guys should do a how it should have ended for Teen Titans Go To The Movies where Spider-Man shows the Titans up when the first fight Deathstoke

  9. Who else thought this video would at least mention the 2003-2006 version of Teen Titans? Is it just me?

    Oracle ✨🎧🍕🎤❤

  10. I don't care what the haters say. The movie was awesome! It makes me think of how much better the show could have been had they stuck to how the movie was handled. The action was fluid and engaging, quite a few of the jokes worked so well, and the characters were much more likable than the show the film's based on. Haters gonna hate! 😎

  11. I can’t to hear what Batman has to say about Star Wars the rise of Skywalker. I’m surprised there’s a video about Batman talking about the new Star Wars trilogy.

  12. The movie was just joking no need to be serious
    Although it was comedy it was emotional because the titans showed love to each other best way yet

  13. Its just that it a animated adventure and our brains don't process the craziness of an animated adventure in the real world.
    Like the time dragon ball made a failure of a movie.

  14. You invented the you jelly thing right? I saw it in the 2nd Lego movie andvwas like oooooooohhhhh yaaaaaaa I love the Lego movie now!

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