Summer camp walk through James 2019

Yeah. Hey, it’s James coming at you
from America’s best karate. Today I’m gonna talk to you
about what we do at summer camp. The first thing we do is play a lot of
games with the beach ball like Ninja bowling. *CRASH* The next thing we do is we play
a lot of the blocker battles. For those of you who don’t know, blocker battle is when you stand on these
big blocks right here and we use these foam blockers to try and
knock your opponent off. *Mandi falling to her imminent
doom* Next we do an obstacle course. In our obstacle courses, we do all kinds
of things from zig zagging, to jumping, to rolling. It’s a ton of fun. Next, we play a whole bunch of
dodge ball. We have fort dodge ball, regular dodge ball, team dodge
ball, dodge ball tournaments. We have all kinds of dodge
ball. *Mandi once again getting hurt due to James’s carlessness*
Sorry. Next thing we do is nerf guns. We’ve got a lot of nerf gun games
lined up this next summer camp. HEY! Sorry Mandi! And we do
our powerful word too, but instead of doing one powerful word
every month, we do one every single day. The powerful word of the month is
discipline. Say Discipline. Discipline. Nice! Discipline mean… all right, give me a high
five, Tomas! Great job. Nice. Also, everyday at
summer camp we have a snack and the last day
we have a pizza party, so make sure you pick up one of these
passes in class or talk to one of the instructors and register
for summer camp today. Before April 1st you get
a 10% discount. Thanks!

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