SULTAN | Official Trailer | Salman Khan | Anushka Sharma | Ali Abbas Zafar

Electrifying atmosphere in the stadium All eyes waiting for one man Sultan goes for the kill And down goes Sangwan! Local champion Bagga faces
the lioness of Buroli Aarfa! What a girl! Like doctors marry doctors Engineers marry engineers Only a wrestler completes
another wrestler! This is the girl I’ll marry My name is Sultan Ali Khan
full Fashion TV English is beyond you
stop faking it I believe English is a ticket
to a woman’s heart A simple I love you …lands you a kiss! Baby loves to groove What’s your goal in life? My dream is to win an Olympic medal
for India in wrestling A gold medal! Sultan wait I’m happy you’re chasing
your dream But I’m scared you will run
so far ahead That you will leave us behind The wrestling that made me broke me I believe your story Sultan
you belong in that ring He still fights? Where did you find him Akash? It’s a young man’s sport Akash
and he’s out of shape All you found is a 40-something
worn out wrestler? He’s an Olympic gold medallist He was a world-wrestling champion That was ages ago Show me what you got He’s down and out I don’t train dead people I gave up wrestling But I never gave up fighting Rise to the sky Scale the oceans And sing out loud You are the son of this soil Between the realms of
heaven and earth Lingers your magnificent soul O Sultan A true wrestler is made
outside the ring In the game of life When it throws you down You rise again…
against all odds And face it one more time

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