Strength and Power Training for Boxing | Ft. Josh Hewett

Alright everyone today I’m here with Josh Hewitt who is gonna take us through a strength training program for boxing, now, Josh’s background is competitive power lifting also, he’s a physique athlete and right now . . . this is taking too long to type this out Oh well. I tried anyways

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  1. I love your channel. Great videos thanks for sharing all this things.
    Related this video, I see Strength, Power, and Conditioning for Fighters document, but I found this is not for medium person like me. Over 40s no way to workout 7 days a week, not just because I don't have so much time, but I need more time for recovery. Could you share a plan easier to follow by someone like me.
    Thanks in advance!!!

  2. I have been trying to find solid information on this matter for a quite a while now, but never came across anything solid.
    Thanks for doing this, man! It's truly appreciated.

  3. My last Muay Thai instructor was totally against any weight training. That old school thought process needs to die. General strength power and speed training will benefit any athlete in any sport as long as it is supplementary and doesn't take away from skill and endurance work.

  4. Never saw a more informative video on any subject whatsoever available for free…thank u soo much. answered a lot of questions

  5. best decision i ever made was to focus on weight lifting for a few months and put on some real muscle. now i am back down to my fighting weight but am so much stronger its crazy. totally notice a huge difference.

  6. The guy said "Lets take your average amateur boxer that's putting in 60-80 rounds a week". Wow. In my Gym we sparred Tuesdays and Thursdays and if an amateur boxer got more than 5 rounds in (maybe 3 rounds against one guy and 2 rounds against another guy) that would be considered a hell of a sparring session. 60-80 rounds a week for an amateur? High level champions spar around 150 rounds throughout an 8-10 week training camp. Most TKOs (in low level competition) happen because a fighter is exhausted more than hurt. Weight training for boxing is unnecessary and puts too much demand on the lungs and heart to energise the extra muscle. Punchers are born not made in the gym. Power comes from bone density and a snappy concussive blow not a big heavy lumbering blow. Ever hear a fighter say "It's the shot you don't see that hurts you". Knowing that what should your strategy be? Should you bulk up to throw slightly more powerful punches that get there slower and give your opponent time to defend? Everything you do in the gym should be geared towards landing that deceptive punch your opponent never sees. Stay away from weights and your lungs will thank you late in fights. Do body weight exorcise and run a few miles every morning. When you move up in rounds increase the distance of your runs and train at altitude. That's all you need. And hopefully you were blessed with power because adding muscle with weights only gives you a slight power increase but that muscle becomes a liability late in fights. If you're going to stay amateur and never plan to go 12 rounds then go ahead and lift weights.

  7. i used to think strength training was power training whats the diference what is strength training then ?

  8. Dont know if you mentioned it, but what is your opinion about reps? more with less weight or less with more weights? maybe 1 with week more and second with less?

  9. Great information!!

    One question – for a beginner what is a typical week to incorporate power, strength and conditioning.
    Thanks again

  10. Too much effort invested in this video just for us. You really change ourlives thank you for your kindness boss JT you're truly the man.

  11. How much weight is necessary in the beginning? Is there a formula to find out? How much progression in added weight should there be?

  12. That warm-up seemed a bit long. I like Jack LaLanne's view on warming up. Look it up.

    I don't think it's a good idea to slam the joints when reaching the extended position of any lift while under resistance. The trainee in this video does that with dips and overhead presses. I believe that should be avoided.

    Jumping squats are an excellent recommendation but too much weight on the back should be avoided when jumping. It increases risk of back injury. The force when landing can suddenly spike to be far greater than the actual dead weight. Better to progress with dumbbells so the weight isn't directly above the spine.
    I like the core/oblique workout with the bands. I'm going to try that.
    The sledge work is great. I think the shock at impact also strengths the wrists which will transfer over to harder punches.

  13. Good video. But anyone that believes you can build punching power in the gym is deluded. There's plenty of huge,muscular stronf guys that don't aren't the biggest punchers in there division (Wilder hits harder than AJ) and many more examples

  14. EE-Any form of resistance training creates a certain amount of mussel. More for some less for others. Even as a 53 year old, I develop mussel very easily. I find, swimming and dancing with reduced carbs (in normal foods) help produce more of a purposed and flexible build, with less mussel but still with strength.

  15. I am a Chinese,my English is poor,so I wanna know,the different between “strength”and“power”.In our opinion,they have the same meaning. Don't mind my grammar mistake please, I believe that you can understand.

  16. man i wanna pay u to take your content out of youtube ! don't wanna my opponent knowing all these tips.
    thank you coach

  17. why a dip or a pushup for strength and not a barbell bench press? seems to be bench press is superior for building strength instead of dips. what exactly is a "power twist"?

  18. The only man who is qualified to give tips like this is Charlie Zelenoff

    Undisputed, undefeated super heavyweight champion of the Galaxy

  19. This was amazing. A definite eye opener and game changer for myself and my family. Thank you to the both of you for such an informative video! Both got a sub from me!

  20. Hi,i was boxer but i got job couldnt continue…but now i have time problem is i have weight i dont know how to train..can you plzz give me advice for my routin…i can run,skipiing,sprinting etc but within gym i font know how to train i dont know what trainning i do there??plzz can you give me advice for gym i workout or excercise daily..?

  21. My coach says weight training is bad because it builds bigger muscle which requires more oxygen. I believe that weight training is good in moderation. I think its because he wants me to lose weight and fight at a lighter weight class. Im currently 94 Kg.

  22. J has that face that just ends shit before it can even start.. That 1,000 yard stare of his would make a rabid pitbull take a moment to pause and really think about things.

  23. Hi is it a myth that exercises are better done faster than slower? Does lifting weights faster build more speed or does doing pullup faster help recruits faster muscles?

  24. If you want a great strength program for fighting. Look into Rocky Marcianos and Charlie Goldmans boxing book. The weight program is simple and it works..

  25. Must've rewatched this vid about 4-5 times in last few years. Drop back in every time it pops up and there's always some bit of gold i'd forgotten about. Brilliant stuff Jason.

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