Streamers Try: Boxing ft. Scarra, Pokimane, LilyPichu, Pokelawls & BasedYoona

*Bell rings* *Super badass intro* I’m sorry to tell you this but tomorrow for the shoot… gonna have to get up at 5:30 a.m. Come on, dude. I have something tonight. Why!? *Poke not feelin’ it* I don’t think he’s exited When’s the last time you guys went to the gym? *poki isn’t having any of that* You want a fudge choc cookie? I’m good thanks. Fucker! Hey, what’s up guys? Offline TV. We’re at the Wild Card West Boxing Club is that right?. Yeah that’s right. We’re here to learn how to box. Some of us didn’t sleep. but – And some of us slept like… 2 hours. So, it’s just gonna be a great time. Ready? Yes. [What did we sign up for…?] Hey, my name is Julian Chua I’m a professional boxing coach here at Wild Card West Boxing… Today I got these soldiers, and we’ll see how they last Oh, God… Ooh, I’m scared. Ready? Alright, let’s go. Yes! Hell yeah. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Wanna Come back! GOGOGO Okay, slight bend in your knees. Shift the weight onto the balls of your feet. Hands up, okay. Tuck your elbows into your rib cage. Close your fist. Daaamn! [Dodging queues] *Dabs* [Dodging skill-shots] Cross! Come on! Power! [Wtf… how?] [Dayum, he got a nice butt tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ] [Cute guy uses charm] *Cries internally* *Chokes* You need to wear headgear dude. How did you get your hand in there?
take off the glove. Oh wait! I know why! You’re an idiot… Let’s go bro! [Outplayed] [Countered] [Poke get’s ulti’d] Let’s go, let’s go! Finish strong, finish strong! Poke, you got him! *Bell rings* Ayy, there we go, there we go! *Bell rings* Uh, let’s go Scarra! Oh, get deep in that! Ooh, he’s aggressive! [Outplayed] Ooh, goddamn! Cmon Scarra, let’s go! *Bell rings* *Bell rings* Head? Head. There you go. Cmon, go go go! [Taunted] Oh my God! [This is 100% the league community] Use them hands. Poki let’s go! Cmon, cmon go! Finish! Go, go, go! [Fists as fast as bullets] *Bell rings* Good job, well done. Cmon. *Boop* Cmon Lily, hard as you can. *Boop* Go, go go! I’m hurt, I’m hurt! No, no I’m joking alright, haha cmon, go, go, go. *Bell rings* Lily, woo! *Gracefully exits the ring with expert finesse* *Bell rings* Alright brother… Break the ice go, go, go Break the ice cmon, hit me! Let’s go, harder. Harder, harder! Everything you got! There you go! Okay, ice is broken go for it. There you go! Again! Body shots, go! *Bell rings* There we go! Very nice. Good job today guys, I hope to see you guys back First day of boxing, done. Woo! Thanks, Julian! *Scarra dies* This was Offline TV and we just finished boxing, We’re exhausted. How was it for you guys? I’m so out of shape… Yeah, I’m… I’m exhaus- like, literally like Just the initial run I was like, this is gonna be a long ass day ..and it was but I’m happy I did it. I’m not gonna lie, I thought- I was ready to give up after the first run. Like legit? I was ready to just… pass out and – The – the fact that he let us like just throw punches at him and he just doesn’t… flinch … like you get tired before he flinches Well anyways, That was a lot of fun. I think we’re gonna stick to streaming though… You guys should all work out – We learned, it’s good to stay in shape … especially as a streamer Try to upkeep a healthy lifestyle. Uh, thank you to Julian from… Wild Card – Aye, go to this gym if you wanna box! And ask for Julian – Shout out to them, they’re really awesome. … Really cute. These guys are amazing. Don’t forget… like, comment, subscribe, Tell us what other things we should learn how to do… want to make this into a huge series, and yeah. Hit the subscribe button. We’ll upload content on the weekly basis. Thank you guys for watching! See you next time. Bye, bye! … Bye guys! Make pottery next? … maybe pot? … hehe, I’m kidding. Okay…

100 thoughts on “Streamers Try: Boxing ft. Scarra, Pokimane, LilyPichu, Pokelawls & BasedYoona

  1. Hi poki or Imane and on your back ride when you camera man was on the left you can see the right side and you will see are Filipino flag or Philippines flag which is the red and blue and yellow stars and white

  2. when i took boxing, in the part we were going to spar the profs, i couldnt feel bad for punching my opponent so he called me a murderer. He was yelling at me to punch him but when i did, he shouted "YOURE A FUCKING MURDERER"

  3. They should get a few random fans or friends and teach them how to be Streamers, a kinda role reversed for a change (¬‿¬)

  4. jajaja teh face iff horror on pokelawls jajaja

  5. Lily's strategy seemed to be to hit slower so that when he was returning from a dodge he got hit 🙂
    Kudos for showing up, though you guys held back a bit much.

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