Stray Kids “Boxer” Behind Video

(SKZ enters Australia’s play ground) (A whole new world) (Help Hyunjin!) This is so fun! (I.N vs. Hyunjin) (I.N’s wind) (Hyunjin’s kick) (I.N is so precious) (What are you doing here?) (Two cowards’ slide challenge) – Hi
– Hi – Let’s go
– Here is higher than I expected Don’t look down Go, HAN Okay, here we go (Bumping ASMR) I’m stuck here
(It’s not easy from the beginning) If I pass here, it’ll be easier (An unexpected journey) (Haha) (A cute baby made them happy) She’s adorable Let her know how to dance She’s so cute (Wiping windows dance that
brings everyone together) (Another child appeared) (Try this) (What are they doing?) (He wants the baby to react) (Plan B)
(He’s a T-Rex) (Oh, he’s a T-Rex) (Finally the baby reacts to Bin T-Rex) (Lip syncing hard) (Scene stealers, Berry & a citizen) (Smile) I almost burst into laughter (2nd attempt) (The citizen is taking a walk) (It’s always fun making fun of the youngest)
– Let’s do it after counting 3 – Okay (They make a surprised look) (“Hyunjin and I.N will do the same”) Okay What did you do? (Like this) – Did you make that ugly face?
– Yes Try one more time (Still look cute)
(Trying hard) (“Hyunjin looks still handsome”) Really?
(You’re mean, Hyunjin) (I’ll do it better) (A low-budget street video making film) (The yellow pants suggests
something funny) Let’s do it Okay, let’s try (Failed) What are you doing? (They burst into laughter) Don’t laugh, let’s try one more time (HAN is busy with his camera)
NG Let’s do like this – The camera
– Okay, the camera Go (They show good action like Matrix’s) (Satisfied) Good (These guys are having fun
in the playground) (Lee Know can’t stand being ordinary) You’re so mean Let me try (HAN and Lee Know’s cameras are busy working) Insert Character The thing that appears first
before you play a game (Player 1. Lee Know Gorilla) Good He looks like Changbin HAN, go HAN Daram (Player 2. Knock master, HAN Daram) What’s that? Good A game character (Player 3. Go and fly, Taekwon Bok) Oh, Taekwondo (Player 4. An Australian Kangaroo
who is on a training) (Passionate camera director)
Lee Know, he is not on the camera The main camera Hey, camera director

100 thoughts on “Stray Kids “Boxer” Behind Video

  1. No jodan v': los juegos de allí estan mejores que por los de Mi Casa. Solo hay una resbaladilla bien culera y grafitiada.

  2. Felix: shows all six of his abs, plus an extra family sized and from time to time
    Also Felix: goes extra limp on a half a yard long slide

  3. I was watching Felix’s placard video while in the car and there was a bird in the way I screamed. “BIRD” in the most Australian accent ever. I was like. “Where the hell did that come from. I laughed at myself. I swear if I keep on watching Aussie line imma inhabit a accent.

    Not complaining tho

  4. I wonder how the parents feel about strange foreign men playing in a park like children and giving their kids free dance lessons. 😂


  6. I think I'd be scared if I was a little kid minding my own business when a bunch of Korean dudes show up and try to make me dance. Like, excuse me but, iM a lIL kId aNd hAvE nO cLuE wHo yOu aRE.

    Skz: ~I aM yOuU~

  7. Thats in ausralia!! the playgrounds here in America aint that good…wow…chan and felix must of had good chuldhoods playing on the playground

  8. 0:31 ''Annyeong'' …………. ew… ''Hi'' !
    1:01 I just want to hug this kids ♥
    1:23 Their are so sweet and kind with the baby ♥
    2:42 Jungshook ♥
    3:23 We don't talk anymore… ''Rest In Peace Woojin'' !
    3:50 Swag. ''Me when I want to dance, but I'm not ready…
    4:15 Ready to fight !

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  10. Omg omg omg I've fucking been there before I live near there I literally lived 2 minutes away help I can't breathe the place is called strathfield park and I played in the same thing as them

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