100 thoughts on “Stoned Fighting: Jiu-Jitsu Meets Cannabis

  1. If first you don't succeed stop and smoke some weed then you shall proceed and succeed in what you need thanks to weed.

  2. This is awesome. Cannabis needs more people like this. It's a healthy herb and needs healthy lifestyle choices too. This is perfect in my opinion.

  3. I'm not a huge MA viewer but I will watch a fight if it's on. I don't go to current MA shows but I would definitely go to one of these shows. Not even just because you can smoke there, but that's an obvious massive boon.

    One of my favorite things about big events is that vibe with everyone. That whole stadium full of fans cheering at the same time or a band starts up a crowd-favorite song feeling, those moments always give me chills. While the vibe isn't always good, I have a feeling the vibe there is pretty chill. I think that is unique since it is the opposite of most MA tournament crowds. No constant cheering and yelling. It is a more focused crowd, or unfocused, crowd.

    Sounds really great I need to go to one of these but I bet they won't be come to South any time soon, i'll have to go to them.

  4. This is awsome" the question in the back of my head still makes me wonder thow what would be more effective two of the same groups fighting each other stoned and tha again sober and see which side wins

  5. Boy, seems a lot of fun especially once the match is over and you all are back to hitting them joints!

    420 errday allday

  6. Ppl from bjj community in BR didn’t like this… they said was disrespectful smoking on the mat, for me was fucking genius, this is how we should protest

  7. I think me and Big Lonn would get along really well, and the guy who won the blue belt division "Imma smoke a blunt with the same guy that just finished choking me out" XD

  8. nah man, y'all got it twisted…you need cardio, you need clarity, suck up your emotions, man up! weed has murdered my cardio, it makes it hard to learn the submissions, you have brain farts, assuming your not a lightweight, and actually smoke… weed is my enemy, I run off of it, Nick name Towely, I'm using martial arts to get away from weed, I have no cardio, I throw up from Intense work outs, which are an essential part martial arts, and y'all are preaching to do both?!! the Devil is a bitch assed LIAR!!!!

  9. But believe me smoking before a fight and if you got a shot , u wouldn't have that much confidence, you will become a scaaary dude 🤙

  10. So pretty much you need an outside substance to make you a better person because you can't do it on your own? #eddiebravo

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