100 thoughts on “Sticking to Strict High-Altitude Diets with Jessie Vargas

  1. Insane what these guys go through for just one night that lasts 30 minutes. They are just incredible athletes.

    btw I watched the fight after watching this video. Vargas lost, but I thought he won. He even knocked the other guy down, and the ref called it off only to let it continue for some bizarre reason. I felt horrible for Jessie, he deserved to win that fight.

  2. Dang this is kind of messed up…
    Like the dude wants to remain at a very low body weight, partially for his looks?

  3. I'm watching this while eating a $2.00 Totinos Pizza and this video is making me feel horrible about it. Oh well, I've still got a couple slices..

  4. There are many research that showed that bulking up and then cutting down is far better than maintaining a consistent weight. The premise is that when you bulk up and you gain strength, you end up retaining much of your strength as well as when gain back the weight. If you maintain a consistent weight, you don't gain that max strength.
    Research on cheating and several athlete admitted a loop-hoop… they take steroids, bulk and pump up… after a year with no drugs, they retain much of their strength, and when tested for drugs they are clean. The various types of muscles have been enhanced to its fullest potential and no drugs are present. Whether thy take drugs, plenty of research points that it is still best to bulk up and then cut down to maximize performance.

    I've never seen Vargas bulked up…. if you see several of hall of fame boxers during training, their pretty bulked up and then will lose their weight… during fight night the fighter looks puny, but deceptively very strong. Just like rock climbers, looks very skinny, but when measured the pressure force and strength of each muscle group are deceptively powerful. I've seen guys benching 100kg looking like a stick.

  5. I have just discovered this FUEL series and am now hooked. *Retreats into bedroom and shuts curtains to commence binge watching

  6. Jessie needs updated training advice. The science is in regarding altitude training as it's not as beneficial as training at sea level. At altitude, you can't push yourself as hard so an element of detraining is introduced to your body. What does help is sleeping at altitude to get the physiological benefits, while still training at sea level.

  7. He's young but wise and knows what he does not want to eat this is good , no one wants to end up like Ronnie Coleman did you see what his diet is like? He never eats salad or green vegetables ever, this is why his bones are crumbling no manganese or phosferous to bind any calcium together to form the healthy bones, you gotta eat fresh foods or you die

  8. Lol, what a complete noob. If he doesnt lose the water weight and just diet he is gonna have a big handicap when the other guy lose tons of water weight and gain it all back, fighting with more muscle and a higher bodyweight.

  9. The trick to eating healthy is having enough distraction to keep you from thinking about food. Or find another sources of joy. If you get too much joy from eating food, you'll eat too much.

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  11. Coach: All the natural stuff
    Kid: Eats and omelette with processed pork and ketchup and who knows what else

    The editor could not have pieced that together better 😂

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