Stage de karaté do avec Jacques Tapol à Foix

8th dan
Karate World Champion in Combat If I see one who does not smile, he is fired from class 😉 You have to encourage me, if you are all sad … ok, we do not show you. Jacques, you had time to get to know each other. to get to know each other during the half-hour that passed The lamentable individual facing you. We agree on the principle 😉 It’s up to you to be here. And around people coming from other departments to have made the effort to come here. ok at the end, let’s take a small photograph, make me think about it I forget every time. ok, ok. Seiza Mokuso Mokuso yame Shomen ni rei Sensei ni rei O tagai ni rei Kiritsu Ritsu rei Come on, let’s warm up slowly Then, second part of warming tyrolean inside Do not record this 😉 What is this band of incompetent 😉 finally, it’s part of the job, ok now Tyrolean combination oh, we did not send the best 😉 So, you asked me yesterday for the positions normally, traditionally in Okinawa the longest positions that’s it No more, it’s your measure to you Shotokan karate do, it was a revolution in the year 1950, but it’s not from Okinawa it was to go far so, to go far, we made big positions on the other hand, as in Okinawa we said ok, keep the heel on the ground the guys were trying to make a long position to go far and put a gyaku zuki keeping the heel on the ground, is not possible. There, you try to take your measurement it’s just an idea, after you do what you want that gives pretty much that it does that ok ok, that is good ok, that is it you see ok sometimes we tend to do that it’s good, it’s a hip movement but here the idea is a little different I go down on my thigh you see there, I compressed a spring I pushed, it’s not the same thing there, when you are in this position the punch is like that you see a punch as pure as possible. what a slacker this one! You elected him president? you made a mistake. He is lazy! ok, that is it you will be fired from the club if you continue like that 😉 For example, when you train There are lots of tips It s fun for example you can do that punch for example if i do that I make a Vietnamese rap ok When you are here, the elbow you are training against a wall If you sound the highest level the elbow! You can do it with a toaster that heats ok Let’s go now I do not know what I have right now against Vietnamese people, 😉 ok That’s good…for a women 😉 stand up, otherwise you’ll finish your back bent like a gold digger ok, that’s good! You work ok punch, go ok Do it, punch Same height do it ok for a guy who has a fair intelligence quotient it’s rather good 😉 After Punch, ok one ok The people of the French federation say that students should not be touched So how should a Judo teacher do to show a movement without touching students In the formations told us, do not touch do not touch because you can have a criminal complaint for sexual assault so for example, you practice aikido Guys say bullshit So, you’re aikido teacher, how are you going to show a movement of aikido without touching the students. “No, do not touch me!” Agree? For example, in Okinawa guys correct you to help you they are always watching you they help you find the right move we try, we do it with a partner all bald together 😉 That is good Very good! perfect “Be careful sensei ! Do not touch girls’ hips” That’s good You see, for example hey good looking guy When you are a professional, you have tips maybe in his life nobody calls him “Good looking guy”! for him, the lesson is already successful 😉 he has a smile on his lips ok, go a gyaku we will turn in this direction ok one back muscles This one same power that this one I did not invent anything for example, when I was training with Chinen sensei That’s it you’re punching … here is good, one contract the belly You see ichi ichi ichi It’s good. But calm down 😉 It’s finish. The Berlin Wall fell 😉 First, we will study You prepare the shot, here forward like that we try? It tired me! 😉 Alone, alone Be careful, you do not put the same force when you bring your arm ok, I bring back I can do a punch like that, it’s not a problem There is the basic technique You make the most strict move But when you are in fight you can do that like that, and that’s powerful It works. Guys like Aghayev, in basic technic Very very good in basic technic I took a lesson with him, he did basic technique The guy, very good OK? We will work a little legs. First, you are in neko ashi dachi You come back Not like that With kime You come back Stop we firmly put the foot on the ground Neko ashi, one Your are looking for troubles to the right. For him at least, this should be the good side That’ good, we come back now, in joy and when I say in joy and good humor you, you will do pumps if you continue 😉 in joy and! good humor! ok we do mawashi we are here, one! one pivots the foot and bring back the foot ok? on the left, neko ashi dachi there is always a funny guy in a group (with the accent of the Italian mafia) when it s not you it s you! Are you sure it’s your left leg? are you kidding me? we start again This morning you looked at your horoscope (always with the Italian accent) today, I’m going to be funny. I will take shots No, the left! Mawashi now turn well neko ashi! we come back pivot and we come back Three! Five! Six! Very good hips movement. Your wife must be happy … 😉 We come back A my signal, we advance the right foot Neko ashi mawashi, one! Two For! Five! Be careful. Yame. That’s better. You must threaten him with your two fists That’s good, it’s very technical. Now, you have to have of sensation. You must disturb him. you are too classy 😉 It is a compliment You walk, there is a guy Yoi, in the tenth of a second, not a quarter of an hour later I’m angry today, I do not know why 😉 We come back. Gedan barai. Gyaku. Mae geri, gyaku. San! Chi! Go! Mawate. You see… Sometimes… I’m the same, I’m a real lazy when I am told, it is at this time! Sometimes I want to arrive late But if you put pressure on me, I’m forced i have to arrive on time Now it’s the pressure of the group that forces you to be on time Attention, turn around now! Yame. Salute. Everyone together. I am focused all the time during the training Salute Again. Salute. Come back. Salute. Yasme. Now you can relax, smoke a cigarette 😉 . Everyone does what he can. The other arm. Two punches and we hold. The first position in Okinwa is this one. It’s kidney else. They make karate standing. For example, the guy he comes to hit me … For example, the guy he comes to hit me … All blockages for example, go ahead, punch Uchi uke. You wait until I finish that one … 😉 Uchi uke, one. Ichi Ichi Ichi Ichi This is the start. A guy is attacking me … I have to block So that’s interesting because after we’ll see … We will work on it with different ideas. We must also work imperfection. Ok, I’m going to take shots I’ll put a shot, the guy will block me hard He’s going to hurt me …ichi Ichi Ichi Ichi Ichi Ichi You see… Determination. You work The guys who say kokoro (heart and spirit in japanese) Kokoro, must have brave heart 😉 no, you make 2500 blockages You have an inflated arm. There you have to heart! Go! If you still hurt me I denounce you to the French federation 😉 Attack now! You do like that then Like that work flexibly Flexibly! Get used to controlling the partner He comes back in his place, we work flexibly This allows you to block the partner Do not forget to protect yourself. It’s rare that I control myself … 😉 You are a believer is there life after death? we will know Now, after this mawashi 😉 One, front foot And you go ! It’s the front foot that creates the acceleration ok ok You search… You come back We come back. We come back. I must stop now… 😉 At my age, I must not get upset It’s time for my pills in 5 minutes 😉 We go? I am often told It interests you to coach the France team you must be bored in a class no, no, i like people I like simple people. Not the competitors. Competitors are often like rock star Some are modest but not much They are painful. They did not understand the spirit of karate do But people like you in dojos You are honest and sincere, you do not have to come You have nothing to gain Sometimes, I see who can not lift the leg I raise it more easily, but I say to myself DO NOT think of you! When you give a lesson You’re not here to show that you’re strong We do not care! I am here to help people who are in the class to give something to others to make you want to do things to help succeed and people are happy after that ok? And when you train at karate do Seek happiness in karate do You must empty. Yes, there are conflicts Think “I do my karate do” I am not a genius. I’m doing 2000 gedan barai I do it for my pleasure… Mr. President of the club are you happy? Glad The guy is a bit grim 😉 (the good joke) It’s his personality that is problematic 😉 Taciturn, introverted 😉 He puts a distance between himself and the others :-))) That’s not good. It’s very sad. Yes, yes, yes…. And the guy is paid dearly :-))) That’s over, it was great ! Now, he takes his train and he goes back… 😉 Everything has been recorded? Yes of course 🙂 So sensei? What do you think of students? They really worked! They worked very hard! It was a pleasure. They were motivated. They all gave their maximum. They were sincere. I thank them. It was good. Great! Well then, do not look for any more troubles, okay?

16 thoughts on “Stage de karaté do avec Jacques Tapol à Foix

  1. Des ceintures noires qui travaillent sur des techniques de bases!! J' hallucine!
    Un karaté de base, rien d'autres?

  2. Les bases, les fondations du karaté ! A mon sens on devrait y revenir à chaque entraînement pour ne pas en perdre le sens… Très bon moment, merci !!!

  3. merci…….ya un stage dans le 35 le 20 avril prochain, pour des "mise en situation"…hate d'y être………

  4. "Les Karatekas compétiteurs sont chiants et se prennent pour des Rockstar" ? ebain vous etes un drole d'entraineur vous. Vous etes pas digne de pratiquer ce sport de guerrier combattant. Allez voir au Japon la ou ce sport est né, vous allez voir c'est quoi des vrai Karateka. si vous savez pas lever votre jambe pour faire un simple mawashi je sais pas comment vous l'avez eu votre ceinture noir. A partir de 25min50 vous ave un discour de faible c'est honteu de la part d'un soit disant entraineur pas étonnant que vous entrenez que des vieux. Vos eleves sont moues, aucune souplesse, aucune explosivité, ils ont un niveau de ceinture orange.

  5. que dire de tout cela…pitoyable…dénué de toute rigueur…des ceintures noires niveau jaune…donner des cours sans savoir donner un mawashi..etant ceinture noire dans plusieurs arts martiaux mon dernier stage a ete réalisé avec Maitre Lee Kwan Young en Taekwondo…Et bien monsieur vous devriez vous en n'en peux plus de voir des choses comme ça en video…Le japon ne mérite pas qu'on trucide son art de cette maniere la…

  6. J'ai regardé le début et c'est déjà lamentable. La ligne du salut , on dirait la cours de création. L'échauffement, y a que le professeur qui exécute correctement, les autres on se demande si c'est des karatékas. C'est quoi ses ceintures noires ?! C'est une honte pour cette discipline !

  7. Je dois bien avouer que lorsque je vois toutes ces ceintures noires ça fait peur, déjà que gamin lorsque je me rendais dans mon club j'hallucinais du niveau des ceintures noires (en gros 2, 3 années de pratique et c'était donné…), je vois que ça n'a pas trop changé, j'avais eu des échos par un sensei très connu en France dans de multiples arts martiaux qu'il m'expliquait qu'il s'était entre autre barré de la fédé pour ce genre de raisons, je le comprends beaucoup mieux maintenant…

  8. Pitoyable..pour le karaté…pas de technique ,aucune tactique….pas de pédagogie…un dé faudrait revoir tout ces grades que l on donne a n importe qui….et le tapol qui parle pour ne rien dire….son karaté est devenu le né ferait mieux d aller jardiner,il est temps…….et le prof de foix a la fin est gentil car il en pense pas moins…miséreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Merci pour le partage de cette vidéo !
    J'ai passé un moment très agréable à regarder ce stage.
    Jacques a raison, l'essentiel c'est de trouver du bonheur dans sa pratique.

  10. le gas n est pas crois qu il est musulman…car ne faudrai jamais prosterner a qui qu c soit sauf ALLAh les japonnais comprennent cela

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