Southern Shaolin Kung Fu : The Horse Stance for Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting Style

Hi! My name is Julio Anta from Anta’s Fitness
& Self Defense in Miami, Florida. My website is Right now, we are going
to work on the basics of Southern Kung Fu. Most of your styles are very similar. What
are some of the southern styles? Wing Chun, Bruce Lee made it famous. The strongest martial
arts ever developed, Hung Gar Kung Fu, Southern Shaolin, and lots other styles are southern.
The basic of most martial arts but especially Southern Kung Fu, is a low horse stance. A
horse stance looks like this. Knees are out, butt is not in, butt is not out, butt is neutral,
low, feet are straight not out. This would be a training stance to become a black sash
and later I became a master in this system. I had to do an hour like this. It’s very
painful but it builds strong powerful ligaments. Again, knees are out, a strong stance is your
foundation. How do you find a perfect stance? Very simple you can go 1, 2, 3 and squat down.
Remember never push your butt forward nerve push it back. Don’t hunch over your back,
stay straight. That is the Southern Kung Fu horse stance.

24 thoughts on “Southern Shaolin Kung Fu : The Horse Stance for Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting Style

  1. psychologically and physically kung fu is superior to others because it is also way of life however all the different styles of kung fu are used for different purposes

  2. only u can make the martial art the strongest an if kung fu is superior over others then y havnt i seen kung fu beat anyother arts such as BBJ!

  3. ok, fuckin jiujitsu, go to ufc, cant fuck with southern kung fu, it aint like other kung fu, hung gar will end anyone you know, if used right, taught to fight 4-8 people at once.. I take it, and also have takin jiujitsu, just dident like it, or take any interest in it, that gay dance called kung fu, is the best martial arts taught in my mind..

  4. lol, sourthern is focused on hand mostly sorry to say, but yeah kung fu is a definit, find somone who knows how to use it, theyll end any other martial arts…

  5. not necessarily; southern focuses on being rooted and northern focuses on moving around. But with moving around and staying still, the feet and hands would be affected so u may have a point.

  6. You're not supposed to use horse stance in a fight, only for demonstrational purposes. How would being in horse stance help you? You can easily be tripped and you're basically making yourself into an immobile sheet that can easily be pushed. Also, you can't kick if you see an opening and your groin is exposed and being kicked there would be hard to block, and doing so would expose your torso. I heard him say it is a training stance, but he didn't say it wasnt for fighting.

  7. You can use it in concrete movements of luxation of the legs, pushing down the kneel of your oponent with your bottom, but it's only an anecdotal use. Ma bo is for training legs and internal muscles.

  8. standing still facing your enemy in a horse stance is ineffective,I agree. However flowing in and out of horse stance is the key to the power of kung fu. standing in a side profile you can shuffle in and out of range of attack. When u are in horse stance you center your gravity with your feet firmly planted, giving you increased balance,hit absorption and striking power.

  9. The longest ive seen someone stand in horse stance is when striking downward at a low target. Usually you cant see it cuz they move too fast and flow in and out

  10. Check your Ego a t the Door.
    Winners never quit
    Quitters never win.

    butt in not in, butt is not out, BUTT is nutral…
    never push it forward, never push it back…

    THis guy definetly grew up on old &0's Kung-fu flicks. He'S qa walking one-liner.

  11. Shaolin southern style? Hmm … Thought it was nothern . Hence the long stances.
    Southern Kung fu like Win Chun has very small stances.

  12. totally wrong your MaBu, thats not Zhen Kung fu

    saludos Academia Wong Yi Man Zhong Guo Nan Pai Kungfu Zong Guan

    (黄宇文中国南派武术總館 – Academia de artes marciales Wong Yi Man de la corriente de escuelas

    del sur de China)


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