Southern Shaolin Kung Fu : The Cat Stance for Basic Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting Style

Hi! My name is Julio Anta from Anta’s Fitness
& Self Defense in Miami, Florida. My website is Now I am going to teach
you the southern kung fu cat stance. Again, it’s a little different than some of the
karate cat stance. I’m going to show you all the angles. A cat stance is very good
to fight a fast opponent. Light on your feet, exactly what it’s called. A cat, cats are
fast. The way we would do it is… I would do to align you is…here’s a line. I would
put one foot like this. I would make a T. I lift up the heel of the T and put the heel
where my toe is. That is our Southern Kung Fu cat stance. Now I drop down push my butt
out and come down to fight. Do it here if you’re training or here if it is an actual
sparring or fighting. I am very quick, there is no weight on this leg, three quarters of
the weight is on this leg. If they sweep that leg, I can move fast. If somebody rushes me
I can come out of the way quick to side step up them and possibly continue to fight, striking
whatever it takes. Or if somebody tries to sweep me I can jump off to sweep, kick and
drop back to my cat stance, low, southern styles are very low to build powerful legs.

14 thoughts on “Southern Shaolin Kung Fu : The Cat Stance for Basic Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting Style

  1. If you're asian dragon394, why do you type like a white homeboy comin' straight outta Compton? And yes the Karate Kid final fight scene was fixed plus the crane technique no can defend if execute correctly. Practice it 😉 you'll impress all your friends. Also, you ARE right, kung fu was originally meant for asians and the true masters wouldn't share techniques with foreigners. Times have changed tho, 'bro'. And nuclear war far exceeds martial competency.

  2. All 13 year olds are emo nasgha. Haha i think he should meditate and soon he will be enlightened as to how lonely the path of the emo is. Ha ha ha.

  3. i type like one? likehow? cuz i honestly do not know. if ur talking about the texting style and stuff, i only type cuz im pretty much too lazy to actually type out the entire word

  4. i honestly don't know why people like you have know so much about kung fu spend their time watching videos online about how to do kung fu

  5. @aaron2pruitt

    wow, read a book

    the LEGEND is what you are firstly referring to about a man who came from india. secondly you got it wrong he didnt teach them modern fighting methods. he allegedly taught them a yoga-like excercise strictly for the purpose of building their strength enough to meditate. over hundreds of thousands of years this developed into the variety of kung fu styles we see today

  6. @Kukluxkklan complexity in fighting is bad. and ur getting buddha confused with bodhdidarma who went supposedly learned Kalari. buddha did wrestling similar to persian one cuz its the sport of the heros(nobility).

  7. @Kukluxkklan karate is cool 😀 but i prefer china over japan because my family used to live in hong kong 😀

  8. @ashthe180 all i know is he was born into a hindu culture/religion and didnt like it and felt he knew the right path so he took it

  9. This guy is the real deal…best in the US no doubt. I was lucky to have learned from him 2005-2007. Sadly I moved from doral

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