Southern Shaolin Kung Fu : The Bow for Basic Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting Style

Hi! My name is Julio Anta from Anta’s Fitness
& Self Defense in Miami, Florida. My website is As part of our southern
Kung Fu training, one of the most basic things is our bow. A lot of people take it wrong,
what a bow is. A bow is just a handshake. A lot of Asians instead of shaking hands Japanese,
Koreans might to do this with their eyes down. Chinese depending some will bow like this
and some will bow like this. That is what the explanation I am going to give you. The
way we bow, or a basic bow if you come to a class. Your feet are in a V, your knees
are slightly bent, shoulders are back, totally relaxed, your fist are over your belt, shoulder
elbows back, chin in. This is my weapon, this my shield, I look at you. We never take our
eyes off from our opponents and come back again, basic bow. Then we have the Shaolin
bow that we do in more Shaolin forms, which is southern Shaolin. The Shaolin bow is in
a cat stance. We bring our hands back like if you have a baseball and a glove, come in
to a cat, we show a tiger and we bring it in and back. So it would look something like
this. That is our bow and most of our forms.

3 thoughts on “Southern Shaolin Kung Fu : The Bow for Basic Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting Style

  1. @yonggary it's was a form of respect. a lot of martial arts have things in them that are unpractical really by today's standers. for example when we spare (or practice fight) we bow to each other to show respect, then again after. the bow is something that has been carried down through the tradition of Martial arts. in a real fight then no, we would not bow

  2. Showing respect in a controlled setting is fine but on the street you need to be ruthless, mean and unpredictable. Piss on the guys head when you're done. Bow so you can get banged

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