Southern Shaolin Kung Fu : History of Southern Shaolin Style Kung Fu Fighting

Hi! My name is Julio Anta from Anta’s Fitness
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I want to welcome you to southern kung fu. Let me tell you a little bit about kung fu.
In Kung Fu, there are possibly 400-800 styles. They are all different. Southern styles are
usually pretty close. All Asian martial arts at one point branched out from Kung Fu because
China was the mainland. From there it slowly started going. Some schools were more into
punching, others higher kicks, others more grappling. Kung Fu has a little bit of it
all, it’s a complete system. Now, the differences between the southern styles, the northern
styles, and the internal and the external. Southern styles are very, very low stances.
Southern styles is more hands, close quarter fighting, builds extremely strong bodies,
great for self defence because most of our kicks are from the waist down, we kick low.
The northern styles, in general, are more long-range striking, higher kicks and are
depended on the terrain. It had a lot to do with the way they fought. The internal/external,
most southern styles are external which means not as soft, hard powerful styles of kung

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  1. I'm in Southern Kung Fu (Chuan Fa). Depending on which animal we are using, we either use low or high stances. Tiger and Leopard are low, Snake and Dragon are medium, and Crane is high. I myself prefer using tiger style, I like being nice and low, but still have lots of power behind my kicks and punches.

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