Sochin Bunkai Défense – KARATE – 2 Versions

Hello dear karateka friends, I hope you’re great! Today, let’s do Sochin Bunkai, the openning. But sadely I forgot the memory card n my camera,
so will do it with my phone. I apologies for the quality. I will present you 2 versions : Tarditional version : It about the opennng sequence of Sochin karate bunkai. A little bit quicker, please. Good ? Let’s do it another time slowly. It’s important to keep the flow of your mouvement, don’t be stiff. From here don’t forget to turn to go on his back. Keep on turning, don’t stay in front of him. Grab, hook… Can you see the kata? Then I turn around. Once again, be fluid. Keep the flow. Be careful, I d’on want to… I don’t want to release his grip. What I am trying to do is… is to strike him untead. Another quicker. I hope you liked it. Please smash the LIKE BUTTON and subscribe to miss none of my upcoming videos about karate. Ciao and keep on training.

5 thoughts on “Sochin Bunkai Défense – KARATE – 2 Versions

  1. Kata Sochin ( la force tranquille ) très beau kata avec différentes rythmes de mouvement et respiratoire 👍très bonne application oss sensei 👍🤙😎

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