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Hello Karate lovers! My name is Bruno Chagas and today I am here to talk a little about my blog, Puro Karate. I think it’s best to start with my story, right? I’m a black belt from the Tanaka Karate-Do Association, founded by master Tsunioshi Tanaka in 1963.
He passed away in 2017. And me and others black belts, Master Tanaka’s students, we decided
to keep the dojo, keep his legacy. Why am I telling all this?
Because the story of Tanaka Karate-Do in a way is linked with my story too.
Because I graduated a black belt here, right. I became karateka here.
I actually started training Karate When I was a teenager, in another style and after I moved to a region near where the
Master Tanaka has his dojo, had his dojo, I decided to go back to Karate after I had
stood still for years. The master actually ended up being the greatest mentor and my
greatest guide in Karate. My biggest example. He was a very
scholar person, sought to study biomechanics, graduated in physical education,
researched on the best way to perform Karate movements, had a
scientific view, read a lot. Returning…
After the death of master Tsunioshi Tanaka, I was logically thinking how I
I was going to develop my Karate better. Obviously, training with other masters,
we also have an eighth dan master in Chile, but I saw need to
be a little more autonomous in my Karate view, in my approach to Karate,
trying to study a little more on my own Which is actually something that I felt he expected us to do. So I started attending more
seminars, I started reading more, I started buy books, study these books
research about the history of Karate, research about what bunkai was, what
is the practical part of Karate, which was modified over time since Karate
was developed in Okinawa because there were several changes. We can later
talk a little bit more about it, but the Karate we train
today is not the Karate from 100 years ago there are records, there are books that talk
about this. The masters of the past, Gichin Funakoshi himself had already made it clear
that the Karate he trained, he taught in Tokyo, it was no longer the Karate that
he had learned when he was younger. So if Funakoshi’s Karate in
in 1930, 1938, it was no longer the same that he trained at the beginning of the century, in
turn of the century, imagine today, so much time after that.
And that is not a lack of merit. Karate has had a lot of positive changes,
it was more systematized more spread around the world. But it’s important to
we understand our story for us know better what we
are doing and why we are doing: the goal of our training…
Are you training more for the sport? Are you trained for self-defense?
Can we differentiate between the two? does both have a difference? This is part of
the study, right. So we have to have this critical view of obviously listening to our
masters, but also seek knowledge, keep burning the flame of Karate, to seek this knowledge. So as master Tanaka has always been a studious person, researched and trained with others
masters also throughout his life, he left the example to be followed. So, how us, who stayed here taking care of the master’s legacy after his passing, how could we do our best to
consolidate what he taught us and keep evolving in Karate? It’s studying,
training, by researching how to do every movement, every technique… the origin of the katas that wew perform, if it had modifications, if there were variations, if there were dilution over time as well. These are things to think about when we are training. But after all, why create the blog? So, I’m a Karate lover, and I already talked a lot about Karate on the internet, social networks, and I thought that would be better
don’t mix things up mix in my personal channels, my personal profile that have
family and friends who don’t necessarily care so much about
Karate, with my massive content about this theme, which actually ends up being
object of study on my part too. So I ended up creating the profile first
on Instagram from Puro Karate. I created the profile in June last year, 2018. And from
so I thought it could be a study tool. Not to promote myself,
but to be a tool that could be a way to develop
knowledge and reflect a little about the art we do. That is
a stimulus too because from the moment you have a blog and you have a
content you need to feed about a certain topic, you at least need to look for a certain quality in what you are doing. You have to search, you have to check things before you speak,
you have to be willing and accept the contradictory too, knowing how to admit
when you don’t know anything … so the blog ends up being a tool
not of self-promotion, but of development ofknowledge. So
I first created the Instagram profile, I ended up creating a blog on
WordPress, now I have my own domain, but I already got some texts that I already had
made for the Tanaka Karate-Do website and I put there, I develop some texts for the blog
also, I put some videos, but this is the first one I create in a format
from vlog, let’s say… the Facebook page too, the channel on
YouTube that I intend to start feed more from now on. Always
with the proposal of what? Like my master, keep searching, keep going
seeking knowledge and improving myself in Karate.
if today we have the technology, there are blogs, there are social networks, there is YouTube that we can seek to have contact with others karateka, with other content that before
it was very difficult for the masters of the past to have, why not take advantage of this
content, right? And in these channels, what will be interesting? I have a more practical view of Karate, I’m not such a connected person with the sporting part, not that the sporting part have a problem, but there are Karate aspects
that can be better addressed and are not so approached, especially here in Brazil: the historical matter and the practical matter. My idea with the Puro Karate blog is to search
a little more of that. Make more content facing my journey in Karate,
about the things I learn from the Karate, about the research I do on
Karate. And share this with people too, because we have this
possibility now to share knowledge a lot easier than it was
done in the old days. Since I created the blog I had the
opportunity to get even closer from other karatekas that I respect and that
I consider very good in terms of technique and content. Including that this
year I even organized a seminar with one of them. So you see: something that did not existed before can be an object of change, an object of renewal … or that we felt the need to seek certain content and didn’t know where, the way is to go after doing it for yourself organize seminars, go meet people you
think you can add to your Karate and exchange knowledge with these people too, because that way everyone wins … And the idea is to raise Karate with
critical thinking, with respect, with discipline and without failing to train
too. So I invite you follow the blog, follow the channels on social media… you can search Puro Karate the site is … And comment, bring
suggestions if you have any interesting ideas, so as far as possible, as I go researching and looking to develop the my Karate in many ways, if I can
address these suggestions and use that for general knowledge so that
we grow together, you can be sure I’m going to do it that way too. So,
thank you all who watched this video until the end.
I hope we can talk a lot from now on. I’ll leave the links
comments down here for you access easier too. Then keep tuned in because if you find the myb content interesting, if you already
read what I did and liked the things that I write and the things that I
post, then follow, comment and ask. These are also ways to help grow and help
develop. And from there we have motivation to do more too.

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