So Extra, Ep. 6: Hornet Visits Boxers, NYC’s Most Popular Gay Sports Bar

– On this week’s episode of So Extra, I’m at Boxers in the Upper
East Side of Manhattan. Boxers is a gay sports bar chain that has taken the LGBT
bar scene by storm. We’re gonna go inside,
check out the bartenders, have some wings, and
just have a gay old time. Let’s go! (funky music) So what’s your name? – Zack. – How long have you worked at Boxers? – I’ve been here since
they opened in January. – What did you do before that? – I was a bartender somewhere else. – Did you bartend shirtless there? – Yeah, gay bars mostly shirtless. – How many days a week do you have to work out to get this body? – I do four to five. – What cup size are these? – I don’t know. (laughter) – They gotta be like a double D. – I don’t wear a bra. – And then what do you eat
to get a body like this? ‘Cause I need to, I don’t… Let’s see the size of your biceps. (laughter) What is this uniform, too? At Boxers you only wear gym shorts. – Yeah, these are like boxers. – Are you wearing underwear underneath? – Yeah. – But you’re wearing underwear. You wouldn’t wear underwear
underneath a pair of boxers. – Well, then I’d have to
like wash these everyday. – And then there’s no shirt. – No.
– Ever? Even during the day, no shirt? – I don’t think we’re allowed. (laughter) – Are you single or taken? – Single. – Are you on the apps? – Yeaaa… Maybe. – I hate when people ask you
to list everything you’re into. – I don’t list every… You can just say top, vers, bottom. That’s enough information. – I agree, that’s enough. That’s all I need to know. (upbeat music) – Are you Brazilian? – Yeah, I’m Brazilian. – Oh, so tell me, what is
like the vibe at Boxers? – The vibe is pretty
cool because we don’t… You can watch sports and
also listen to the divas. like Britney, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, yes. – It’s like a mix, like it’s sports, but it’s still like very queer,
very gay, very open-minded. – Yes. – Who’s your diva? – Sam Smith. – Oh! (laughter) Sam Smith is your diva. That’s a good answer! – Yeah, I really like him.
He’s a really good singer. – I’m sure he would like you, too. – I guess. – How many days a week do you work out? I am like blushing talking to you. Oh my God. How many days a week do you
work out to have this body? – So… I love go to the gym everyday. – Everyday? – Yeah, if I get really tired, I take one day off in the week to rest. – Lazy. Are you single or taken? – No, I have a boyfriend. – Oh. (upbeat music) – I think you guys are gonna show me how to do some pull-ups? – Yeah, let’s go. – Okay, let’s do it. – My shirt, what? Why? Oh my God. – Wow. – I think… – You’re a bear! (chatter) – [Waiter] Have Alex do it! – Oh my God. Come on titties, come on! Yes. – Four. That’s it, that’s it. – Oh my God. I wanna try to do four. What do I get if I do four? What do I get if I do four? – You can do a body shot off Paulo. – I don’t drink. You what? – Don’t drink either. – We have something in common. – Yeah, yeah. – Alright, how about if I get
a kiss on the cheek from you. Let’s make it very kosher. Is that okay? It’s so high! That is so high. How do you get up there? One. – Two, three, four. – Oh my God. (grunt) – Yeah. – Okay, oh, hello. – Hello. – Hello, sir. Oh hey, who was that? What’s his name? His name’s Alex? That’s a good name. Alright, what do I get? Oh my God, my life, my life. I put my shirt back on because
customers were complaining. – No they weren’t. – They were, they were. This person tried calling the cops. So, what are these? – This is buffalo wings. – I just want to let you know that I’m like a buffalo wing connoisseur. I am. Buffalo wings are my jam. – So, you have a high standard? – Probably not. What’s the hot sauce? You know what the hot sauce
is that they make it with? – Well, this is buffalo sauce. – What’s the hot sauce
in the buffalo sauce? It’s all about what the hot sauce brand is because the hot sauce
brand should be Frank’s, in my opinion. (upbeat music) Alright, alright, that’s good. That is some good
finger-lickin’ buffalo realness. Oh yes. I love a gay bar that
you can watch a drag show while you can be accosting
a hot, shirtless man while you’re eatin’ buffalo
wings and having a beer. – It sounds like Boxers. (upbeat music) – Did you see me do the
pull-ups over there? How did I do? – I think you did great. Amazing. – Don’t bullshit me, I looked horrible. (laughter) What’s your name? – Frederico. – Where are you from? – I am from Argentina originally. – Ooh, (singing) what’s new Buenos Aires? Tell me about Boxers. How
long have you worked here? – I have work here since
we opened in January. It’s the fourth Boxers. We have one in Chelsea, which
was the first one that opened. Then we have HK, Hell’s Kitchen, and we have Philly, and
this is the new one, which is Upper East Side. Then, we’re opening one in the Upper West Side, 159th and Broadway. – What do you think the
secret is to Boxers’ success? – I think that it’s the
environment that we create, and the customers that come here. It’s a sports bar, yes, its a sports bar, but everyone can come here. We have straight people, gay people, transgender people, drag queens, lesbians, everyone can come here,
everyone can have a good time. – So, why are you wearing
a shirt, and they weren’t? – I’m a server and a manager on duty, so servers need to wear a shirt because, you know, the
Department of Health requires that if you serve
food, you cannot be shirtless. – Alright, well, I don’t
see any Department of Health around right now, so why don’t,
just give us a little taste. Just give us a little nibble come on. Oh! Look at those ta-tas. What cup size are you? – Ah, B. – What are their names? – Pancho and Lefty. – Thelma and Louise. (laughter) Miz Cracker. – Miz Cracker. – So, I see you’re a Miz Cracker fan. – Yes, she’s one of my best friends. I love her. – So, you’re kind of, kind of like… – Kind of like in the inner circle. You can call it that way. (clicking) – [Alex] What is the hot
sauce in the buffalo sauce? – It’s buffalo sauce. – Yeah, but there has
to be hot sauce in it. – Well, yes, but it’s a secret recipe. We can’t give it to you. – Oh! No, we gotta find out
what the hot sauce is. Come on, let’s go, we’re
gonna go find out, come on. We’re gonna go find it out, come on. Are you coming? Daniel, are you coming? We have to find out what the hot sauce is. Alright, hello. Hello? Hello? Could somebody come out, come here. What is the hot sauce
in the buffalo sauce? – Red Hot. – Frank’s? Yes! I was right, I was right! It’s Frank’s. Okay, we’re all good, we’re all good. Thank you, bye. Oh, he’s cute. (upbeat music) If you’re interested in finding out more information go to Alright, thank for watching
this week’s episode of So Extra. If you like what you watch, don’t forget to subscribe
to our YouTube channel below and download Hornet today. (upbeat music) Do I got wing sauce on me? No, am I good? I’m good? Wing sauce? Any wing sauce? Are you filming?

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  1. i had so much fun at boxers, the best wings in the town, go on Tuesday cos they have 0.50 cents wings night, beers are really cheap and drinks are really good!!!!! best place in upper east side in NYC!!!!!!

  2. Gay men are so touchy feely, I wonder what it's like when you are a waitor being groped without permission, lol.

  3. Not only is the Brazilian guy cute — but that voice!!! Damn!!!! A pull-up bar BEHIND or even in a bar…….LOL.

  4. The gay scene is a 100 % sexist, we don't talk about the destructive cold hearted gay sexism cause being gay has been declared holy.

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