In this episode of #SmallBiz518
we’re here at Girl Fight Fitness in Latham. One of the things I saw when I worked at different places was, you know you’re in the free weights area and
there’s all these guys piled up doing their exercises and you always see like
one woman off to the side and kind of timidly lifting weights and not really
feeling like you belong there so that’s kind of in in essence what I’m trying to
accomplish when I started this. Is create a safe place for women to come work out
and do all the things that are going be great for their body, mind, spirit but
also at the same time feeling like they belong here At Girl Fight we offer
primarily kickboxing classes, that’s our wheelhouse. And that’s one of
the greatest ways to get in shape in a way that it’s not boring it’s not like
you’re on the treadmill or the “dreadmill” for an indefinite period of time.
It’s engaging you can get your stress out you get a great upper body workout
it’s very different from the traditional forms of exercise, it’s cardio, you’re using
different muscles and we also incorporate strength training with every
workout so that way you’re not just getting cardio getting strength all in one.
Today we were doing self-defense how often do you do those types we try to do
those of classes? We try to do those quarterly they’re a little more specialized, it’s a 90-minute
seminar open to anybody who wants to come whether a Girl Fight member or not. We learn the basics of prevention awareness, how to deescalate a situation and
then worst case scenario if you have to defend yourself what you do to get out
of that situation as quickly as possible. Especially if the attacker is bigger
stronger and faster than you now you. Talk about the culture, what does
that mean you have created a unique culture here? It’s not really just about
coming to a gym and then going home afterwards. It’s about people bonding
over the shared experience and we’ve really created a community of women
and members who cheer for each other support each other, who miss each other
when they haven’t been in class. You know we kind of reach out it’s cool to see that
you’ve grown Facebook friends and that friends outside the gym it’s really cool
to see the transformation in people it’s awesome. To check out their schedule or
learn more go to

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