Slug Street Scrappers | Martial Arts Action Movie

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] do young to be so JD to be so insecure [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] oh my gosh it’s be punching the britches [Music] that’s right admire my greatness wow you’re so great it’s hard to believe that you’re only the second toughest person to tell me what is sucking it I’ll have you know that I’ve officially challenged the toughest person in town for his title wait you can’t mean that’s right in just a few hours assuming he’s read my email I will be taking on the one and only loser bomb not sure exactly what he looks like but I’m confident that I’ll spot him once I get to slug Street slug Street that’s the street that’s ruled by the infamous Slugger squad they don’t like anyone wandering around their turf I even hear that their boss used to hold the title for the toughest in town that is until their boss was defeated by you guessed it bruiser himself I can’t be bothered with small potatoes like them got a date with destiny I don’t want to be late [Music] what was I doing again oh I was strutting but why was i strutting oh [Music] that’s right I’m off to the slug Street dam to have another epic battle with some wannabe tough guy what kind of name is punch emic britches anyway [Music] hey you hmm hello I’m looking for someone special then I think you may have just found him no the guy I’m looking for is the toughest in town the toughest didn’t sure exactly what he looks like but probably about seven feet tall he’s gotta weigh at least 300 pounds [Music] I’m sure he’s got a really deep masculine voice you’re kidding your bruiser Hey you’re not exactly what I was expecting either why what were you expecting someone with a little less sex appeal this is just great here I was expecting some epic destiny changing battle with an actual scrapper and I get stuck with a shrimp like you so much for a challenging fight I hate to break it to you but human males have a 30% higher muscle mass of body weight ratio than human female oh look at you mr. smartypants without your science e crap maybe this won’t be a total drag after all I’m sorry what I got lost in your eyes that’s it midget [Music] I’ll come back when you can take this more seriously alright this should be good we are the Slugger squad and you are trespassing on our turn bitch we have a message for bruiser from our boss prepare to feel the wrath of the sluggish squad one at a time one at a time wait I’m Wow yeah because that’s how it’s done I’ve seen I played in the video game so you check them one at a time wouldn’t it be smarter just to get them all at once how does that make sense dude this is why you’re not gang leader yeah thief get up yeah and then you go [Music] hey girl chillin with my piece [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh it’s my turn yet my turn it’s later I’m wearing body armor set that chest guard didn’t work at all last time I pay for cheap body armor I told you we should have attacked it at once curse this rain for causing me to seek shelter this place looks familiar kind of reminds me of that time with my ex what were you doing I was just taking a leak [Applause] well well if it isn’t my good old rival Breezer oh look it’s my borderline psychotic ex-girlfriend peaches boss of this snugger squad you know you love every minute of it I [Music] couldn’t help myself you were a pro at streets of rage well I’m here to take my revenge on you for dumping me whatever you say pooches I told you never to call me that still can kill you you’re right they’re just reports I’m all right there’s just something about slapping you that seems so right Hey look here I can do this all day that’s where I’m gonna basket you [Music] and I want my copy of Streets of Rage back away what yes playtime is over Poochie Pooh Oh Oh Oh Holy Mother Oh yeah Stuart still the toughest in town all right you’re tough let’s see if you’re tough enough to do my laundry [Music] I even hear that their boss used to hold the title for the second I even hear that there I even hear that their boss used to hold the title for this someone assuming he’s read my email I will be together and one of you got bippity Boppity hippity hoppity in the debug action if you’re tough enough to do my laundry and then and then you go down Cougars and then you you and then if he’s still standing I’ll give them a shot [Music] [Music] Oh

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  1. This series never gets old, seen it multiple times since it first came out. Actress who plays peaches has an amazing voice check out her vids.

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