Sloppy Kung Fu | 쿵푸허술 [Gag Concert / 2018.12.22]

(Sloppy Kung Fu) Amongst the most fearsome martial artists, there is a true master. It’s Sloppy Kung Fu! Chapter 1, meeting. Are you Master Song Yeonggil? Please take me as your student. You’re only going to show off your strength. You can’t become a true martial artist. So get lost. My father up above wanted me to become a martial artist. Come on in. My father is an airplane pilot. Get lost! I’ll give you a free plane ride. Come on in. Alright, get on! Get lost! Master! Don’t be like that! Get on! You’re flying! Paris! New York! Come on in! The next chapter. Undefeated! Ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Master, you’ve never once lost a fight. I heard you were undefeated. Yes, that’s right. Master Song! Let’s fight! I don’t fight without a reason. So just leave! How petty. Then we’ll be back with a reason to fight. I don’t need a reason! Bring it on! I’m still undefeated! The next chapter. Succession. Master. I’m going to leave you now so I can avenge my parents. Thank you for everything. Suyeong, you trained very hard. I have something for you. Master… This represents our memories together. Master, it’s okay. Throw out the garbage on your way out. The next chapter, danger. Master Song! What’s going on? The bandits are going wild these days. What’s that on your back? I have to take this to the next village secretly. Please protect me. I will. – You lead the way. / – Yes. Unless you want to die, give us everything you have! Master Song! I’ll protect this! What about me? What about me? The last chapter, bonus footage. I have to take this to the next village secretly. Man, this is trash.

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