slapping championship with the boys

Now, you know the kind of people that say bowling should be considered a sport? *oooah* They need to *uhh* move over for a second because we have a brand new alpha male sport This one gets the blood pumpin, the chest hairs raised, goosebumps on your goosebumps and that is… national slapping championship *squeak* Now I don’t know why but this is a thing. A tournament where grown men slap each other in the face until one of them abstains or one of them gets knocked out. can we stop throwing sh*t cause everyone’s gonna go home Now this was a usual pastime as a child but apparently this event first picked up and got national attention in Serbia, and the winner would get thirty thousand rubles, which is, uh, just under five hundred dollars. *old man fell asleep* But apparentley this championship isn’t even new. They did it in Serbia last year as well. Respect to the guy wearing a Captain America shirt in a Russian expo by the way. You are… you are playing a dangerous game. I’m not even joking. I hope you get AIDS I’m begging. Also, I forgot to mention we have merch. (and just pretend that I’m wearing merch this is just a blank black t-shirt) We’ve got t-shirts and all of it is going, okay? We’ve got a new season coming in soon anything on the store now, we are going to set alight and burn You wanted a Fourth of July sale? Well you shouldnt have thrown our tea into the canals then! Now there’s one man in the slapping championship who seems just completely unbeatable Serbian farmer, Vasily Kamotsky. Apparently, he’s nicknamed the dumpling from his uh *lizard tongue flicker, intense deep thinking* Size. Now this guy is terrifying. I’ve done a bunch of research for this video, any person he comes up against Instantly knocks them out. Vasily’s won about three years in a row now, no one can really seem to stand up against him Honestly, I think it’s a bit unfair because this championship does not discriminate against like age or height So you’ll have this man with a huge ass beard paired up against a school child. *oof* Have you seen the size of his beard by the way? It’s like a barbed wire fence. No one is gonna penetrate that hairy fortress. There’s this one beautiful scene with Vasily like straight out of a Michael Bay movie This guy is like wanting to warn everyone how hard his slap is gonna be against Vasily It does absolutely nothing to move him and then he gets barked out This event sponsored by what I think is like a whey protein company. They do like an advertisement for it, showing it being made. Kinda looks like a meth lab. I love how they give the impression that having this whey would make your slaps better *loud gutteral screeching yodel* No, it wouldn’t. The reason why Vasily wins is because his hand is the size of Wreck-it Ralph’s. Look at this man, would you- would you want to be this man? K i l l – t a c u l a r You know when the Joker fell into that vat of bleach and he turned evil? This guy fell into a vat of fake tan and steroids. Someone explain to me why is going on here? You have this 350 pound man up against a school boy, You know in boxing, you’ve got weight categories? Not in slap championships. Dab on the haters T1 F*ckin’ I’m gonna reverse dab and imma dab on myself I bet you Vasily’s hand weighs more than that entire kid’s head. *smek* *Russian Hypeman* I love that little smirk he lets out when he’s being smacked. It’s either the “you just activated my trap card” or the Oh my god
Oh sweet Jesus
I’m gonna get annihilated Yeah was it was the second 100%, this kid is going to die WOT? The man double the age and triple the weight of this child won??? That’s crazy guys, I never expected this

100 thoughts on “slapping championship with the boys

  1. He obviously has Star Platinum. When he’s about to smack someone he freezes time then smacks them a million times.

  2. So what if us Americans threw your tea in Boston Harbor. You and your British friends taxed the living frick out of the colonists.

    (I’m kidding, I love your vids.)

  3. I think you meant to say Siberia instead of Serbia. One is a southeast european country that uses Dinars. the other is a region in Russia that uses Rubles.

  4. Kids in America do this pretty often, except they bring a lethal nerf gun to school the next day and tag quite a few people.

  5. In serbia is "dinar" valute and its in russia i live in serbia and ita not happening here, nice content keep up!!!

  6. this is for real a sport i do irl, i like to do it , im not really ready for the championship rn tho

  7. Imagine vasili is just cheating and has a piece if metal in his bierd as armout and his hands arent hands their pices of metal too they just look like hands

  8. This reminds me of the time I went to a kite flying contest, drew something dumb, lost to a child, and proceeded to go on a murder spree

  9. Am I deaf or is Pyro illiterate? He said its from Serbia and the chonky guy is a Serbian, but its from Siberia and he's Siberian, which has nothing to do with Serbia.

  10. We need to fly that Russian to Cali and drop him off at Logan's play house.

    Please GOD if your real, make this happen!! 🙏

  11. Actually shat myself at 8:40 when dude pulls all of these retarded faces just to get knocked out by this big bulky dude

  12. Its fun to watch slapping competitions, but it doesn't compare to the emotions you feel while watching

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