Skating and Boxing on Halloween: Doin’ it Baja (Part 4/8)

BILL BRYANT: Well, the old adage
that we go by is, if you have a chance to top
off, top off. And sometimes just because you
can make it 150 miles on a tank, you don’t know if the gas
station at the other end of that 100 miles is really
going to be open or functioning, and we planned
ahead for that. Buy gas off the locals. And I only see them every year
or two or whatever, but they’re pretty consistently
there. It’s probably the same guys–
probably has been forever. [SPEAKING SPANISH] KEEGAN SAUDER: At first when I
actually heard that we had a guide, I was kind of
like, oh really? We have a guide? I think it could be pretty easy,
but it’s actually been really good having those guys. Because they’ve done this
before, and you might run out of gas. BILL BRYANT: I was trying to
get it all from one guy. But there’s two dudes that are
splitting this territory, so he doesn’t want to cock
block the other dude. So we’ve made it more
complicated. ARTO SAARI: Well, we might be
shit out of luck around here. This might be the
two only guys. I think we’d fucking be in
some severe trouble or somewhere in the gutter
if it wasn’t for Bill. I can’t wait for
your interview. It’s like, he’s these
fucking kooks, man. These fucking monkeys think
they’re riding bikes and shit. KYNAN TAIT: He seems like he has
a pretty good tolerance. I know he gets fed up having to
wait for everyone, because we do so much waiting
at gas stations. BILL BRYANT: I’m just
kind of driven. I want to get up early, I want
to hit the road, I want to get my miles done. In case there’s a problem, I
want to be working on it in the daylight. And so guys would kind of do
their own thing and some would want to go faster and some
slower and that kind of thing and it complicates
the movement. HIME HERBERT: Yeah, he
doesn’t like waiting. We did the other ride, he’s
be like OK, get your gas. OK, let’s go. HEATH KIRCHART: I like
riding by myself. I like riding a motorcycle
by myself. I like being completely alone
and doing whatever I want. So I like to break off
and be on my own. KEEGAN SAUDER: He definitely has
kind of the lone wolf kind of air about him. Just sitting off in the shade
like, I’ve already got gas, I was here a half hour
ago, I’m ready. He doesn’t care if he rides
500 miles, I don’t think. He would just do it. PATRICK O’DELL: Like honestly,
if it was just me and Heath on this trip, or if it was just
Heath, turns where we went into San Ignacio– that wouldn’t happen. HEATH KIRCHART: I mean, it’s
gets from OK to epic as you slowly get down closer
to the bottom. KEEGAN SAUDER: This is the
closest thing to an oasis I think I’ve ever seen, except
for pictures of them in “National Geographic.” It only
lasts for a few miles, and then it’s gone. Pretty awesome little spot. BILL BRYANT: True Baja, to me,
really starts in San Ignacio. It just feels like
authentic Baja. There’s handpainted signs and
things that look exactly like they looked when I saw
them 20 years ago. And they probably look exactly
like they looked 50 years ago. KEEGAN SAUDER: At the end of
September I just put two small fractures near the toes. Skating makes it sore, or doing
too many doughnuts on the motorcycle. So the doctor said just keep
trying to not do anything that makes it hurt and you’ll
get better. KEEGAN SAUDER: I’m sure I have
at some point in person. Oh, wait, OK. We’re going to go way back to
1994, when Foundation did a demo in my hometown
in Nelson, BC. I saw him skate then. He was probably 15. He’s sick. Sick Kirchart. Arto’s actually kind a similar
vibe to friends from Canada and Australia that I’ve been
on motorcycle trips with. You know, that get in the
water kind of attitude. Just go for it. Just trying to get as epic
as possible at all times. HIME HERBERT: I don’t think
we’ve ever ruined a more ancient skate spot, which
is kind of awesome. ARTO SAARI: That’s
the local church. Let’s go have a look inside,
see what they got. ARTO SAARI: Not so much. The ceilings looks
pretty cool. Must have been so
hard to build. HIME HERBERT: I had sex
with a lot of hookers. ARTO SAARI: Go on my child. HIME HERBERT: And did
tons of blow. ARTO SAARI: Oh, it’s
all right. Jesus forgives you– HIME HERBERT: Thank God. ARTO SAARI: –for such things. How much was the coke? HIME HERBERT: I forget. The hooker was expensive
though. ARTO SAARI: You probably
got ripped off. Just don’t do it again. HIME HERBERT: All right. Hail Mary, full of grace? ARTO SAARI: Hail Mary. Jesus likes money. KYNAN TAIT: He’s in every
corner of this place. MALE SPEAKER: You see those
kids dressed up? There’s going to be a party up
here in a couple hours and we’ll be able to party
with the locals. KYNAN TAIT: San Ignacio
was the first legitimate camp spot. And we showed up and it
was just this dirt– I don’t know, just
this dirt lot. ARTO SAARI: Kind of
looks a little bit un-epic, if I must say. Make your bed. HIME HERBERT: This doesn’t
look like a campground. BILL BRYANT: Dude, there was
a massive hurricane here in August, and all this
has been flooded. You’re welcome to explore. This is what there is. I mean, I went to the other
campground that he had picked originally and there was no
way you could get into it. It was just palm trees and
sand and rocks and stuff. So this is kind of
where we’re at. HARVEY FOSTER: Are those
vultures or just birds? MALE SPEAKER: Did you have any
fun in town that night? KYNAN TAIT: Yeah, it
was pretty fun. It was Halloween proper, I
guess, and all the kids were out trick or treating. Man, that kid’s cool. HARVEY FOSTER: He’s a kiddie. A little kiddie. How about these guys? [SPEAKING SPANISH] HARVEY FOSTER: What? What’d she say? Do you understand? FEMALE SPEAKER: Huh? Huh? HARVEY FOSTER: Hola! Adios! FEMALE SPEAKER: Adios! HARVEY FOSTER: Time
to party, man. How hard is it to party? KYNAN TAIT: It was
kind of a weird scene in the town square. There was like all these old
guys sitting in these line of chairs watching a boxing
match on TV. HARVEY FOSTER: Oh, there’s
boxing right here. KYNAN TAIT: And 20 feet to the
left of them were all of their kids beating the shit out
of each other with boxing gloves on. [SPEAKING SPANISH] HARVEY FOSTER: Go, Carlos! HARVEY FOSTER: He’s got pipes. Look at his muscles. HEATH KIRCHART: Like when I saw
that, I was like oh, we need to get involved in this. We need to become
a part of this. I haven’t seen any young
people this entire trip, look at this. Turns out you just got to box. I need boxing gloves. When I was there, I was like
I want to be in this. Because I was like I want to
box, but I don’t want to be the guy that’s like,
I want to box. But they just kind of like
put the gloves on me. I just don’t want to
fight that one guy. No Carlos! No! HARVEY FOSTER: Too late! Too late! Too late! Who am I getting? [SPEAKING SPANISH] HEATH KIRCHART: [INAUDIBLE],
man. Is he making fun of me? You got me. MALE SPEAKER: What happened
to your finger? HEATH KIRCHART: No, he
hit me in the nose. HARVEY FOSTER: He’s kicked
the shit out of Carlos. Do you guys remember when
he was telling me to fight the kid after? I was like, what? No, dude. I’ll actually get beat up. There’s going to be like all
these kids beating us up. That was pretty fun. And we waited like two
hours for our food. But that was all right, because
we all got drunk. MALE SPEAKER: You held
your own, man. You had him going. HEATH KIRCHART: I did not. I thought I’d get knocked out. MALE SPEAKER: You didn’t
get knocked down. You stumbled one time,
that was it.

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  1. haha these guys are finding the most desolate places. this is the equivalent to driving through fucking wyoming or somthing

  2. When they were skating in that town that looked 100's of years old ,they were grinding all the nice stones and shit that have been preserved nice ,and then these assholes come and grind the shit up with their skateboards,,no wonder why that guy was mad.That was not an appropiate place to skate in my opinion.Some ancient ass place an shit,lol and you guys just want to destroy it?,what the fuck

  3. Seriously, I understand you guys want to make your money so you split your videos into parts. Figure out a solution to keep them somewhat organized or I will unsub. I find it bullshit that in order to watch one of your half baked documentaries I have to search for 36 hours to find fucking part 1. This is a mutual thing. I get entertained and you make money. Being as I have to search the fucking world for parts of this shit, I'm losing interest.

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  5. The atmosphere in this ride movie is great, these guys are beautiful, they even joined in with the boxing, wow, what a way to get respect from the locals. What tourist would dare put on boxing gloves like that?

  6. @BigSpecialK23: I am from baja, dont worry that place wasen't important, wel the church it is but not the town square in front, was just old pleople who dont even seen a skate before…and those old people hate noise believe me dude, dont worry.
    PD: Sorry if my english is too bad.

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  10. I enjoyed this but one thing you shouldn't do is visit a country and skate on their church grounds. They hold the church in much higher regards than we do in the's like spitting in their face.

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