Shuto Uke – KARATE avec Lionel Froidure

Hello karateka, I hope you’re great! And I hope you’re having a great X-Mas cause it’s december 25th 🙂 Merry Chritsmas. Tday, let’s train with Shuto Uke. Shuto Uke is a common mouve, that we can encounter everywhere. The sword hand, no matter how you name it. We are NOT going to apply it like that… We are not going to block like this and then do this. Why? Because there is “real application” to go out and block, as I can avoid the punch without blocking. He is out of reach. Don’t forget the distance. I prefer to go out and strike like this. Blocking with the preparation of the Uke, Then I will be able to strike with Shuto Uke. Then I can take his back, for exemple. He is doing a googd job, because he is protecting himself. So I adapt. Don’t forget to YOU need to adapt to your partner. Improvise, adapt, overcome. Let’s do it again. If HE’s soig something unexpectided, I have to adapt. I am always adapting. That’s great he blocked… But I am going on the other side. And as you can see, I am always in Shuto Uke. I hope you like it, check out this playlist of bunkai Because I demonstrate a lot of Shuto Uke pratical applications. Ciao. I am Lionel Froidure.

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