Should I change karate schools? – Fred Mergen

One of the questions I get is “Should I change
my child from the current karate school we are at?” It all depends, if you are going to change
karate schools…what happened? Is it a billing problem or did the instructor did something
to my child in class. I’ll tell you most of the time it’s communication. Something was
misunderstood somewhere or the instructor said something and the student or the parent
took it in the wrong way. The one thing I would recommend is to sit
down with the instructor and the owner or whoever it is and figure out what was said
and what was done. You know you always want to iron out what happened because what you’ll
do is end up building bad habits for your child. If something is said that you don’t
like you don’t want to quit because of what was said to you. You want to persevere through
that obstacle or challenge and you want to overcome that. Because if they quit every time something
was said that they don’t like they are going to move around quite a bit. But then again
if it was something that was grave and you didn’t like then yes, move to a different
karate school. But again the thing I want to reiterate here
is you want to communicate, that miscommunication happens all the time. So communicate with
the instructor and find out what happened and then you can probably fix the challenge
from there. And the one last thing is if you walk outside
and it doesn’t say Mergen Mixed Martial Arts, then you’re in the wrong school. Just kidding!

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