Should Christians Practice Yoga? Or Martial Arts?

hi I’m Tammy Sevcov and this is Worth
Considering where we stretch our hearts and minds as Christians to consider
another side of the story to consider why we believe what we believe and if we
should believe it so today we’re gonna talk about something kind of simple but
it’s if Christians should be practicing yoga or martial arts. There’s a lot of
reasons why people feel strongly about this topic and it’s just simply because
there are very clear scriptures that talk about us engaging with things that
are spiritual but not godly. It’s definitely very clear in the Old
Testament that we ought to be very careful of those thing/practices that
would honor other gods. Knowing that other gods are really demonic spirits. We
we have to acknowledge as Christians there are spirits everywhere around us. Like,
the world we live in is a spiritual world; and that they influence what
happens on the earth. There is the kingdom of light which is under the
lordship of Jesus in the kingdom of God and there is the kingdom of darkness and
basically everything is somehow a part of one or the other. It’s not like
there’s really a lot of neutral out there because basically God says that if
you participate in anything that’s you know, darkness/ungodly, you’re you’re
violating him you’re violating his kingdom. So when I it comes to something like
yoga – there’s a lot of yoga studios that are very intensely metaphysical and how
they approach things. Very spiritual and what you’re doing in that exercise and
it’s a question that Christians have had for a lot of years people get very very
upset about it or or treat it like it’s no big deal
and I think this is something that we need to talk about the reason I also
brought in martial arts to this is because there is a place within martial
arts that sometimes depending on the dojo or the group you’re a part of that
they’ll have you bow to an idol before you come onto the mat and so that’s
another questioning like can you just bow to things that you know it doesn’t
really mean anything to me so I want to talk about both of these things first of
all when it comes to yoga I believe that Yoga is practiced in different ways
and so therefore I would tend to be of the belief in the opinion that if you
are under a teacher and a yoga instructor that leans one way or the
other need to be sensitive to that and be
aware of it because God doesn’t want us participating in things that are
spiritually dark and something that is not of the light under Jesus is
spiritually dark so to engage with the spirit but you’re not time to the Spirit
of God right engage in the spirit realm you’re toying with something that you
ought not touch so this is why this is important because we need to be able to
be wise to these things and not not ignorant of them. The reality is is that
if you’re in a situation where you’re putting yourself under a spiritual
atmosphere that is not godly you need to either be there as a representation of
light; in other words I’m going into this dark place think of a missionary I’m
going into this dark place to bring light that’s why I’m here I’m coming to
bring light not I’m coming to hang out and see what it’s like over here and you
know hopefully it’s not too bad you need to come with that intentionality if
you’re not coming with that intentionality and that even calling of
God then I would say you should not be there right that’s not where you need to
spend time because being under that kind of spiritual atmosphere is actually
oppressive to our spirit it’s it’s it’s not it doesn’t feel good on the inside
at least it ought not and you don’t want to become somebody who grieves the
Spirit of God or even like quenches the spirit in the way that you like oh it
doesn’t matter that I’m bothered by this I shouldn’t be bothered by this I’m just
gonna push through because that’s actually unhealthy for you you want to
be in a place that you are spiritually sensitive and if the Holy Spirit is
saying and this doesn’t feel good that you get out of there you walk away even
if you did pay for the class already just leave it’s okay
but I also know there are people who are believers who lead and teach yoga but
they don’t do it in a way that’s metaphysical in the same way they want
to have people connect with God and or just leave the class for the exercise
itself so I would say on this topic specifically you need to just use
discernment be a person of prayer ask the Lord if it’s appropriate and move
forward with caution and don’t just presume that’s I think that the thing
that we need to be careful of don’t just presume to put yourself in a situation
that’s gonna be spiritually oppressive to you it’s not healthy. On the flip side
when it comes to something like bowing to an idol that’s used in many of our
martial arts here’s where this gets tricky I actually went to took karate
for a little season when I was in high school and I did I bowed down to the
little house thing at the front to show respect I don’t
believe I would do that now, and here’s why, I think I had this sort of
presumption when I was young I was like well it doesn’t matter cuz I mean I
don’t mean it from my heart you know I don’t mean it from my heart when you
look at the Book of Daniel I remember the story of Shadrach Meshach and
Abednego who were asked to bow down to the giant Idol and or the giant statue
and when they didn’t they were thrown into the fiery furnace I mean every
every Sunday School teachers taught the story the thing about that is is that
you can say that you don’t mean it from the inside so it doesn’t count but the
truth is if your actions are showing it and you don’t mean it then you’re
actually being deceptive and lying and that’s a violation I mean it really is
Satan is the father of lies God is the father of light in him there’s no
variation or variation or shadow of turning other words he doesn’t speak out
of both sides of his mouth he’s very absolute and clear and that’s what he
calls us to be and so I really believe it’s important that we don’t start
making up justifications for our behaviors and we learn to just be
straight up about it like I am not comfortable bowing to this I may need to
talk to the instructor I mean you talk to someone and say look I’d like to take
the class but I’m not comfortable bowing to that I have no problem bowing to you
and respect because we mutually do that but I want to I want to I want to honor
your practices but I also feel very very strongly about this and see where it
goes but the truth is to think that you can do something not in your heart but
do it physically it is walking in a really really shady area to say like
well no it’s okay if I do these things act these behaviors but I don’t mean
them it’s kind of like the opposite of what Jesus said when he said you know if
a man looks at a woman to lust for her and his heart he’s already committed
adultery like kind of idea it’s like well if it’s in your heart then it
you’ve already kind of committed the Act we can’t go opposite like commit the Act
but it doesn’t count God is really clear about bowing down to
idols serving idols and even any other God any other thing that would take
precedence and I think in the New Testament we understand that even more
deeply but it’s not just about bowing to something it’s about letting something
in our life take that place of honor and so whether that’s money or our jobs or
even a spouse or something like that we can put things in the place of God and
that is he absolutely forbids and says no you
need to honor me first and foremost and like we talked about in the lordship
episode understanding what lordship really is that he is our Lord he’s the
master he’s the leader he’s the one we look to and that we submit every
decision whether it’s exercise or any type of behavior practice all of it
submits under his name so what do you think? do you think Yoga is an absolute no? I shouldn’t even touch it. Maybe you think that bowing down to something if
you don’t mean it it doesn’t matter what are your thoughts I’d love to hear your
comments below love to connect with you and please subscribe to keep up with any
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just remember it’s always worth considering another side of the story

2 thoughts on “Should Christians Practice Yoga? Or Martial Arts?

  1. I feel much of yoga in the west is a watered down version of what is found in the east, but I feel even the studios that mimic the east are all bad still. Because we are to stay away from the appearance of Evil. Yoga of the East is rebellion against Gods Holy Spirit… however, there are many studios that don’t practice anything that resembles yoga but still call themselves yoga… I particularly don’t have an issue with many of these studios. More so if they are Hot yoga, I had to search long before I found a good studio that I felt was not dishonorable to Gods Spirit.

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