Shotokan Karate in Tokyo: Experiencing Japanese Martial Arts in a Japanese Temple | Airbnb Tokyo

Hey guys it’s Linh and today I will take
you to a special karate class in Tokyo This class is a unique Airbnb experience where
you get to wear Karate uniforms, learn the basic punches and kicks, and even learn how
to break a wooden board in a traditional Japanese temple
If you’re interested in taking this class, please stay until the end of the video for
instructions on how to make a reservation So now I’m in Oji kamiya station to meet
up with our Airbnb host Our host for this experience is Yusuke and
after he picked us up from the station, we had to walk for about 15 minutes to get to
the temple Yusuke’s English is perfect so there will
be no need for you to worry about language barrier
On the way, feel free to talk to him and ask any question you have about Karate or Japan
in general This is the building where we are going to
have our Karate class It may look like a normal building from the
outside but it’s actually a very beautiful temple inside
When you get inside, you will have to take off your shoes at the entrance then head to
the second floor This temple is the Tokyo branch of a group
of temples called Saieiji and the head temple of Saieiji is located in Osaka
As written on the wooden board in front of the entrance of the temple, this place is
a Buddhist Jodo Shinshu temple As you can see, the temple seems very new
and the smell of the temple is very very good I’ve been living in Japan for almost 7 years
but this is the first time that I’ve been inside a Japanese temple so it turned out
to be a very good experience for me Before getting inside the main hall of the
temple, you will have to take off your slipper as well
This is the area where we will practice our first Karate moves
Don’t you think it looks so beautiful? On the opposite site of this wall is a small
room and today we are going to use it for changing clothes
The sliding door of this room is called Shoji sliding doors and it was made by pasting translucent
paper onto one side of the wooden frame It’s something you no longer see often in
Japanese modern life so I feel like if you’re new to Japan this will be something interesting
to see The bathroom is located on the left side of
this room and even the bathroom looks so pretty as well
Now we will prepare for the lesson Before joining the class, we will have to
change into karate uniform Yusuke contacted us in advance and asked for
our height so that he can prepare the suitable uniforms for us
This uniform is called Dogi in Japanese and this includes a jacket and a pant
We also have a belt that goes together with the dogi
Because the top can be easily open when we move, girls have to bring Tshirt and a short
pant to wear inside the uniform There’s a small string inside the jacket
so you just have to tie it on your left side like this then put the left side of the jacket
over the right side After we change into the uniform, Yusuke showed
us how to wear the belt
Yusuke explained briefly what we were going to do then we started the class with meditating
and bowing There’s a saying that Karate starts and
ends with a bow so throughout the lesson, Yusuke seems to pay a lot of attention to
this gesture We bowed to the temple first then we turned
towards each other and bowed again Once we were done with bowing, we followed
Yusuke around the room for some simple warm ups
During the exercises, Yusuke kept making conversation with us so we felt very comfortable
He explained everything in details so it was easy to follow and we got to learn a lot of
new things as well Now it’s finally time to learn some basic
punches and kicks First Yusuke will explain to all of us how
to do each movement then we all did it together We did 10 times for each and we had to shout
out loud when we finished Then we had time to practice 1 on 1 with Yusuke
and he gave us a lot of advice on how to improve our moves Now that we learnt all of the basic moves,
Yusuke is going to teach us how to perform a kata
Kata is a set sequence of karate movements and the kata that we are going to learn is
called Heian Shodan Heian is the name of a series of kata and
shodan means the first one The sequence is too long to be covered in
a class so we just learnt to do the simplified version
However, it was still pretty complicated and I seriously couldn’t differentiate between
my left and right side but Yusuke was very patient with all of us
The last activity of this class is to break a wooden board
Yusuke prepared some wooden boards for us and we had to write on the board our goals
or some bad habits we want to get rid of It’s like some kinds of resolution
What I wrote was Taruwoshiru which means to know what is enough and this is something
that has constantly been on my mind recently and I’d love to be able to get better at
this Then we can choose to break it using the basic
punch or kick that we learnt However, you can also be creative and do something
like chop it or break it with your head
At the end of the class, once again we meditated and bowed to each other and said thank you
to each other I really enjoyed this class even though I
couldn’t do it well at all Yusuke was really encouraging and patient
all the time so I really recommend this class for beginners like me
To make a reservation for this class, head to my description box for the booking link
You can check more details about their class on their Airbnb website and you can choose
the best day for you there After receiving your booking, Yusuke will
contact and inform you where to meet up as well as ask for your height so that he can
prepare the uniform for you For anyone who is far away so cannot take
this class but interested in learning Karate, you should follow their Instagram because
Yusuke and his friends are sharing a lot of useful tips and tutorials
Anyway that’s all for today. If you enjoy this video, pleaseeeee click
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in Japan. I will see you again soon, Bye~

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  1. Hi Linh, really enjoyed this video. You did great and I would have struggled with the belt too 😂 It’s good to learn a new skill and also to meet new people. Your videos are so informative, really interesting for those of us in other countries. Thank you 🙏 and have a great week ❤️

  2. 🙋🙋 Who wants to join this class?! 😀
    Btw, it will mean a lot to me if you can help me share this video to anyone who's interested ~ 🙂
    P/s: I've been busyyy so I'm still slowly going through previous comments T.T I'll reply you guys soon!

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