Shorin-Ryu Karate Tips & Techniques : Spinning Back Kick in Shorin-Ryu Karate

How are you doing? My name is Qaeem, on behalf
of Expert Village. I’ll be demonstrating Shorin-Ryu karate. In Shorin-Ryu karate, in
this segment, I’m going to be demonstrating the spinning back kick. The spinning back
kick, just like in the first segments. The spinning back kick, which you’re going to
be doing, you’re just going to be adding a twist to that. When you have someone, you
can have an imaginary target in front of you. They’re going to come in either with a punch,
a kick, or just going come in with a strike. What you are going to simply do is you want
to block, just like the middle block. You want to come in, block, twist, make sure you
look over your shoulder, you want to kick, and you are going to end up facing your target
again. Once again, lock, look over your shoulder so you can look at what you are kicking, and
kick. You’re going to end up where your target is right there. I’m going to bring
in my partner Mohammed, so I can make the demonstration. Mohammed is going to be throwing
a reverse punch and he’s going to be stepping in with his right leg. He’s going to be
punching with his right arm. Mohammed is going to punch. I’m going to block out here and
then I am going to twist, look over my shoulder. I see him behind me, kick to his mid section
right here, all this is open. You’re going to kick. Now, the back kick is so that you
can kick in close targets. You’re going to come here, kick, you’re going to be facing
him, and he is going to be off the way. We’re going to do that again. Mohammed is going
to punch, I step in, block, look over my shoulder, I see him right behind me, and kick. Right
here in the chest area, shoulder blade of his body. We’re going to do that again.
Mohammed is going to punch, block, spin, look, kick right there. Now, we’re going to add
it all together and make it one even motion. Mohammed is going to punch, twist, look over
your shoulder, kick, right up in here. Lets do that one more time, punch, block, kick.
That is the spinning back kick. On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Qaeem. Thank
you for watching.

60 thoughts on “Shorin-Ryu Karate Tips & Techniques : Spinning Back Kick in Shorin-Ryu Karate

  1. are they in his house? Why does he block the puch, If he switched stance he could just thrw the back kick and intercept the attack. I see very few of these "Expert village videos on fighting that give good tips. This guy is obviously an amature.

  2. 1) He's not ACTUALLY CLOSE ENOUGH TO PUNCH YOU, he's standing 5 feet away. His punch is almost a foot away from your face. You dont even have to block it.

    2) If he WERE close enough to punch you, there wouldn't be enough room between you and him for you to lift your foot up and do the kick.

  3. 3) Blocking his hand, then turning your back towards him for an instant required to do this kick is just slightly longer than he needs to fall forward and charge you while your back is still turned. He'll have you on the ground, with him on top, and he'll beat your face in.

  4. 4) Why go through such a long and convoluted martial arts technique to "counter" this attack? You smacked his hand away with a block – just punch back. Its really that simple. A single well landed punch could end the fight right then and there. Instead, you have to block, turn, twist, rotate, look over your shoulder, bring your leg up, and hope that he's stood there that ENTIRE TIME and lets you get your kick in.

  5. 5) You could just do the back kick long before he gets close enough to punch, and instead of countering the attack, you could intercept the attack altogether. That would be a little closer to reality, and a better way to demonstrate how this kick works and what it should be used for.

  6. 6) Even while doing your demonstration, you have to take little steps in transitioning from your initial stance when you did the block to the position you need to be in to do the kick. If you really were a black belt, I would expect at LEAST 10 years of martial arts experience from you. This would mean you could slowly ease your way into any position without the need for that kind of readjustment.

  7. Wouldn't any of you out there like to be Muhammad?

    "Ok, now what I'm going to do, is ask Muhammad to come here… now he's going to throw a punch at me, I'm going to block it, then counter with a back kick. Ready? Ok, now he – *SMACK* – *knocked out cold*".

  8. OmG that sound at 2.15 is freakin' hillarious .. haha .. sounds like "Getz" or "Hits"..

    anyway I don't understand all the sounds at moans you have to say doing fighting.. why don't just kick and laugh very much of the person afterwords

  9. It's not just a finishing move…not by a long shot. However distancing should be pointed out a little more in the video..if your turning your back towards an opponent, changing the angle of your counterattack to his blindside may give you a little more time, if the kick fails and things go south.

  10. I was taught that the back kick like that was for a mid/long range kick, not short distance as your leg doesnt have the space to extend properly, thus missing most of the thrust??
    i like how he had to keep making mini changes to his distance after blocking the punch aswell 😀

  11. I must agree. I'm practicing shorinjiryu-shindo style so we share many techniques with his style.
    His spinning back kick has almost never balance. And he has, his balance is going backyard. Then if his opponent goes on him, he will just fall on his butt..
    Nice try, but maybe he needs to be safer in front of the camera hehe
    (p.s. the background looks horrible..)

  12. dear jesus tap dancing crist lower the foreward hand to aim for the chin in fighting chance you fucking retards!

    and try doing a reverse kick without doing a tap dance in the middle and dont bring the gaurd in that close and your foot on ground doesnt lift the heel and the foot doing the kick is at the wrong angle and he dropped his head back and omg there are another 50 errors atleast

  13. I read all of these comments before watching the video, and assumed it was the typical "I can do this better than this guy" BS. But damn, that was bad!

  14. how to do the "Spinning Back Kick" and look like an 'expert':
    block, twist, look over shoulder, find out you dont like where he is, reposition the balance leg, kick, almost fall over, pretend you did it right.

  15. 1.) the "block" would allow an opponent to fold there arm into an elbow, or backfist
    2.) Too close to do a spinning side kick (yes, when your foot is sideways, it's a side kick, when it's up down you are doing a back kick, he's really doing some crap in between – ie, not using EITHER correct muscle set)
    3.) OMFG, it takes forever to get around for that kick
    4.) The floating ribs/ back area = "chest/soul blade of his body"?
    5.) SYFxDS: yup. sad.
    5.) Stop calling this shoryin ryu!!!

  16. " chest/soul blade of his body"? … if he spun the other way the target is "chest /solar plexus" maybe that is what he meant.
    The right way … see Human Weapon: Spinning Back Kick

  17. I know black belts are an arbitrary concept but… I don't think any decent martial arts school would allow this guy a dan ranking yet. I don't mean to offend this guy but his technique is horrible, as is his balance; I've seen a few 11 year olds kick better. Putting this on the internet is really the wrong decision.

  18. @HardStyleHeroes the thumbnail for defend a two hand choke hold made me think he was gonna teach how to perform a shoryuken.

  19. not a very good back..kinda like a weird side kick.
    not a reverse punch either… steping punch.. or lunging punch

  20. if your going to defend against a reverse punch with a back kick surley it makes more sense to either to it retreating or with your body bending down btw anyone whos saying its a back side kick yes it is but a back kick and a back side kick ar pretty much the same kick so he could be saying back kick because its shorter

  21. Thanks for the reply! I'll agree with you about the spinning "Back" kick, it can be very fast, but it will never be as fast as a front snap kick, a front thrust kick, a round house, or a side kick where you don't have to spin first. As far as the block goes, as you said about the speed of the kick, it depends on how you train. The Shorin I do specifically trains to slips in a backfist like that, and I've run into many other styles that do as well. Also, the distancing to side kick is off.

  22. Thats waaay too close to use a kick like that. In fact, you shouldn't kick in a fight EVER. Leg kicks are fine, but everything else is too risky. Trust me, bar fights help with learning what is and is not practical.

  23. must not be the competition type. Bte, that crap inbetween is definitely an attempt of a hook kick to the back.

  24. In many arts, that is a spinning back kick. He should not be the one to demonstrate it, though. And, his buddy did not throw a reverse punch; they come of the rear hand, not the forward one.

  25. Also, to all the naysayers, I have seen the speed of this kick by people who are quite competent at it. You would not see it coming easily. Also, ask Chuck Norris what the spin kicks can accomplish.

  26. I don't think this guy is black belt , I seen many black belts even brown belts demostrate this technique much better he needs to stop impersonating a shorin ryu expert !

  27. You aren't an expert at this. You didn't even get the names right and ur back kick is terrible. Im a junior black belt and this is just offensive

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