Shorin-Ryu Karate Tips & Techniques : Defend a Two Hand Choke in Shorin-Ryu Karate

How are you doing? My name is Qaeem, on behalf
of Expert Village. I’ll be demonstrating Shorin-Ryu karate. In this segment, I’m
going to demonstrating the technique for getting out when someone is choking you from the front.
I’m going to bring in my partner, Mohammed. Mohammed is going to grab me from the front
with both hands around my neck. Now, this technique, you’re going to have to do it
quickly because when somebody is choking you, you have matter of seconds before you have
to think and react in know to get out of this. So one technique we are going to do is I am
going to step in, just to loosen his arms up. One hand is going to be off balance, so
therefore he is going to be loose. I’m going to step in slant-ways on the side. When I
come in, I’ll come in with a palm strike up to the chin. Then when I come down, I’m
going to come down with tiger claws, that’s going scrape the top of his neck from the
eyes all the way down to his chin. You’re going to come up, you’re going to strike
bring down. I’m going to step back and I am going to step back in to my fighting stance
and ready. So once again, Mohammed is going to grab, I’m going to step in, come up,
palm strike, bring down, and we are going to strike. Once again, Mohammed is going to
grab, step in, strike, come down with tiger claws, and back into your ready stance. Grab,
step in, and back into the ready stance. That was the defense from a two handed grab. My
name is Qaeem on behalf Expert Village. Thank you for watching.

15 thoughts on “Shorin-Ryu Karate Tips & Techniques : Defend a Two Hand Choke in Shorin-Ryu Karate

  1. "Tiger Claw" is a legitimate strike in Shorin-Ryu, but it is impractical and is mainly used in kata only. This guy is NOT demonstrating the right way to get out of a choke regardless. There are plenty of ways out of this situation, but this is not one.

  2. Not saying you will not be harmed, but there are more effective methods of getting out of the situation. Removing the hands from your throat should be your top priority. Everything else comes secondary. Although I know this is just one technique of many, I would not have demonstrated this for one additional reason: some people could be high on a drug or intoxicated and not feel pain, thus making this particular technique ineffective. Getting the hands away from you will almost always work.

  3. We have a similar defense and I study Shorin-Ryu. Usually knocking the hands away (we call it a triangle or pyramid block) is a preemptive block so someone will not choke you.

  4. It may mean nothing, but I'm a Shorin Ryu practitioner since 1999 and I've never seen this "not good" defense before.

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