Shorin-Ryu Karate Tips & Techniques : Back Fist in Shorin-Ryu Karate

How are you doing? My name is Sensei Qaeem
and on behalf of Expert Village, I’ll be demonstrating Shorin-Ryu karate. A technique
in Shorin-Ryu karate, I’m going to be demonstrating the back fist. In the back fist, once again,
you’re going to get into your back stance. Now with your front arm, that’s the hand
that you are going to be striking with. Back fist, you want to come here, out, and back.
You’re going to actually break that down into movements. Come one, two and back. So
when you put it all together and put it all in one, back, stepping forward and back. You
wan to hit with these first two knuckles or your fist. Now I am going to bring in my partner
here Mohammed and I’m going to demonstrate the back fist on Mohammed. Now Mohammed is
going to get into his fighting stance. Now with the back fist, this is a closed target
contact. What you want to do is, you want to move his hand out the way, come in, back
fist. Now you’re going to back fist to the side of his head, the temple. You’re going
to back fist to his neck; back fist to his ear; back fist to his nose. Whichever target
you feel comfortable hitting. He is in his fighting stance and I am in my fighting stance.
You’re going to move his hand here, come in, and back fist. Okay, his hand here, back
fist, back fist. Right now, I’m back fisting to his temple. You’re going to back fist
with your first two knuckles. Stepping forward, you are going to come in, slide one, and back
fist. That’s the back fist. On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Qaeem. Thanks for

27 thoughts on “Shorin-Ryu Karate Tips & Techniques : Back Fist in Shorin-Ryu Karate

  1. Please, check out my Backfist tutorial. I think I have done a better job explaining this unique body weapon.
    REMEMBER 2 Types of Backfist Strikes
    Whip Motion
    Knockdown Motion

  2. hey well im sorry to say that was so bad hey … everything u done was crap lol…. thats not how u do a back fist that would'nt hurt shit the way u showed that hey. sorry but everything u done was wrong …. evein when u did your block with your left hand your right hand droped big time and evey thing u did was way to slow and to many movments . u can see it coming a mile away now if u did do a back fist right there is a chance that u could kill someone with it thats how powerful it can be ????

  3. Even people who do Shorin Ryu are commenting on his videos saying hes shit. If u cant see it then you are the idiot.

  4. U seem to the the one who has the problem with these ppl being black. And no im not Shorin Ryu, im Shotokan. But that is still neither here nor there. To learn martial arts from videos like this is impossible, u wld pick up a gr8 number of errors and prob end up like the guy in this video, do u think hes good?? Do u think hes an advert for all great karate styles? How would a total beginner be able to look at this vid and understand the dynamics of it?

  5. Yer bt back in those times when these styles were invented was when there was real combat, and wars with proper weapons, and these styles were developed, not taught by some1 whos doing it badly. U cant learn by videos as every unique person will develop unique problems which (if u truly want to learn) need to b corrected by an instructor. And as far as the space is concernced, im only using one comment to reply.

  6. Yer but this isnt one of those deceiving styles, u can clearly see that. Im not deciding something DIFFERERENT is wrong im decigint that something WRONG is wrong. And dont bother with the high and mighty crap about "end of discussion. If u want to end it u end it, ur the one thats went on and on using more than one comment nearly every time to reply.

  7. He said nothing of the colour black and yet you insist he is racist. Why force an unfounded motive/agenda on him, when it is completely that; unfounded. It might be a case of projection. At the very least it's a deceptive ploy to gain higher ground in the eyes of third parties and, even, yourself. For proper technique it is necessary to either train dilligently, rectifying any errors before they become bad habit, but this imposes a self limitation.

  8. It is much better to train with an accomplished teacher in person. A simple example would be how to wrap your hands. You may watch videos and, superficially, you'll have learnt how to apply them. But you may not of adequately supported your hand. A teacher can show you just how tight to wrap and the main areas of focus. Once you've experienced this first hand you'll then know how to do it correctly. It still remains possible to learn through videos, but then you risk less valid training.

  9. using this technique the way it is demonstrated will get u raped against anyone with a little striking skill..first of all the defendant is not even in a proper stance whatsoever…has his arms and hands way ahead of him…a muay thai guy would kill him…

  10. Silly, moving his left hand before coming in? What if he just throws in his other fist into your face? You need to move outside, so instead of moving forward, and knocking back his left hand, p'sai his arm out of the way, and move to his side, and throw the backfist, it may not work, but it has a better chance then just stepping forward. And his stance was wrong too. =(

  11. @MCATZu i dont like how hes leaving himself open. i was taught to not to chamber a back fist shoot it straight out from the starting point. the power comes from the legs.

  12. @LateKnight347 If you attempt this technique at that speed, then yes you'll be open. But since this is a speed technique, one wouldn't execute it this slowly in a fight, you quickly get in there. About the chamber, he's just applying law of inertia there. Chambering puts a little more force behind it, since you'd need more force to make your arm cover that longer distance. But again, you gotta get in there fast or they'll be ready for it. You're right about power coming from legs & hips, though.

  13. @sammaggard if you cut into the strike you can. infact from there you can throw them or catch them in a wrist lock/straight armbar

  14. I understand this is for demonstration purposes, but as a 2nd dan, this individual is supposed to demonstrate good practices like good posture in your stance, good balance, good breathing, and good technique, and proper return after technique. Someone may follow this instruction, and believe me someone might, and get seriously injured, and it's all due to lack of proper demonstration. Which style of Shorin Ryu does this man study, just curious.

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